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dull1 dree; dromm; jannoo moandagh; leodaghey; moal: The dull season - Yn traa moal. DF idiom; mooghey; neughloassey

dull2 (as edge) moandagh; neugheyre

dull3 (of colour) ouyragh

dull4 (adj.) (of pain) marroo: The dull season - Yn traa moal. DF idiom

dull5 (adj.) (as day) mooirjeenagh

dull6 (adj.) (of hearing) moandagh

dull stopper

Inexact matches:

darkly dull (adj.) keeir

dull boys (npl.) (the); (ny) guillyn moaldey

dull grey keeir

dull season (n.) traa moal

dull roie hydrant

dull smalee sparking plug

hydrant (n.) dull roie

sparking plug (n.) dull smalee

dromm drowsy, dull, torpid

guillyn moaldey (ny); (the) dull boys

jannoo moandagh dull

keeir (f.) blackish, cud, dark, darkish, darkly dull, dull grey, dusky, sable: Va'n shenn ghooinney mysh queig trieyn as reaish er yrjid as v'eh ceau bayrn keeir, cooat feer liauyr as troosyn gorrym lhean. MB

moandagh hesitant, jaded, lisping, stammering: ta mee moandagh ayns glare Bible; (as edge) dull: My ta'n yiarn moandagh, as cha vel yn obbree goaill foyr Bible; (of hearing) dull

neugheyre (as edge) dull; edgeless, unpointed

neughloassey dull

dull-eyed marroo-hooillagh

marroo1 (=Ir. marbh O.Ir. marbaid) 1 pl. merriu aground, dead, deceased estate, defunct, dud, dull, extermination, extinct, flat spot, inanimate, lifeless, mortified, muggy, stagnant, corpse a: cha vel oo agh dooinney marroo Bible; 2 (v.) assassinate, butcher, dispatch, exterminate, kill, killing, kill off, liquidate, liquidation, murder, slay, slaughter, slaughtering, slaying: nee eh marroo eayn yn oural-loght Bible; 3 deceased, departed, killed, slaughtered, sleeping, unresponsive: dy voddym yn marroo y oanluckey Bible; 4 (mood) flat; 5 (of pain) dull; 6 (as look) glassy; 7 (of enactments) spent; 8 (game) bag [L. mortuus]

marroo-hooillagh dull-eyed, heavy-eyed, leaden

stopper (n.) caag, dull, scuirreyder, stappeyder; (v.) cur caag ayn

traa moal dead season, dull season, off season

dree boring, drab, dreary, dull, humdrum, painful, tame, tedious, uninspired, uninspiring, uninteresting: Erskyn ooilley, v'eh coontey oie Jesarn ayns Reykjavik y ve dree agglagh. Carn; arid

leodaghey (morally) cheap; decrease, degrade, depreciate, derogate, detract, detractor, diminution, dislike, disparage, disparagement, disrespect, drop, dull, impair, impairment, minimize, mitigate, mitigation, offset, reduce, reduction, remission, subtract, undervalue; diminish: shen-y-fa neem's uss myrgeddin y leodaghey Bible; impoverished

mooghey (=Ir. mĂșchadh) 1 abolish, abolition, blank off, blot out, blow out, choking, damp, drown, dull, expire, extinction, extinguish, gulp back, hold back, hush up, quench, repeal, shut off, stamp out, stifle, suppress, switch off, turn off a: Ta gioot follit mooghey jymmoose; 2 (prevent) jam

mooirjeenagh 1 cloud, cloudy, going to be wet, looks like rain, murky, overcast, threaten; 2 dark a (as weather); 3 (as day) dull; 4 (of sky) watery

ouyragh (of colour) creamy; (of colour) dull: V'eh smooinaghtyn dy beagh ad mie-er-baghtal ayns y cheeill ec ny shirveishyn ouyragh. CJ; dunnish

moal (=Ir. mall) backward, belated, decrepit, deliberate, deplorable, dim, disappointing, dull, enfeebled, feeble, flimsy, gradual, ill, laggard, listless, meagre, overdue, pithless, poor, poorly, scraggy, slack, slow, sorry, tardy, tawdry, unimpressive, uninspired, unpunctual, unsatisfactory: Bee eer yn aegid moal as deinagh Bible; (of fruit) late; (as faith) weak; (of thing) wretched [O.Ir. mael]


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