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eaynagh 1 (n.) desert, wilderness: a: nee'm raad y yannoo 'syn aasagh hene, as awinyn 'syn eaynagh. Bible; 2 (adj.) precipitous, steep; 3 (adj.) lamblike, lamb-producing

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Eaynagh Coar Annacur

Eaynagh Moainee Peaty Wilderness

lamblike (adj.) eaynagh

lamb-producing eaynagh

Peaty Wilderness (n.) Eaynagh Moainee

precipitous (adj.) eaynagh; kiontoyrtagh

Annacur (n.) Anagh Coar, Eaynagh Coar

steep boggagh; boggaghey; eaynagh; sooghey; thummey; trome; ushtaghey

pine pine: nee'm soiaghey 'syn eaynagh yn billey-juys, as y pine Bible

desert1 (n.) caitnys; eaynagh; faasagh: and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer - as ren eh bagheysyn aasagh, as haink eh dy ve ny hideyr Bible; feaynid; fadaneys; ynnyd faase; toilchinys, toilchin; (v.) treigeil; (v.) neuhaaghey; (adj.) eaynnee; faasoil; toilliu

wilderness1 (n.) eaynagh; fadane; faasagh: And he dwelt in the wilderness of Paran - As ren eh cummal ayns faasagh Paran Bible

doaie (f.) fettle, orderliness: va eaynagh ghowin gyn grunt, gyn oirr, gyn kione, gyn doaie, gyn cummey, dorraghey as feayn PC; condition

feer whaagh very strange: as eisht yn eaynagh ghoo shoh laccal shen sheign ve feer whaagh, grouw, eajee, as neughlen. Bible

gennalys gladness, mirth: nee eh yn aasagh eck myr Eden, as yn eaynagh eck myr garey yn Chiarn ; bee boggey as gennalys er ny gheddyn ayn, toyrt-booise as coraa dy vingys. Bible

ghowin I would take; (adj.) See dowin deep: va eaynagh ghowin gyn grunt, gyn oirr, gyn kione, gyn doaie, gyn cummey, dorraghey as feayn PC

raad y Chiarn way of the Lord: Jean-jee aarloo raad y Chiarn, kiartee-jee ayns yn eaynagh raad-mooar da'n Jee ain. Bible

rooym pl. rooymyn room: Jeant, hrog ad lhieu yn buildal slane myr v'eh, as da nyn mainshter hug ad jeh livrey; er yn eaynagh feayn ghow eh mooads jeh'n rooym, 's vasht ad e ennym Pandemonium. Bible

crossit crossed: seose eh reesht, dy row eh nish cho ard, heose ayns yn eaynagh, dy dooar e skianyn geay er y drogh-hyrrys d' etlagh reesht dy leah; myr smoo ve crossit, smoo v'eh creoghit er yn olk v'eh mysh PC; crucified

gyn oirr borderless, edgeless: son fegooish towshan t'eh, as fegooish kione, dowin as ard ta'n eaynagh shen, as lhean, gyn grunt, gyn eaghtyr t'eh, gyn oirr, gyn mean; dy baillish Jee thousaneyn smoo dy heihill y chroo, cha jinnagh rooymyn daue failleil. Bible


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