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eeast (=Ir. iasc, Sc.G. iasg) fish: ta'n eeast oc breinnaghey laccal ushtey Bible [O.Ir. íasc]

Inexact matches:

bluckan eeast fish ball

cadjer eeast fishmonger

caillagh eeast (f.) fishwife

craue eeast fishbone

creckeyder eeast fishmonger

dellar eeast fishmonger

doagh eeast well

dubbyr eeast fishpond

eeast airhey goldfish

eeast awin freshwater fish

eeast bleaystagh shellfish

eeast chirrym stockfish

eeast etlagh flying fish

eeast etlee flying fish

eeast garroo coarse fish

eeast gial whitefish

eeast greiney sunfish

eeast lheeah grayling

eeast marrey marine fish, sea fish

eeast oghyragh spawner

eeast sailjey salt fish

eeast shliggagh mollusc, shellfish

eeast skianagh flying fish

Eeast Stainnit Canned Fish

eeast Yernagh pollan

gee eeast ichthyophagy

glooee eeast fish-glue

guirrlan eeast (f.) fish hatchery

lhingey eeast (f.) fishpond

loghan eeast (f.) fishpond

margey eeast fish market

murlhin eeast (f.) fish basket

oghyr eeast (f.) fish spawn

pash eeast (f.) fish kettle

shapp–eeast fishmonger's shop

soddag eeast (f.) fish cake

thie eeast (building) aquarium

traen eeast fish train

troggal eeast pisciculture

Ard-sheckter Kiareyderyn-eeast Vannin Chief Executive of the Manx Fish Producers

eeast yn arpin apron fish

eeast y vraain-olley cuttlefish

fer ass Thalloo yn Eeast Newfoundlander

Reagheydys Troareyrys Eeast Vannin Manx Fish Producers Organisation

tayrn eeast ayns ingagh netting

Thalloo yn Eeast Newfoundland

Steat-Jeadys Close-Eeast Raad y Wyllin Mill Road Fish Yard Industrial Estate

fishmonger (n.) cadjer eeast; creckeyder eeast; dellar eeast

fishpond (n.) dubbyr eeast, lhingey eeast, loghan eeast

flying fish (n.) eeast etlagh; eeast etlee; eeast skianagh

shellfish (n.) eeast bleaystagh, eeast shliggagh

fish1 (n.) eeast, yeeast: I couldn't get any fish - Cha dod mee geddyn eeast erbee. JJK idiom; (v.) eeastagh, eeastaghey; (n.) listan

aquarium2 (n.) (building) thie eeast

Canned Fish (n.) Eeast Stainnit

coarse fish (n.) eeast garroo

fish ball (n.) bluckan eeast

fish basket (n.) murlhin eeast

fishbone (n.) craue eeast

fish cake (n.) soddag eeast

fish-glue (n.) glooee eeast

fish hatchery (n.) guirrlan eeast

fish kettle (n.) pash eeast

fish market (n.) margey eeast

fishmonger's shop (n.) shapp–eeast

fish spawn (n.) oghyr eeast

fish train (n.) traen eeast

fishwife (n.) caillagh eeast

freshwater fish (n.) eeast awin

goldfish (n.) eeast airhey

ichthyophagy (n.) eeast-ee, gee eeast

marine fish (n.) eeast marrey

mollusc (n.) eeast shliggagh

Newfoundland (n.) Thalloo yn Eeast

pisciculture (n.) troggal eeast

pollan (n.) eeast Yernagh; pollyn

salt fish (n.) eeast sailjey

sea fish (n.) eeast marrey

spawner (n.) eeast oghyragh

stockfish (n.) eeast chirrym

sunfish (n.) eeast greiney

whitefish (n.) eeast gial

apron fish (n.) eeast yn arpin

fish-eating eeast-eeagh

fish tank (n.) trogh-eeast

grayling1 (n.) eeast lheeah; foillican lheeah

ichthyologic (adj.) eeast-oaylleeagh

ichthyological (adj.) eeast-oaylleeagh

ichthyology (n.) eeast-oaylleeaght

ichthyophagous (adj.) eeast-eeagh

scorpionfish (n.) scorp-eeast

eeast-ee ichthyophagy

eeast-eeagh fish-eating, ichthyophagous

eeast-oaylleeagh ichthyologic, ichthyological

eeast-oaylleeaght (f.) ichthyology

pronney cram, fill, press, ram home, stuff: Glen, screeb as niee yn eeast; jean pronney marish y chooid elley jeh ny reddyn er- lhimmey jeh'n eeym, as cur shoh stiagh 'syn eeast as whaal seose eh. Dhoor; eating greedily, filling, overcrowding, stuffing; gorge

scorp-eeast scorpionfish

trogh-eeast fish tank

cuttlefish (n.) eeast y vraain-olley, peie vreinn, peie-vroghe

Manx Fish Producers Organisation (n.) Reagheydys Troareyrys Eeast Vannin

Newfoundlander (n.) fer ass Thalloo yn Eeast

towshym I will weigh: Towshym yn eeast ec y thie. DF

any (adj., adv.) ennagh; erbee: I couldn't get any fish - Cha dod mee geddyn eeast erbee. JJK idiom

