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ee hene (=Ir. i-fein) (f.) her, herself: She my huyr ee? as dooyrt ish, dy jarroo ee hene Bible; (the) missus; (the) wife; itself; lady of the house

ee1 (=Ir. ith, ithe) consumption, depletion, devour, dispose, eat, eating, erode, feed, kill off, her, it, she: Irree as ee; er-yn-oyr dy vel y jurnah erskyn dty niart. Bible

ee2 (=Ir. í) (f.) 1 she, her a: haink ee dy aashagh, as lhie ee sheese ec e chassyn Bible; 2 it

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Cheer Ee (f.) Tiree

ee deiney anthropophagy

ee rour overeat, overeating

ee shoh this

hie ee she went: As hie ee roee, as haink ee, as ren ee jeeassyragh 'sy vagher lurg ny beayneeyn Bible

maidjaghyn ee chopsticks

ee dy jollysagh (as food) gorge

ee dy liooar enjoy your meal

ee fo'n aer picnic

lhongey y ee (to) take a meal

ve torragh (of female) teem; be pregnant: Ayns traa e moidynys, er-aggle dy voghe ee scammylt, as ee dy ve torragh ayns thie e ayrey: as tra ta dooinney eck, er-aggle dy jean ee gymmyrkey ee hene dy olk; as erreish j'ee ve poost, dy beagh ee gennish. Apoc

her (pron) eck: What is her complaint? - Cre'n doghan t'eck? JJK idiom; (emph.) ecksh: My sister will give me hers - Ver my huyr y fer ecksh dou. JJK idiom; ee: Perhaps we shall see her to-morrow - Foddee dy vaikmayd ee mairagh. JJK idiom; e: She died the day after her marriage - Hooar ee baase yn laa lurg e poosey. JJK idiom; ee hene: She has hidden herself behind the arbour - T'ee er n'ollaghey ee hene cooyl y waag-gharey. JJK idiom; (emph.) ish

harlheim dismounted, lighted off: As tra honnick Abigail David, ren ee siyr, as harlheim ee jeh'n assyl, as huitt ee er e eddin kiongoyrt rish David, as chroym ee ee-hene gys y thalloo. Bible

she went hiee; hie ee: She went to bed very late, and she says she's very tired - Hie ee dy lhie feer anmagh, as t'ee gra dy vel ee feer skee. JJK idiom

ghreim gripped; laid hands on: As ghreim ad ee, as hug ad lhieu ee er raad ny gabbyl gys thie'n ree; as ayns shen varr ad ee. Bible

Shen eh (intj) Quite, That's right, That's it: Shimmey fer va ruggit ayns Mannin, as shen eh - cha nel ee goaill tastey jeh currym elley, ga dy vel ee gra dy vel ee moyrnagh. Carn

vreid covered: As tra va Jehu er jeet gys Jezreel, cheayll Jezebel jeh; as hug ee paint er e eddin, as vreid ee e kione, as yeeagh ee magh er uinniag. Bible; veiled

covered1 cloagit: Covered with snow - Cloagit lesh sniaghtey. DF idiom; coodit; (v.) choadee, choodee: She took a veil and covered her face - Ghow ee breid as choodee ee e heddin. DF idiom; vreid: She covered her face - Vreid ee e heddin. DF idiom

smooinnee thought: Smooinnee ee dy derragh ee graih da. Bible

chamoo neither, nor: cha dug ee ansoor, chamoo hug ee geill da. Bible

roee before her: As hie ee roee, as haink ee Bible

roiee before her: hrog ee urree as hie ee roiee Bible

rooishtee shall strip: ver ad mow ee, as rooishtee ad ee Bible

eat (v.) ee: Don't eat so much fruit - Ny ee wheesh dy vess. JJK idiom; eeys; goaill beaghey

beihlt milled, pulverized: skeayl ee eh harrish beeal y chibbyr, as skeayl ee arroo beihlt er Bible

claare stoamey lordly dish: Hir eh ushtey, as hug ee da bainney; hoie ee roish eeym ayns claare stoamey. Bible

