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eaddagh keanagh calico

eaddagh (=Ir. éadach) pl. eaddeeyn cloth, clothing, drapery, dress, fabric, material, vesture: nee ad skeayley coodagh dy eaddagh gorrym Bible; clothes; apparel

Inexact matches:

bastag eaddagh (f.) clothes basket

bock eaddagh clothes horse

croghey eaddagh drape

eaddagh altar altar cloth

eaddagh asstan lining

eaddagh balley homespun

eaddagh billiard billiard cloth

eaddagh bouin waist cloth

eaddagh braaid tucker

eaddagh broghe-frytlagh filthy garments: Nish va Joshua coamrit lesh eaddagh broghe-frytlagh, Bible

eaddagh buird napery, tea cloth

eaddagh caashey cheese cloth

eaddagh cadjin mufti: Hed ny h-offishearyn eaddagh cadjin er traenal liorish meoiryn-shee Lunnin. BS; undress

eaddagh cadjinit uniform

eaddagh caggee battle dress, war kit

eaddagh ceau wearing clothes

eaddagh clooieagh plush

eaddagh curtan casement cloth

eaddagh deiney men's wear

eaddagh dobberan mourning clothes, sables

eaddagh Doonee (f.) Sunday clothes: V'ee ceau yn eaddagh doonee eck. DF

eaddagh fastyragh evening dress

eaddagh freoagh-ghaait heather mixture

eaddagh garroo sackcloth

eaddagh geayshteenagh hair cloth

eaddagh kennipey hemp cloth, sackcloth

eaddagh kereagh wax cloth

eaddagh king headdress

eaddagh kirpey table linen

eaddagh laarey floor covering

eaddagh lairagh American leather

eaddagh lheiney shirting

eaddagh lhiabbagh bedclothes

eaddagh lhiennoo long clothes

eaddagh liare American leather

eaddagh loamragh fleece

eaddagh lorgey tracing cloth

eaddagh markee riding dress

eaddagh mooie outer garments

eaddagh mwannalagh neckwear

eaddagh nieet laundry

eaddagh oaye cere cloth

eaddagh obbree overalls

eaddagh oie night attire

eaddagh olley tweed, wool cloth

eaddagh ooill oilskin

eaddagh paggey pack cloth

eaddagh paitçhyn childrens wear

eaddagh poagey bagging

eaddagh saggyrt canonicals

eaddagh senaaney zenana

eaddagh shamyr (for women) undress

eaddagh shiaullee sailcloth

eaddagh shirveish service uniform

eaddagh shirveishagh livery

eaddagh tey tea cloth

eaddagh thoagagh sponge cloth

eaddagh toval towelling

eaddagh trenshooragh tray cloth

fo-eaddagh ben lingerie

greimmag eaddagh (f.) clothes peg

gyn eaddagh naked, unclothed: Shen-y-fa neem's dobberan as keayney hem rooisht as gyn eaddagh: nee'm gullal myr ny dragonyn, as cooagey myr ny hulladyn. Bible

lhemeen eaddagh clothes moth

maidjey eaddagh clothes prop

pinn eaddagh (f.) clothes peg

poagey eaddagh clothes bag

skeaban eaddagh (f.) clothes brush

streng eaddagh (f.) clothes line

ayns eaddagh doo black-coated

ayns eaddagh shirveishagh liveried

cullee eaddagh olley (f.) tweeds

cur eaddagh er apparel, clothe, dress

cur eaddagh noa da reclothe, rig out

cur yn eaddagh jeh strip

eaddagh currit jeh undressed

eaddagh liareagh roar-bree motorcycle leathers

eaddagh ny cheerey native dress

eaddagh yn chishtey pyx cloth

fo beggan eaddagh thinly clad

goaill eaddagh jeh divest

goaill yn eaddagh jeh unclothe

gow eaddagh jeh (clothes) take off

American leather (n.) eaddagh lairagh, eaddagh liare

apparel1 (n.) coamrey: and changed his apparel - as hug eh caghlaa coamrey er Bible; eaddagh: and all such as are clothed with strange apparel - as adsyn ooilley ta coamrit lesh eaddagh joarree Bible; (v.) coamraghey, cur eaddagh er

clothes peg (n.) greimmag eaddagh, pinn eaddagh

sackcloth (n.) aanrit sack, eaddagh garroo, eaddagh kennipey, sack

tea cloth (n.) eaddagh buird, eaddagh tey, clout saagh

dress (n.) eaddagh: Native dress - Eaddagh ny cheerey. DF idiom; gooyn: A dress in white silk - Gooyn jeh sheeidey bane. DF idiom; (v.) baarey; coamrey; cur eaddagh er; cur mysh: Dress the children as quickly as possible - Cur mysh ny paitchyn cha tappee as oddys shiu. JJK idiom; jannoo coamrey da; jeshaghey; jesheenaghey; lhiasaghey; pollal; screebey; skeoghey; stolkey; kiartaghey

altar cloth (n.) eaddagh altar

billiard cloth (n.) eaddagh billiard

black-coated (adj.) ayns eaddagh doo

calico (n.) eaddagh keanagh

canonicals (n.) eaddagh saggyrt

casement cloth (n.) eaddagh curtan

cere cloth (n.) eaddagh oaye

cheese cloth (n.) eaddagh caashey

childrens wear (n.) eaddagh paitçhyn

cloth1 (n.) eaddagh; brat: That cloth is very good, but I prefer his - Ta'n eaddagh shen feer vie, agh share lhiam eh shoh. JJK idiom; clout

