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duillag soor (f.) coltsfoot

duillag (=Sc.G. duilleag) (f.) pl. duillagyn lamina, page, pamphlet, sheet; leaf: as cur-my-ner, ayns e veeal va duillag olive pluckit jeh Bible; gill; leafy [O.Ir. duilleóg]

Inexact matches:

albym duillag-skeaylt loose-leaf album

cass duillag (f.) petiole

duillag aeg (f.) sprout

duillag airhey (f.) gold foil, gold leaf

duillag argid (f.) silverweed, tansy

duillag çhaghteragh (f.) post-it note

duillag chereagh (f.) wax sheet

duillag chianglee (f.) endpaper

duillag chiare-fillit (f.) quarto

duillag 'eeyney (f.) vineleaf

duillag ennymagh (f.) title page

duillag faillee (f.) pay roll, wage sheet, wages sheet

duillag figgagh (f.) fig leaf

duillag fysseree information page

duillag hamrag (f.) clover leaf

duillag heiy (f.) ballot paper

duillag hooilley (f.) eye patch

duillag hoshee (f.) front page

duillag hoshtal (f.) verso

duillag hraa (f.) time sheet

duillag laue (f.) handbill

duillag laurys (f.) bay leaf

duillag lioaragh (f.) leaf

duillag loght (f.) crime sheet

duillag Pherick (f.) plantain

duillag resh (f.) cotyledon

duillag scarree (f.) spreadsheet

duillag sheeynt (f.) spreadsheet

duillag stroo (f.) flow sheet

duillag tey (f.) tea leaf

duillag vaiht (f.) nenuphar; (white) water lily

duillag vanc (f.) bank statement

duillag vane (f.) blank page

duillag veetyl (f.) betel

duillag vertebragh vertebral lamina

duillag vie (f.) nipplewort

duillag villish (f.) tutsan

duillag vooar (f.) broadsheet

duillag Vreeshyn (f.) nipplewort

duillag vuigh (f.) nenuphar

duillag yesh (f.) recto

duillag ynnyd (f.) cancel

gyn duillag leafless

lheeahid duillag leaf mould

cur stiagh duillag inset

duillag as coghuillag counterfoil and leaf

jannoo duillag jeh laminate

lhiouan duillag rea smooth-leaved elm

lhiouan duillag veg small-leaved elm

lus ny kiare duillag (f.) four-leaved clover

lus ny tree duillag (f.) clover

theiley duillag veg (small-leaved) lime

theiley duillag vooar large-leaved lime tree; (large-leaved) lime

duillag y chur er yn eddyr-voggyl put a page on the web

er-ash dys yn ard-duillag thie back to main home page

leaf1 (v.) cheet fo ghuillag, duillaghey; (n.) duillag: Counterfoil and leaf - Duillag as coghuillag. DF idiom; duillag lioaragh; rybbag; duilley

