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dung (n.) cugh, gaerr, keck, taa; eoylley: Spreading dung - Skeaylley eoylley. DF idiom; (v.) eoyllaghey, jannoo keck, keckey, lhiasaghey, taarey, toarey, toarrey

Inexact matches:

cow dung (n.) eoylley ollee, keck y vooa

dog dung (n.) keck moddee

dung beetle (n.) deyll eoylley

dung cart (n.) cairt eoylley

dung fork (n.) gollage, grep

Dung Shrubbery (n.) Garee Eoylley

horse dung (n.) eoylley chabbyl

rotten dung (n.) gargane

scattering dung (v.) skeaylley eoylley

dung of ants (n.) ooir hallooin

heap of dung (n.) pollag

pitchfork for dung (n.) gollage eoyllee

deyll eoylley (f.) dung beetle

eoyllaghey dung, manure, manuring

eoylley chabbyl (f.) horse dung

eoylley ollee (f.) cow dung

Garee Eoylley Dung Shrubbery

gargane rotten dung

skeaylley eoylley scattering dung

dung-pit (n.) grape, grepp, gribbey

cairt eoylley (f.) dung cart, tumbrel

gollage eoyllee (f.) pitchfork for dung

grepp dung-pit

gribbey dung-pit

keck y vooa cow dung

ooir hallooin (f.) dung of ants

taarey dung, faeces, shit; dunging

toarrey dung, fertilise, manure, stools

cugh dung, excrement, ordure; dirt, filth

jannoo keck defecate, shit; defecation, dung

keck moddee dog dung, dog shit

pollag (f.) boss, small pile; heap of dung

I will corrupt mhill-yms: I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces - mhill-yms nyn arroo-correy, as skeayl-yms eoylley er yn eddin eu Bible

eoylley (f.) excrement, faeces, fertilizer, manure, muck, ordure: As bee callin Jezebel myr eoylley er eaghtyr y thallooin Bible; dung

gaerr diarrhoea; dung, ordure: skeayl-yms eoylley er yn eddin eu eer gaerr ny feaillaghyn casherick eu Bible

gollage (f.) pl. gollageyn dung fork, fork, garden fork, hay fork, pitchfork: Vel gaghyn geayrey er y gollage? JJK; earwig

grep (f.) dung fork, garden fork, manure fork: ga dy ren eh reuyrey lesh kiebbey, cha nee grep v'eh jannoo ymmyd jeh. CJ

keck crap, droppings, dung, excrement, faeces, ordure, shit: Nish ta deiney y vrialtys neu-oikoil gra dy vel ad shickyr dy row ny meoiryn-shee prowal ceau keck harrish Mnr Thomas. Carn

keckey defecate, defecation, dung, dunging, excrete, excretion, shit, shitting: Ren ee keckey 'sy lhiabbee. DF

taa (=Ir. tath) 1 sodering, soldering a: Te aarloo son taa: as ren eh shickyr jeh lesh treinaghyn Bible; 2 dung

toarey 1 derivative, produce, product; 2 See toarrey dung a: nee oo broie eh 'sy chilley oc lesh toarey dooinney Bible

grape (f.) COMPARE grepp dung-pit; COMPARE grep manure fork: Fy yerrey, tra va'n piob lostey dy mie dooyrt Harry, "Ren y ven echey reuyrey eh magh ass y thorran lesh grape." MB


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