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dumb1 (adj.) amloayrtagh; balloo: How many people would remain dumb if they were forbidden to speak well of themselves and ill of others - Quoid sleih hannagh balloo dy beagh ad obbit dy loayrt dy-mie jeu hene as dy-h JJK idiom; bolvane

dumb2 (npl.) (the) beilloo

Inexact matches:

dumb animals (npl.) beiyn

dumb cake (n.) soddag valloo

dumb craft (n.) saagh gyn croan

dumb idols (npl.) jallooyn balloo

dumb person (n.) balloo

Dumb River (n.) (Yn) Awin Valloo

dumb waiter (n.) boayrd queeyllagh

deaf and dumb bouyr balloo

balloo (=Ir. balbh) dumb, mute, silent, tongue-tied, unspeaking: hug ad lhieu huggey dooinney balloo va drogh-spyrryd ayn. Bible; (n.) dumb person [L. ballus]

amloayrtagh dumb, mute

Awin Valloo (f.) (Yn) Dumb River

beilloo (the) dumb

boayrd queeyllagh dumb waiter

soddag valloo (f.) dumb cake

dumb-bell (n.) tromman

bouyr balloo deaf and dumb

saagh gyn croan dumb craft

tromman dumb-bell, treadle

bolvane blockhead, idiot, simpleton, stupid person: Ren eh bolvane jeem. DF; dumb

beiyn cattle, beasts, dumb animals, fauna: Jeh ny beiyn glen, as jeh ny beiyn neughlen Bible

jallooyn balloo dumb idols: Ta fys eu dy row shiu nyn Ashoonyn-quaagh, er nyn goyrt lhieu ersooyl gys ny jallooyn balloo shoh, dy jarroo myr va shiu er nyn leeideil. Bible


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