feer skee dog-tired, very tired: Hie ee dy lhie feer anmagh, as t'ee gra dy vel ee feer skee. JJK

fo'n ennal sotto voce: ghooin ee e laueyn ry cheilley as dooyrt ee, She myr sannish-feayslee fo'n ennal eck. BS

gimmanyn lovers: As hed ee geiyrt er e gimmanyn, agh cha berr ee orroo Bible

rub rub; wipe: rub ee ad lesh folt e king, as phaag ee e chassyn Bible; wiped

scellyn beams: Hug ee eab er goaill greim er ny scellyn, agh cha dod ee. Dhoor; rays

stroie-ee shall destroy: stroie-ee eh yn chragh t'eh dy hayrtyn Bible

anthropophagy (n.) ee deiney

chopsticks (npl.) maidjaghyn ee

commended (v.) voyll: The princes also of Pharaoh saw her, and commended her before Pharaoh - Honnick princeyn Pharoah ee myrgeddin, as voyll ad ee kiongoyrt rish Pharoah Bible

depletion (n.) ee, folmaghey

eating ee: Shameful leavings are worse than scandalous eating - Ta fooillagh naareydagh ny smessey na ee scammyltagh. JJK idiom; gee: I'm eating some fruit - Ta mee g'ee mess. JJK idiom

emptied folmit, teaumit; dolmee: And she hasted, and emptied her pitcher into the trough - As hie ee dy tappee, as dolmee ee e saagh ayns y trogh-ushtey Bible

erode (v.) crimmey; ee

gorge2 (v.) (as food) ee dy jollysagh

herself (pron) ee hene; ish

missus (n.) (the) ee hene

overeat (v.) ee rour

overeating (n., v.) ee rour

sister (adj.) co-; (n.) shuyr: She ought to have invited her sister, oughtn't she? - Lhisagh ee er chuirrey e shuyr, nagh lhisagh ee? JJK idiom; shuyr voanderey

Tiree (n.) Cheer Ee

very tired feer skee: She went to bed very late, and she says she's very tired - Hie ee dy lhie feer anmagh, as t'ee gra dy vel ee feer skee. JJK idiom

wife2 (n.) (the) ee hene

baaishyn temples: as lesh yn hammar woaill ee Sisera, woaill ee trooid e chione eh, tra v'ee er hoylley as er woalley trooid baaishyn e ching. Bible

cheet neese ascend, come up: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta Albinish (Gaelg Albinagh) cheet neese as, er aghtyn ennagh, oddagh oo gra dy vel ee ny stroshey nish na t'ee er ve rish tammylt, ga dy vel ee (myr gagh chengey Cheltiagh) foast ayns gaue Carn

clean pannier, potato creel, twig basket; cot, cradle: As tra nagh dod ee keiltyn eh ny sodjey, ren ee da clean dy hioonyn Bible

corp Chreest sacrament: Ta shen dy ve Olt jeh'n Agglish echey ta enmyssit Corp Chreest, er yn oyr dy vel Creest y Kione dy reill ee liorish e lei ghaghyn as dy choadey ee liorish e Spyrryd. CS

Cre'n aght ta shiu (interrog.) How are you: as tra honnick ee mish dooyrt ee 'Moghrey mie ayd Yoe, cha liass dou gra 'Cre'n aght ta shiu? er yn oyr dy vel oo jeeaghyn cho mie. Dhoor

daittyn lesh please not: As mannagh daittyn lesh e mainshtyr ee, ta er n'yannoo ee e cho-lhiabbagh, eisht lhig j'ee ve feayshlit Bible

faggys da shen thereabouts: Miranda Fozard, ta cummal faggys da shen ayns Thie Steoin, t'ee gra dy vel ee cho boirit as dy reagh ee yn aghin. BS

fannag (f.) crake; crow: Va fannag çherraghtyn lesh paays, dy row fakin cruishtin, as ren ee jerkal dy gheddyn ushtey, ren ee getlagh huggey lesh boggey mooar EF