clothes basket (n.) bastag eaddagh

clothes brush (n.) skeaban eaddagh

clothes line (n.) streng eaddagh

clothes moth (n.) lhemeen eaddagh

drape coamrey; croghey eaddagh

drapery (n.) eaddagh, shapp eaddee

fabric (n.) eaddagh

filthy garments (npl.) eaddagh broghe-frytlagh

hair cloth (n.) eaddagh geayshteenagh

headdress (n.) eaddagh king

heather mixture (n.) eaddagh freoagh-ghaait

hemp cloth (n.) eaddagh kennipey

homespun eaddagh balley; keeir-lheeah

liveried (adj.) ayns eaddagh shirveishagh

livery (n.) eaddagh shirveishagh

long clothes (npl.) eaddagh lhiennoo

material eaddagh: Good wearing material - Eaddagh dy vel ceau mie ayn. DF idiom; stoo: War material - Stoo caggee. DF idiom; jannooys; (adj.) corporagh, nheeagh, rieugh, seihltagh

men's wear (n.) eaddagh deiney

mourning clothes (npl.) eaddagh dobberan

mufti (n.) eaddagh cadjin

napery (n.) eaddagh buird

neckwear (n.) eaddagh mwannalagh

outer garments (npl.) eaddagh mooie

overalls (n.) eaddagh obbree

pack cloth (n.) eaddagh paggey

plush eaddagh clooieagh

riding dress (n.) eaddagh markee

sables (n.) eaddagh dobberan

sailcloth (n.) eaddagh shiaullee

service uniform (n.) eaddagh shirveish

shirting eaddagh lheiney

sponge cloth (n.) eaddagh thoagagh

Sunday clothes (npl.) eaddagh Doonee

towelling eaddagh toval; tovalley

tracing cloth (n.) eaddagh lorgey

tray cloth (n.) eaddagh trenshooragh

unclothed (adj.) gyn eaddagh; rooisht

undress1 (n.) eaddagh cadjin; (v.) rooishtey

uniform colaik; eaddagh cadjinit

vesture (n.) coamrey; eaddagh

waist cloth (n.) eaddagh bouin

war kit (n.) eaddagh caggee

wax cloth (n.) eaddagh kereagh

wearing clothes (npl.) eaddagh ceau

wool cloth (n.) eaddagh olley

zenana (n.) eaddagh senaaney, senaaney

battle dress (n.) coamrey-caggee, eaddagh caggee

bedclothes (npl.) eaddagh lhiabbagh, eaddeeyn lhiabbagh

divest (v.) goaill eaddagh jeh, lhomey

fancy dress (n.) eaddagh-breagey

haberdashery (n.) myn-chooid; myn-eaddagh

lingerie (n.) fo-eaddagh ben

motorcycle leathers (n.) eaddagh liareagh roar-bree

native dress (n.) eaddagh ny cheerey

oilcloth (n.) linnoil, ooill-eaddagh

oilskin (n.) cullee fliaghee, eaddagh ooill

pyx cloth (n.) eaddagh yn chishtey

reclothe (v.) cur eaddagh noa da

swim suit (n.) eaddagh-snaue

thinly clad (adj.) fo beggan eaddagh

track suit (n.) eaddagh-roie

tucker eaddagh braaid; walker; walkeyder

turban (n.) kione-eaddagh, turban

tweed (n.) cloh mooar, eaddagh olley

unclothe (v.) goaill yn eaddagh jeh

underclothes (npl.) fo-eaddagh

underwear (n.) fo-eaddagh

undress2 (n.) (for women) cullee thie; eaddagh shamyr

bun-eaddagh foundation

eaddagh-breagey fancy dress

eaddagh-roie track suit

eaddagh-snaue swim suit

fo-eaddagh underclothes, underwear

kione-eaddagh turban

myn-eaddagh haberdashery

ooill-eaddagh (f.) oilcloth

bagging (v.) cur ayns poagaghyn; (n.) eaddagh poagey

clothes bag (n.) poagey eaddagh, poagey eaddee

clothes horse (n.) bock eaddagh, cleeah eaddee

clothes prop (n.) maidjey eaddagh, maidjey niaghan

floor covering (n.) coodagh laarey; eaddagh laarey

laundry (n.) eaddagh nieet; niaghyn; thie niaghyn; thie nieeaghyn

lining coodagh cheusthie, eaddagh asstan, liehneen; linal

night attire (n.) cullee oie, eaddagh oie

table linen (n.) aanrit buird, eaddagh kirpey

tweeds (npl.) cullee cloh mooar; cullee eaddagh olley

acadoil academic: Ayns eaddagh acadoil. DF

evening dress (n.) coamrey fastyragh; coamrey oie; cullee fastyragh; eaddagh fastyragh; gooyn oie

rig out (v.) cur cullee noa da; cur eaddagh noa da

gioaldee pledged: t'ad hene lhie sheese er eaddagh gioaldee Bible

jeh'n un daah unicoloured: Ta'n eaddagh eck jeh'n un daah. DF

lhieys lieth: As eshyn lhieys 'sy thie, lhig da niee e eaddagh Bible

olley (gen.) of wool: cha jig eaddagh olley erbee orroo Bible; woollen, woolly

skeaylee shall spread: skeaylee ad harrish eaddagh slane-gorrym Bible

skeayll spread: skeayll ad nyn eaddagh er y raad Bible

burned losht: Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? - Vod dooinney aile y ghoaill ayns e oghrish, as gyn e eaddagh ve losht? Bible; lostit; scoaldit

clothes (npl.) coamrey; eaddeeyn: They haven't changed their clothes, have they? - Cha nel ad er chaghlaa nyn eaddeeyn, vel? JJK idiom; eaddagh

clothing coamrey: Learning is the stately clothing of the rich man and the riches of the dooinney poor man - Ta ynsagh coamrey stoamey yn dooinney berchagh as berchys yn boght. JJK idiom; eaddagh; coamraghyn


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