Chief Executive of the Manx Fish Producers (n.) Ard-sheckter Kiareyderyn-eeast Vannin

dining (v.) gee: They were dining off fish - V'ad gee eeast. DF idiom; goaill jinnair

I will weigh towshym: I will weigh the fish at home - Towshym yn eeast ec y thie. DF idiom

market (v.) cur er y vargey; geddyn margey; margey: There was no fish in the market - Cha row eeast erbee 'sy vargey. JJK idiom; (n.) marger

Mill Road Fish Yard Industrial Estate (n.) Steat-Jeadys Close-Eeast Raad y Wyllin

nature (n.) dooilliu, raght; najoor: Subject to the laws of nature - Fo reir leighaghyn najoor. DF idiom; dooghys: The nature of fish is to swim - She dooghys eeast eh dy snaue. DF idiom

netting cuirr ingagh, jannoo jeebin, tayrn eeast ayns ingagh; lieen; mogglys; snaie: Our netting is eaten by the dogfish - Ta'n snaie ain eeit ec y ghobbag. DF idiom

arraghyn 1 sluices a: ooilley ny ta jannoo arraghyn as loghanyn son eeast. Bible; 2 watches: ayns toshiaght ny arraghyn deayrt magh dty chree Bible

chreck sold: hug lhieu eeast, as dy chooilley vonney dy chooid, as chreck ad er y doonaght Bible

croutid artfulness, craftiness: Cha doig eh cre'n croutid  va fo'n chlaigin jeh'n eeast shen Coraa; artifice

cucumberyn cucumbers: Cha vel shin er yarrood yn eeast v'ain son goaill ayns Egypt, ny cucumberyn, as ny melonyn, as y lhuss, as ny onionsyn, as y garleyd Bible

dullyragh dim, opaqueness: solley va mee cur enney rieugh er yn eeast gastey shen, er yn poyll dhoo dullyragh t'eh ny chummal ayn; er yn vroogh vlaagagh, er yn ushtey gial grianagh 'ny roie . Coraa

feill vuc (f.) pork: Va shin cubbyl dy laa laadey y vaatey Iesh stoyryn, ushtey, caffee, shugyr, anvroie chirmit, praaseyn, feill volht chirmit, feill vuc chirmit, eeast chirmit as y lhied, ooilley shoh v'eh currit fo lout eaghtyr ny lhong. GK

melonyn melons: Cha vel shin er yarrood yn eeast v'ain son goaill ayns Egypt, ny cucumberyn, as ny melonyn, as y lhuss, as ny onionsyn, as y garleyd Bible

oieghyn nights: va Jonah ayns bolg yn eeast, three laa as three oieghyn. Bible

rimlagh (f.) cord, sail-cord; fishing line: Ren ee e cooid share dy hayrn yn rimlagh stiagh sy vaatey, agh cha dod ee tayrn yn eeast dys eaghtyr yn ushtey. CJ

Sostynagh (=Ir. Sagsonagh, Sacsunach) English, Englishman, Englishwoman, Sassenach, Saxon: Ren shin eeastagh rish tammylt dy hraa, as hooar un Sostynagh kiare boaddee mooarey; v'eshyn yn ynrican dooinney 'sy vaatey ren tayrtyn eeast erbee. Coraa

speiltyn firewood; chips: she'n un red jiu tra ta Sostnee aegey goll gys yn Spaainey, as t'ad shirrey eeast as speiltyn praase as Stoandey Jiarg Watney choud's t'ad aynshen. Carn

speiltyn praase chips: t'ad shirrey eeast as speiltyn praase as Stoandey Jiarg Watney choud's t'ad aynshen. Carn

couldn't cha dod: I couldn't get any fish - Cha dod mee geddyn eeast erbee. JJK idiom; cha jarg: You couldn't sell your loss - Cha jarg oo dty choayl y chreck. DF idiom; cha noddagh; nagh voddagh: So we see that they could not enter in - Myr shen hee mayd nagh voddagh ad goll stiagh Bible; (interrog.) nagh noddagh, nagh voddagh: Could not this man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died? Nagh voddagh yn dooinney shoh, ren fosley sooillyn ny doail, ver lhiettal baase y dooinney shoh?

teeming1 er croo lesh: The bed is teeming with fleas - Ta'n lhiabbee er croo lesh jarganyn. DF idiom; plooghit: The river is teeming with fish - Ta'n awin plooghit lesh eeast. DF idiom; teaumey: We were teeming the well - Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF idiom; deayrtey: It is teeming rain - T'eh deayrtyey fliaghey. DF idiom

well1 (n.) chibbyr, chibbyrt, doagh eeast; dy mie: Well done, if you please - Jeant dy-mie, my sailliu. JJK idiom; slane: When you're well, you little know the value of health - Tra ta fer slane; s'beg shione da feeuid slaynt. JJK idiom; dy sour

thummyd size: v'ad ooilley roit er yn un aght, jeh'n un towse, as yn un thummyd. Bible; fatness: t'ou uss er n'aase roauyr, as t'ou er n'ghoaill thummyd, t'ou coodit lesh saill Bible; multitude: Eisht chuir ad: as nish cha row dy niart oc yn lieen y ghoaill stiagh va lhied y thummyd eeast ayn. Bible


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