floag (f.) pl. floagyn dot, flake, jot, mote, particle, tittle: brish-jee foshlit ny thieyn-tashtee eck; stamp-jee sheese ee myr creaghyn stroie-jee dy bollagh ee ; ny lhig floag j'ee ve faagit. Bible

grinney (f.) gateway, portcullis: Pian as angaish v'eck ee hene y leaydey lhee seose gys y yiat, nagh row agh gerrit voee; yn grinney lajer hayrn ee seose lesh aash PC

jee 1 deity, god, godhead a: As denmys Jee yn soilshey Laa Bible; b pl. jeeghyn; 2 to her: tra hug Sarai drogh ghellal jee, chossyn ee ersooyl Bible; 3 with her a: As tra hug Sarai drogh ghellal jee, chossyn ee ersooyl. Bible

jough (=Ir. deoch) (f.) drink: as lhieen ee yn boteil lesh ushtey, as hug ee jough dan ghuilley Bible; beverage; booze, tipple; potation, potion; water

keayney (=Ir. caoine) 1 weep, weeping a: hrog ee seose e coraa, as ren ee keayney. Bible; 2 cry, crying, greet, keening, lament, lamentation, lamenting, mourn, mourning, wail, wailing:; 3 deplore; 4 keen-minded

lion bwoirryn she-lion: Cre ta dty voir? Lion bwoirryn: lhie ee sheese mastey lionyn, hrog ee seose ny quallianyn eck mastey lionyn aegey

mynghearey smile: cha dooyrt ee veg rhym, agh hug ee failt orrym lesh snog y chione eck as mynghearey gennal. Dhoor; smiling

noa-ruggit newborn: As gys yn oikan noa-ruggit, as e cloan ver ee son y theihll: son nee ee gee ad dy follit, son feme jeh dy chooilley veaghey Bible

Oie vie (intj) Good night: Yeigh ee e sooillyn as dooyrt ee "Oie vie" rish ooilley ny beiyn, biljyn as lossreeyn, roish my daink cadley sheeoil urree. Dhoor

phadeyraght prophecy: Tra hug ee jerrey da'n phadeyraght, dooyrt ee roo dy row Isabel as nyn baitchey ayns Glion Eary ny Shee er broogh moaney Goirteintaoid, ayns Cronk y Voddee GB

pharoah pharaoh: Honnick princeyn Pharoah ee myrgeddin, as voyll ad ee kiongoyrt rish Pharoah: as van ven goit stiagh gys thie Pharoah Bible

rimlagh (f.) cord, sail-cord; fishing line: Ren ee e cooid share dy hayrn yn rimlagh stiagh sy vaatey, agh cha dod ee tayrn yn eeast dys eaghtyr yn ushtey. CJ

rug 1 bore a: as haink ee dy ve e ven, as rug ee mac da. Bible; 2 born a: v'er ny yientyn liorish y Spyrryd Noo, rug jeh'n voidyn Voirrey Bible

screeaghyn screams: agh tra honnick Mona naght v'ad bwoailt as eiyrit myr beiyn, as clashtyn rish screeaghyn as keayney ny sleabyn, cha dod ee jannoo rish ny sodjey, as roie ee ersooyl, keayney dy sharroo. Dhoor

seal (v.) seal: seal eh eh lesh fainey yn ree Bible; (n.) cachet, signet: Soie mish myr seal er dty chree Bible; sealed: Er shoh ren ee screeunyn ayns ennym Ahab, as seal ee ad lesh yn seal echey Bible

