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dwarf (n.) crivassan, cruitin, dooinneen, trollag; (adj.) beg; (v.) cur ass aase, cur cummey feer veg er

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dwarf birch (n.) beih veg

dwarf conifer (n.) myn-vearkanagh

dwarf cornel (n.) billey coyin

dwarf lousewort (n.) lus y chellan

dwarf planet (n.) planaid crivassan

dwarf sun (n.) myn-ghrian

dwarf tree (n.) crouw, myn-villey

dwarf willow (n.) shellagh ushtey, tuig y yeeigey

white dwarf (n.) rollage crivassanagh bane

African dwarf frog (n.) rannag veg Affrickagh

beih veg (f.) dwarf birch

billey coyin dwarf cornel

crivassan dwarf, elf, midget

cruitin (=Ir. cruitin) dwarf; humpbacked person

cur ass aase dwarf

myn-ghrian (f.) dwarf sun

myn-vearkanagh dwarf conifer

myn-villey dwarf tree

planaid crivassan dwarf planet

rollage crivassanagh bane (f.) white dwarf

shellagh ushtey (f.) dwarf willow, osier

cur cummey feer veg er dwarf

dooinneen dwarf, pigmy, very small man

lus y chellan (prep.) dwarf lousewort, honeysuckle, woodbine

rannag veg Affrickagh (f.) African dwarf frog

trollag (f.) dwarf, elf, gnome, pixie, puck, sprite, troll

tuig y yeeigey (f.) creeping willow, dwarf willow

beg (=Ir. beag) dwarf, few, miniature, minor, model, narrow, poky, quiet, short, slight, small, unsubstantial: ren ee beg y hoiagh jee'm Bible [O.Ir. bec]

crouw (f.) bunch, bush, dwarf tree, shrub, stick, stock, wide spreading tree: ayns yn aer foshlit eeanlee bishagh ghow, dagh cronk, dagh dress, dagh billey as dagh crouw, keylljyn as coanyn ooilley swarmal lhieu. PC; Masonic lodge; (of society) branch; (of river) tributary

scurvy (n.) brooan, brooan marrey, carragh, gorley carragh; taghys-chirrym: Or crookbackt, or a dwarf, or that hath a blemish in his eye, or be scurvy, or scabbed - Ny fer cruittagh, ny fer faase, ny fer cam-hooillagh, ny ta fo taghys-chirrym ny screbbagh Bible; brogan: Blind, or broken, or maimed, or having a wen, or scurvy, or scabbed - Doal, ny brisht, ny baccagh, ny lesh sheane, ny brogan, ny screb Bible


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