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eaghtyrane president, superior, chief: Gyn ourys ta O Neill geearree cooney lesh Kennedy dy heet dy ve yn Eaghtyrane Americanagh. Carn [OIr. úachtarán]

Inexact matches:

Eaghtyrane Tinvaal President of Tynwald

Eaghtyrane jeh Sheshaght Leigh Ellan Vannin President of the Isle of Man Law Society

lhiass-eaghtyrane vice-president: Bee eh goaill ayrn foast as eh ny Lhiass-Eaghtyrane. BS

President of Tynwald (n.) Eaghtyrane Tinvaal

superiorness (n.) ben-eaghtyrane

vice-president (n.) lhiass-eaghtyrane, lhiass-reiltagh

ben-eaghtyrane (f.) superiorness

chief (pref.) ard-; (n.) ard-er, ard-ghooinney, eaghtyrane, fer-syrjey, kiannoort, kionard, kione, kione reiltagh, toshiagh, triah; (adj.) mooar, toshee

president (n.) eaghtyran, eaghtyrane, kione soie; reiltagh, ardreiltagh: He has been elected president - T'eh er ve reiht ardreiltagh. JJK idiom

President of the Isle of Man Law Society (n.) Eaghtyrane jeh Sheshaght Leigh Ellan Vannin

superior ard-chione, ard-wannalagh, curmeyder; eaghtyragh; eaghtyrane; s'ardjey; (ny) s'ooashley; erskyn: The malt is superior to the wheat - Ta'n vraih erskyn y churnaght. JJK idiom

fo-ving subcommittee: Veagh fo-ving cummit dy chur vriwnys er y chooish shoh, cummit ass Eaghtyrane, Caairliagh, Scrudeyr as Tashteyder Yn Cheshaght, as Reagheyder yn 'Eailley. Dhoor

shannadeyr senator: Agh y Shannadeyr Frank Walker, Eaghtyrane Argidys as Tarmaynys ayns Jersey, t'eh gra dy vel shoh braew feeu, ga dy vel gaue ayn. BS


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