Shoh myr vees eh This shall be: Shoh myr vees eh, tra ver y Chiarn diuish ee yn astyr feill dy ee Bible

snug (of animal) butt; flounce, poke; (of head) toss: dy jinnagh fer goll seose dy chur shilley urree as loayrt r'ee 'sy Ghailck, yinnagh ee myngheearey as cur snug jeh'n chione, dy chur fys da dy row ee toiggal shen v'er ny ghra. Coraa

thie yn taggyrt parsonage, presbytery, vicarage: Dy leah eisht, hie ee gys thie yn taggyrt as dinsh ee dasyn y chooish. Coraa

woirrin See bwoirrin female: Er- lheh raad va sleih Catoleagh ayns ny hInshyn Goal v'ad geddyn bunney- phlaggad, coamrey ee ayns cullee woirrin, cur ee ayns bascaid as lorg lioree as v'ad g'emnys shen 'lhiabbee Vreeshey'. Dhoor

as soon as cha leah as: And as soon as she saw them with her eyes, she doted upon them - As cha leah as honnick ee ad lesh e sooillyn, va yn aigney eck soit orroo Bible; cha leahs: for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children - son cha leahs va Zion er-troailt, hug ee son y theihll e cloan. Bible; erreish da: as soon as Isaac had made an end of blessing Jacob - erreish da Isaac ver choyrt e vannaght da Jacob Bible

breast breast; broghil; broghilley; brollagh; cleeau: She clasped him to her breast - Ren ee goaill eh dys y chleeau eck. DF idiom; cleeauraghey; kee; keeagh: To give the child the breast - Dy chur y cheeagh da'n lhiannoo. DF idiom; oghrish: She pressed him to her breast - Hionn ee eh da'n oghrish eck. DF idiom; sheeiney; sheeint; ught

consumption1 (n.) ee, gorley shymlee; consumption

devour (v.) ee: Arise, devour much flesh - Trog ort, ee dty haie feill Bible; stroie: let fire come out of the bramble, and devour the cedars of Lebanon - lhig da aile cheet magh veihn dress, as stroie biljyn-cedar Lebanon Bible; sluggey: I will destroy and devour at once - neem stroie as sluggey seose er-y-chooyl Bible

eating disorder (n.) chingys-ee

ichthyophagy (n.) eeast-ee, gee eeast

it (pron) eh: It's the most pleasant of all the seasons - T'eh yn fer s'taitnysee jeh ooilley ny imbaghyn. JJK idiom; (f.) ee: Bought wit is the best, if it be not bought too dear - Keeal chionnit yn keeal share, mannagh vel ee kionnit ro gheyr. JJK idiom

kill off (v.) ee, marroo, stroie

laid hands on ghreim: And they laid hands on her; and she went by the way by the which the horses came into the king's house - As ghreim ad ee, as hug ad lhieu ee er raad ny gabbyl gys thien ree Bible

perceived dennee: perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose - cha dennee eh cren traa lhie ee sheese, ny cren traa hrog ee veih Bible; hoig: David perceived that the Lord had established him king over Israel - hoig David dy rown Chiarn er nyannoo eh ny ree harrish Israel Bible; chronnee: when the captains of the chariots perceived that it was not the king of Israel - tra chronnee captanyn ny fainee nagh nee ree Israel vayn Bible

phagocytosis (n.) killag-ee

pressed broojit; glackit; jingit; lhiannit; preaysagh; stret; traastit; hraisht; daast: He pressed her to his heart - Daast eh ee da'n oghrish echey. DF idiom; hionn: She pressed him to her breast - Hionn ee eh da'n oghrish eck. DF idiom; êginit

sealed sealit: and sealed up among my treasures - as sealit seose mastey my hashtaghyn Bible; seal: So she wrote letters in Ahab's name, and sealed them with his seal - Er shoh ren ee screeunyn ayns ennym Ahab, as seal ee ad lesh yn seal echey Bible

shall destroy stroie-ee, lhieggee

shall redeem livrey-ee: And he shall redeem Israel: from all his sins - As livrey-ee Israel; veih ooilley e pheccaghyn Bible

shall turn chyndaa-ee: And they shall turn the rivers far away - As chyndaa-ee ad ny awinyn foddey ersooyl Bible

she (adj.) bwoirrynagh; (pron) ee, eeish, ish

chingys-ee eating disorder

chyndaa-ee shall return; shall turn: As chyndaa-ee ad ny cleayshyn oc ersooyl veih'n irriney, as bee ad er nyn jyndaa gys skeealyn ommijagh. Bible

