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eeasaght roie (f.) overdraft

eeasaght (=Ir. iasacht) (f.) advance, borrowing, lending, loan, loan-word: Dy der y Chiarn dhyt sluight jeh'n ven shoh, son yn eeasaght t'ou er choyrt da'n Chiarn Bible

Inexact matches:

dellal thalloo-as-eeasaght land-and-loan deal

eeasaght chaggee (f.) war loan

eeasaght stait (f.) funds

eeasaght yiare (f.) short loan

er eeasaght on loan, borrowed: Ta'n mee-chrauee goaill er eeasaght as cha vel eh geeck Bible

cur er eeasaght lend, loan: Cur er eeasaght dou piyr dy charraneyn. JJK

eeasaght gyn raanteenys (f.) loan without security

goaill eeasaght roie overdraw

shellooder eeasaght stait fund-holder

loan (v.) cur er eeasaght, eeasaghey; (n.) yeeasaght; eeasaght: Accommodate a person with a loan - Eeasaght y chur da peiagh ennagh. DF idiom

fund-holder (n.) shellooder eeasaght stait

loan-word (n.) eeasaght

on loan er eeasaght

overdraft (n.) eeasaght roie

overdraw (v.) goaill eeasaght roie

short loan (n.) eeasaght yiare

war loan (n.) eeasaght chaggee

funds (npl.) eeasaght stait; feeaghyn ashoonagh

land-and-loan deal (n.) dellal thalloo-as-eeasaght

lending eeasaght; eeassee; yeeasaght; yeeassee

borrowing eeasaght; eeassaghey; eeassee; goaill er eeassaght

loan without security (n.) eeasaght gyn raanteenys

borrowed eeassit; yeeassit; deeassee; er eeasaght; er eeasagh; eeasit

queig jeig fifteen: Hug ad queig jeig thousane punt dou er eeasaght. DF

raanteenys bailment, cognisance, cognizance, guarantee, security, sponsorship, underwriting: Eeasaght gyn raanteenys. DF

advance1 (v.) bieaughey; cheet my laue; gleashaghey; gleashaght er-oi; immeeaght er-oi; keim er-oi; trooid; (n.) eeasaght

borrow (v.) eeassaghey, geeasaght; goaill er yeeasaght: You will have to borrow some money, won't you? - Shegin diu goaill argid er eeasaght, nagh nhegin diu? JJK idiom; yeeassaghey

lend (v.) cur er eeasaght; eeassagh, geeasagh: He'll lend it to us - Nee eh eeasagh dooin eh. JJK idiom; eeassaghey, yeeassaghey; geeasaght; eeasee: Lend me it - Eeasee dou eh. JJK idiom

pair (v.) cubblaghey, lannoonaghey, piyral, piyrey; (n.) jees; piyr: Lend me a pair of slippers - Cur er eeasaght dou piyr dy charraneyn. JJK idiom

too much money rour argid: Don't borrow too much money - Ny gow rouyr argid er eeasaght. JJK idiom

paggey deck, wad, wadding; pack: Ta'n paggey argidoil shallidagh goaill stiagh eeck eeasaght jeh lieh-cheead millioon punt, shegin goll er eeck ayns Mean Fouyir. BS; truss

ro hionn overtight, too tight: My ver oo argid er eeasaght da veg jeh my phobble, ta fo boghtynid mayrt, cha jig oo ro hionn er, chamoo hroggys oo thack jeh. Bible

steat 1 (housing) estate: Eeasaght argid y ghoaill er steat. DF; 2 pl. steatyn (nation) state a: va'n chengey Chatalonagh currit fo chosh, goll rish ny myn-chengaghyn elley sy steat Spaainagh. Carn

boghtynid (f.) jargon, nonsense; need, poverty, want: hig y meshtyllagh, as y glutterey gys boghtynid Bible; penury: Ayns dy chooilley laboraght ta vondeish: agh cha vel agh boghtynid ayns taggloo ny meillyn. Bible; spareness; nakedness: As dooyrt eh roo, Cha nee, agh dy akin boghtynid y cheer ta shiu er jeet. Bible; poor, shabbiness: My ver oo argid er eeasaght da veg jeh my phobble, ta fo boghtynid mayrt, cha jig oo ro hionn er Bible; poorness

gioaldeeaght (f.) mortgage: c'raad oddins troggal gioaldeeaght ny argid er-eeasaght, as kys oddagh cooid-troggal ve er ny ymmyrkey dys y tholtan er y chassan coon? Dhoor


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