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early (adj., adv.) dy feer voghey, dy lheah, dy traa, leah, mogh, moghey, roish yn traa; dy moghey: I generally go to bed early - Ta mee dy-cadjin goll dy lhie dy-moghey. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

early forget-me-not (n.) lus y lhiannan

early reader (n.) ro-lhaihder

Early Reading (n.) Lioaryn Ro-scoill

early rising mogh-irree

early spring (n.) arragh gheuree

early vegetables (npl.) lossreeyn leah

early years (npl.) bleeantyn–toshee

too early ro voghey: Will that be too early for you? - Bee shen ro voghey diu? JJK idiom

Early Music Festival (n.) Feailley Kiaull yn Chied Earish

Early Payment Scheme (n.) Skeym Eeckys Leah

Early Payments Scheme (n.) Skeym Eeckyssyn Leah

Manx Early Alliance (n.) Cochaarjys Bleeantyn-toshee Vannin

arragh gheuree early spring

bleeantyn–toshee (f.) early years

Lioaryn Ro-scoill Early Reading

lossreeyn leah early vegetables

mogh (=Ir. moch) See moghey early

mogh-irree early rising

ro-lhaihder early reader

lus y lhiannan (f.) early forget-me-not

Cochaarjys Bleeantyn-toshee Vannin Manx Early Alliance

Feailley Kiaull yn Chied Earish Early Music Festival

Skeym Eeckys Leah Early Payment Scheme

Skeym Eeckyssyn Leah Early Payments Scheme

dy moghey early: dirree yn pobble dy moghey Bible

dy traa betimes, early, punctual: My hig y traen stiagh dy traa. DF

ro voghey too early: Bee shen ro voghey diu? JJK

accustomed cliaghtit: I am accustomed to get up early - Ta mee cliaghtit dy irree dy-moghey. JJK idiom; cliaghtit rish; oayllagh rish

they1 (pron) ad: They rose early and have breakfasted, as they have much to do - D'irree ad dy-moghey as t'ad er vrishey nyn drostey, myr ta mooarane oc dy yannoo. JJK idiom

dy feer voghey early: As dirree Abraham dy feer voghey, as yeeltee eh e assyl Bible

dy lheah early, promptly: Dy lheah ren shin cosheeaght seose straid Sheenagh dooie as cre'n straid v'ayn! JC

leah (=Ir. luath) See s'leaie early, prompt, swift, soon, betimes: As scrieu Moses ooilley goan y Chiarn, as dirree eh leahsy voghrey Bible

moghey (=Ir. moch) early, timely: bee ad myr bodjal y vadran, as myr y druight moghey Bible she, as mynayn niist da rou dyn chessaght ain ren ayd shuinyn achimagh, haink gy moghey gys yn yoi. PB1610

roish yn traa early, premature, untimely: Ta'n mayl echey eeckit roish yn traa. DF

call1 cowree; eam: Call your companions - Eam er nyn sheshaghyn. JJK idiom; eamagh: I call you to witness - Ta mee g'eamagh erriu ooilley dy ymmyrkey feanish. JJK idiom; yllagh; yllee: Call me early - Yllee orrym dy-moghey. JJK idiom; eie, êie

for you er-dty-hon, er-nyn-son; lhieuish; nyn gour; diu: Will that be too early for you? - Bee shen ro voghey diu? JJK idiom; riu: Make haste, for he won't wait for you - Jean (shiu) siyr, er-nonney cha dann eh riu. JJK idiom

rise ardane; girree, g'irree: I generally rise early - Ta mee g'irree dy-moghey dy-cliaghtagh. JJK idiom; att; dronnan; geilley: The rise of the river is near Snaefell - Ta'n awin geilley faggys da Sniaul. DF idiom; irree: She must rise earlier in the future - Shegin jee irree ny s'moghey ayns traa-ry-heet. JJK idiom; irree magh; lhieeney; tomman; troggal er; yrjaghey; irree: Rise of the day - Irree yn laa. DF idiom


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