eeast-ee ichthyophagy

er caa on spec: nish tra va Judith er jeet stiagh as er hoie sheese, va cree Holofernes er-cannoo lhee, as v'eh dy mooar geearree yn cheshaght eck; son v'eh farkiaght er caa dy violagh ee, er-dyn laa, honnick eh ee. Apoc

gyn poosey celibate, unmarried, unwed: Ny lhig da'n ven ve er ny scarrey veih'n sheshey eck: Agh my t'ee son scarrey, lhig ee cummal gyn poosey reesht, er-nonney lhig ee ve coardit rish e sheshey: as ny lhig da'n dooinney cur ersooyl e ven. Bible

killag-ee phagocytosis

livrey-ee shall deliver: T'ad shoh jeh'n un aigney, as livrey-ee ad nyn booar as nyn niart da'n veisht. Bible; shall redeem

roie-ee shall run: Roie-ee ad noon as noal son bee: as gow-ee ad dy olk rish, mannagh bee ad jeant magh. Bible

yn-ee consumable, edible, fit to eat

consumable (adj.) ry cheau, yn-cheau, yn-ee

edible (adj.) eeagh, follan, yn-ee; beaghee

fit to eat follan; yn-ee

lady of the house (n.) ee hene

shall deliver livreyee: In any case thou shalt deliver him the pledge again - Er dy chooilley aght livreyee oo huggey e yioal reesht Bible; livrey-ee: And he shall redeem Israel: from all his sins. - As livrey-ee eh Israel; veih ooilley e pheccaghyn. Bible

shall return couree: he shall return to the days of his youth - couree eh reesht gys laghyn e aegid Bible; chyndaa-ee: and my prayer shall turn into mine own bosom - as chyndaa-ee my phadjer gys moghrish hene Bible

shall run roieys: One post shall run to meet another - Roieys post quail post Bible; roie-ee: they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord - roie-ee ad noon as noal dy hirrey goo yn Chiarn Bible

take a meal (v.) (to) lhongey y ee

berr overtake: cha berr ee orroo

blake (impv) gape: Vlake ee orrym DF

cablyn cables: kiangley mygeayrt ee lesh cablyn Bible

corranyn hooks: Son roish yn ouyr, lurg da'n blaa v'er jeet gys slane aase, as y berrish-feeyney geayr er n'appaghey ayns y vlaa, giare-ee eh jeh ny slattagyn lesh corranyn-pollal, as gowee eh ersooyl, as giare-ee eh sheese ny banglaneyn. Bible

filleag (f.) shawl: Hug ee mooee e filleag. DF

geayll (interrog.) heard: Geayll oo ee ny dyn? DF

rannag (f.) (pl -yn) frog: Hyndaa eh gys rannag ee. DF

stowys deliver: crown gloyroil stowys ee ort Bible

sursmooinaght consideration, contemplation: She my sursmooinaght ee. DF

dispose (v.) ceau ersooyl, cleayney, creck, ee, feddyn rey rish, geddyn rey rish; kiartaghey

give way (v.) raadey; (impv) lhig er: Give way! - Lhig ort ee! DF idiom

picnic (v.) ee fo'n aer, picnical; (n.) lhongey fo'n speyr, picnic; lhongey-mooie

would (v.) yinnagh: She would tire herself - Yinnagh ee ee-hene skee. JJK idiom

ammyssagh admiring; respectful: Cha row ee ammyssagh da'n goo Bible; worshipful; obeisant person

beealloo before: hug ee eh er beealloo Saul as e harvaantyn Bible

benn touch: cha benn ee rish nhee erbee casherick Bible

ben treoghe (=Ir. baintreach) (f.) widow: hug ee e garmadyn ben treoghe urree. Bible

bolstyr bolster: hug ee pillow dy gheaysh ghoair son bolstyr Bible

boteil (=Ir. buideal) (f.) pl. boteilyn bottle: lhieen ee yn boteil lesh ushtey Bible

caillin aeg damsel: She caillin aeg bwoyagh ee, aalin erskyn insh! JC

calmane-turtle turtledove: As er y hoghtoo laa nee ee goaill daa chalmane-turtle Bible