nenuphar duillag vaiht, duillag vuigh

spreadsheet (n.) duillag scarree; duillag sheeynt

nipplewort (n.) bossan Vreeshey, duillag vie, duillag Vreeshyn, lus ny kee

ballot paper (n.) duillag heiy

bay leaf (n.) duillag laurys

betel (n.) duillag veetyl

broadsheet (n.) duillag vooar

clover leaf (n.) duillag hamrag

cotyledon (n.) duillag resh

crime sheet (n.) duillag loght

endpaper (n.) duillag chianglee

eye patch (n.) duillag hooilley

fig leaf (n.) duillag figgagh

flow sheet (n.) duillag stroo

gold foil (n.) duillag airhey

gold leaf duillag airhey

handbill (n.) duillag laue

information page (n.) duillag fysseree

lamina (n.) duillag; lhiann

leaf mould (n.) lheeahid duillag

leafy (adj.) duillag; duillagagh

lime2 (n.) (large-leaved) theiley duillag vooar

lime3 (n.) (small-leaved) theiley duillag veg

pamphlet (n.) duillag, lioaran

pay roll (n.) duillag faillee

petiole (n.) cass duillag

post-it note (n.) duillag çhaghteragh

quarto (n.) duillag chiare-fillit, kiare-fillit

recto (n.) duillag yesh

tea leaf (n.) duillag tey

time sheet (n.) duillag hraa

title page (n.) duillag ennymagh

tutsan (n.) duillag villish

verso duillag hoshtal

vertebral lamina (n.) duillag vertebragh

vineleaf (n.) duillag 'eeyney

wage sheet (n.) duillag faillee

wages sheet (n.) duillag faillee

water lily (n.) (white) duillag vaiht

wax sheet (n.) duillag chereagh

gill (n.) duillag, grooane, lieh-phynt, sproghan

homepage (n.) duillag-thie, duillag-hie

leaf-bearing duillag-hoyrtagh

leafless (adj.) gyn duillag, lhome, neughuillagagh

leaf sprays (npl.) slattagyn-duillag

loose-leaf album (n.) albym duillag-skeaylt

main homepage (n.) ard-duillag-thie

silverweed (n.) bossan argid, duillag argid

small-leaved elm (n.) lhiouan duillag veg

smooth-leaved elm (n.) lhiouan duillag rea

worksheet (n.) duillag-obbyr

ard-duillag-thie main homepage

duillag-chorrym (f.) balance sheet

duillag-hie (f.) homepage

duillag-hoyrtagh (f.) leaf-bearing

duillag-obbyr (f.) worksheet

duillag-thie (f.) homepage

slattagyn-duillag (f.) leaf sprays

balance sheet (n.) duillag-chorrym; coontys cormee

bank statement (n.) coontys banc, duillag vanc

blank page (n.) lheanagh bane, duillag vane

clover (n.) lus ny tree duillag, shamrag

coltsfoot (n.) cabbag ny hawin, duillag soor

counterfoil and leaf (n.) duillag as coghuillag

four-leaved clover (n.) lus ny kiare duillag; shamrag Voirrey

front page (n.) cheu toshee, duillag hoshee

laminate (v.) jannoo duillag jeh, lhiannaghey; (n.) lhiannagh

large-leaved lime tree (n.) theiley duillag vooar

plantain (n.) banaaney garroo, duillag Pherick, plantain

sprout buinney; duillag aeg; gobbey; gubbey; stholey; caaylag

tansy (n.) duillag argid, lus ny Frank

inset (v.) cur intlys ayn, cur stiagh duillag; (n.) ingan, intlys; (of the sea) lhieeney ny marrey

of a book (gen.) lioaragh: Leaf of a book - Duillag lioragh. DF idiom

put a page on the web (v.) duillag y chur er yn eddyr-voggyl

pluckit plucked: ayns e veeal va duillag olive pluckit jeh Bible

back to main home page er-ash dys yn ard-duillag thie

cancel (v.) cur ass, scryssey; dolley magh: They cancel each other out - T'ad dolley magh y cheilley. DF idiom; duillag ynnyd, lheanagh ynnyd

margin (n.) corrillagh bishee; oirr: The margin of the page - Oirr ny duillag. DF idiom

page1 (n.) cheu; duillag: It shows up against the white page - T'eh feer chronnalagh er y ghuillag vane. DF idiom; (v.) cur ayns cheughyn, yllagh er

sheet brat, duillag, leac; lhean; scoid, scoidan; brilleen; brelleein: Will you give me a sheet of paper? - Jean shiu cur dou brelleein dy phabyr? JJK idiom; (v.) cur brat er

skip corlheim; corlheimyraght; corlheimeraght; (n.) kishan, skibbag; skibbagh: Hop, skip and jump - Corlheim, skibbag as lheim. DF idiom; skibbylt; (v.) bruiskinaght; lheim, lheïm: Skip over a page - Duillag y lheim. DF idiom

trial1 cooish leigh; eab; prowallagh: Trial balance sheet - Duillag chorrym phrowallagh. DF idiom; trial

dy jesh deftly, nicely, prettily, readily: T'eh beggan ny smoo na daeed duillag er-lhiurid as eh clouit dy jesh er pabyr stoamey. Carn; seemly

fig (=Ir. figin, L. ficus) See figgys, pl. figgyn fig: myr ta'n duillag tuittym veih'n villey-feeyney, as yn fig appee veih'n villey-figgagh Bible

fillit doubled up, lap-jointed, plaited, wrapped: As hie'n aer ass shilley myr duillag lioar ta fillit; as va dy chooilley lieau as ellan scughit ass nyn undin Bible; rolled; implied; involute; folded

goll lesh y troa drift: S'feiyral ta'n gheay; ta'n duillag goll lesh y troa gyn sheean erbee. Dhoor

Norlannish (f.) Norwegian: T'eh screeut sy ghlare ghooie echey - Norlannish agh ta Baarle ry gheddyn neesht er yn un duillag. Dhoor

pabyr (=Ir. páipéar) pl. pabyryn packet, paper, papyrus: T'eh beggan ny smoo na daeed duillag er-lhiurid as eh clouit dy jesh er pabyr stoamey. Carn

stubble stubble: Jean oo broo duillag ta eiyrit noon as noal? as jed oo geiyrt er y stubble chirrym? Bible

troa (f.) current, direction, drift, set, strike, surge, trend: S'feiyral ta'n gheay; ta'n duillag goll lesh y troa gyn sheean erbee. Dhoor


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