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dooinney ny keirdey craftsman: KUSSIT ta yn duyne ta jeanu e jallu erbi graynt na lieit, ta ayns duoi dyn chiarn, obeyr lauyn duyne na kerdjy as ta dy ghur ayns ynyd falliit dy hoyrt yasly gaa. PB1610

dorryssyn COMPARE coollaghyn doors, gates, ports: jean myghin orym, o hiarn, smuni er y tyaghyn ta mi dullaghtyn iusyn ta duoi ack orym : us ta my hrogel shuas vei dorsyn yn vaas. Psalm1610

dreeyminyn backs: Tou toyrt oruiniyn nan rymmyn y hynda er nan noidjyn : marshen gy vel aydsyn ta duoi ack oruiniyn ruysky nan guid. Psalm1610

neuirrinys unfaithfulness: Gha goym drogh red erbi ayns lau : ta duoi aym er pekaghyn yn niau irrinys, gha jean veg laeid shen liennaghtyn duys. Psalm1610

shliee See sliee flicker, lapping, lick, licking, slick; (in number) more: aydsyn ta duoi ack orryms gyn oyr t'ayd nasly na raenagyn my ghinn Psalm1610


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