chiassaghey fever, pyrexia: chelleeragh daag y chiassaghey ee Bible

chibbyr (=Ir. tiobar, bior) (f.) pl. chibbraghyn COMPARE chibbyrt fount, spring, well: honnick ee chibbyr ushtey Bible

chymmaghey soften, softening: T'ee chymmaghey nish dy vel ee ny shinney. DF

clooid (=Ir. cluid) clot, clout: Hug ee clooid er e chooat. DF; duster; rag

cosaayl (f.) back-heel, hunkers: Hie ee sheese er e cosaayl. DF

craitnyn 1 peelings; 2 skins a: hug ee craitnyn ny mannanyn, er e laueyn Bible

cray (f.) ash, clay, pipe clay: slaa ee eh lesh cray as pick-hallooin Bible

curneein (f.) huff: Hie ee ersooyl as curneein er. DF

d'arr offered: D'arr ee dou soiag ayns e carriads. JJK

dolmee emptied: dolmee ee e saagh ayns y trogh-ushtey Bible

dou to me: Hug ad dou gall dy ee Bible; unto me

dy charraghey under repair: Hooar ee dooinney dy charraghey yn uinnag. DF

eash ven (f.) adulthood: Haink ee gys eash ven. F

Eoin (=Ir. Eoin and Ien) Evan, John: Hig ee er ash ec yn 'Eaill Eoin. DF

fooillaght refuse, throw outs: Ta fooillaght neareydagh ny smessey na ee scammyltagh. DF

fuirr-ym I will tarry: Agh fuirr-ym ee Ephesus derrey'n Chingeesh. Bible

greddanit grilled, roasted, toasted: hirveish eh ee lesh arroo greddanit Bible

hasht heaped, laid up: hasht ee seose argid myr y joan Bible

hirragh would seek: dy choyrt-jee cre erbee hirragh ee Bible

hoill wrapped: hoill ee eh ayns aanrityn soïllee Bible

jing (f.) crush, ding, wedge: jing sheese ad, eer ee hene Bible

keayrt elley once more: Insh j'ee dy vaikym ee keayrt elley. DF

meshtallee drunkards: dy ee as dy iu marish ny meshtallee. Bible

mooar lesh hit off, hobnob: Haink ee dy ve mooar lesh. DF

my-haittyn pleased: As mannagh my-haittyn lesh y dooinney stierree ee Bible

nastee (=Ir. aisce) 1 buckshee, gratis, gratuitous; 2 free a: hed ee magh seyr, as nastee. Bible

naunt (=Ir. aintín) (f.) aunt: cha jig uss er-gerrey da'n ven echey: dty naunt ee. Bible

pillow pillow: hug ee pillow dy gheaysh ghoair son bolstyr Bible

prughag hoarder, miser, niggard: Tasht prughag as ee lughag. JJK

questionyn questions: haink ee dy phrowal eh lesh questionyn dorraghey Bible

Quoi jeu (interrog.) Which one: quoi jeu vees ee echey son ben? Bible

rang pl. rangyn class, classification: Cha nel ee 'sy rang shen. DF

reeastanagh dry: dy jean-ym ee myr faasagh, as myr thalloo reeastanagh Bible

rhymbee before her: hie ee rhymbee gys y valley Bible

shioon (pl -yn) bulrush: ren ee da clean dy hioonyn Bible

shleh neglect, omission: Hug ee shleh er e hobbyr. DF

stampit trodden: bee ee stampit sheese myr laagh ny straidey Bible

stierree latter: my yiow'n dooinney stierree baase, ghow ee son ben Bible

straidey (gen.) of the street: bee ee stampit sheese myr laagh ny straidey Bible

tarlheim climb down, descend, descent, landing: ren ee tarlheim jeh'n chamel. Bible

thanvaneys (f.) amazement, astonishment: nee ad arran y ee liorish towse, as thanvaneys Bible

treiney (f.) pl. treinaghyn nail: Hug ee e laue gys y treiney Bible

trogh 1 rook; 2 trough a: dolmee ee e saagh ayns y trogh-ushtey Bible

urree hene upon herself: yeigh ee yn dorrys urree hene Bible; (of girl) coy, reserved

yarragh would say: Myr shoh hug Joab ro-ee cre yarragh ee Bible

above you er-dty-skyn: I would not put her above you - Cha derrin ee er dty skyn. DF idiom; er-nyn-skyn

alms (npl.) jeirk: She begged alms off me - Hirr ee jeirk orrym. DF idiom

anchor ackeragh: Anchor shank - Lurgey akeragh. DF idiom; aker: She dragged her anchor - Hayrn ee yn aker eck. DF idiom

arbour (n.) bwaag gharagh; bwaag-gharey: She has hidden herself behind the arbour - T'ee er n'ollaghey ee hene cooyl y waag-gharey. JJK idiom; cabbane biljagh; garey

aroused dooisht; dooishtit; er cannoo: She aroused him - Hug ee er-cannoo er. DF idiom; greesit

believe (v.) credjal: I believe she is well - Ta mee credjal dy vel ee slane. JJK idiom; cred; gred; (to); (dy) chredjal

bill3 (n.) (account) screeuyn coontee: She hadn't paid the bill, had she? - Cha row ee er n'eeck yn coontey, row? JJK idiom; coontey: We should pay our bill - Lhisagh shin eeck nyn goontey. JJK idiom

bill of divorcement (n.) screeuyn-scarree: Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away - Lhow Moses screeuyn scarree y yannoo, as dy choyrt ee ersooyl Bible

brine (n.) sailley: We must keep it two or three days longer in the brine - Shegin dooin cummal ee ghaa ny tree laghyn ny sodjey ayns y taailley. JJK idiom

bushel (n.) tubbag; saagh: Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel - Chamoo ta sleih foaddey cainle, as dy choyrt ee fo saagh Bible

charring (cleaning) spincheraght: She went out charring - Hie ee er y spincheraght. DF idiom

cry1 eam; eamagh; eamaghey; keayney: She had a good cry - Ren ee keayney dy trome. DF idiom; sheeb; yllagh: Raise a cry - Yllagh y lhiggey magh. DF idiom; eie; gyllaghey

curses (npl.) gweeaghyn; mollaghtyn: She called down curses on him - Ren ee gwee mollaghtyn er. DF idiom

Did not come Cha daink; nagh daink: He was disappointed that she did not come - V'eh mollit nagh daink ee. DF idiom

dismissal1 (n.) brishey; seyrey: He threatened her with dismissal - Vaggyr eh ee lesh brishey. DF idiom

Dublin (n.) Balley Aah Cleeah; Divlin, Divlyn: She will start for Dublin the day after to-morrow - Hed ee dys Divlyn nuyr. JJK idiom [Ir. Baile Átha Cliath]

ears cleayshyn: She blushed up to the ears - Ren ee jiargaghey gys bun ny cleayshyn eck. DF idiom; jeeassyn

empties (npl.) boteilyn folmey, siyn folmey; (v.) folmagh: The tide empties the sea or else fills it - Ta roayrt folmagh y cheayn er nonney lhieeney ee. DF idiom

enjoy your meal gow dty haie; blass mie dhyt, blass mie diu; ee dy liooar

exactly (adv.) dy cruinn; dy jeeragh: Exactly as she said it would be - Dy jeeragh myr dooyrt ee dy beagh eh. DF idiom; dy kiart: I'll tell you exactly - Inshym dhyt dy kiart. DF idiom

feed1 beaghey: How do you feed your rabbits? - Kys ta shiu beaghey ny conneeyn eu? JJK idiom; (v.) beeaghey, beiyaghey, ee, faasaghey, faassaghey, fassagh, fassaghey, fassee, scoltey; (n.) bee, foddyr, lhongey, pastyr

feet (npl.) cassyn: She fell down at his feet - Huitt ee sheese ec ny cassyn echey. JJK idiom; trieyn: He is six feet tall - T'eh shey trieyn er lhiurid. JJK idiom; trieghyn


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