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due appee; cair: Obedience is due to the law - Ta biallys cair da'n leigh. JJK idiom; jeeragh; kiart; kyndagh rish; ry-heet; yn-eeck; cooie

Inexact matches:

due east shiar yeeragh

due north (n.) twoaie yeeragh

due south (n.) jiass jeeragh

due west (n.) sheear yeeragh: Due west of the Calf of Mann - Sheear yeeragh jeh'n Cholloo. DF idiom

one whom respect is due (n.) arrymider

jiass jeeragh due south

shiar yeeragh due east

twoaie yeeragh (f.) due north

yn-eeck defrayable, dischargeable, due

arrymider one whom respect is due

appee due, mature, mellow, ripe: as dymmyrk ny dossanyn echey messyn-feeyney appee. Bible

sheear yeeragh due west: Sheear yeeragh jeh'n Cholloo. DF

age (n.) amm, earish, lhing, seihll; eash: Respect is due to old age - Ta arrym cair da shenn-eash. JJK idiom

everyone (pron) cagh; dagh ooilley pheiagh; ooilley: Give everyone his due - Cur da ooilley nyn gair. JJK idiom

old age1 (n.) eash, sheeloghe, shenndiaght, shenneraght; shenn eash: Respect is due to old age - Ta arrym cair da shenn-eash. JJK idiom

Quayle (n.) Mac Phaayl: Balance due to us from Mr Quayle - Corrillagh t'ain er Mnr Mac y Phaayl. DF idiom

respect arrym: Respect is due to old age - Ta arrym cair da shenn-eash. JJK idiom; (n.) ammys, leigh, scansh; (v.) jannoo soiagh jeh; ennaghtyn

to1 (prep.) da; rish, rishyn: Give everyone his due - Cur da ooilley nyn gair. JJK idiom Treat a fool according to his folly - Dell rish ommidan coardail rish e ommijys. JJK idiom; raad; dy

cooie (=Ir. cuí) appropriate, apt, competent, congruent, decent, decorous, due, hereditary, meet, opportune, suitable, timely: Cur-jee da'n Chiarn y ghloyr cooie da e ennym Bible; singular; acceptable; comely; apposite

kiart (=Ir. ceart) 1 accurate, concession, correct, due, equity, even, exact, just, level, orthodox, precise, prerogative, proper, pukka, right, thorough-paced, title, undeviating, upright, plain, meet, indifferent a: eer y raad kiart roish y voalley lesh y niar Bible; 2 (real) true; 3 apposite [O.Ir. cert]

kyndagh rish due, owing to: nee ad geamagh gys y Chiarn, kyndagh rish ny tranlaasee Bible

ry-heet due, forthcoming, forward, future, pending: nee my ynrickys gansoor er my hon 'sy traa ry heet Bible

consideration (n.) frioose; geill: We have it under consideration - Ta shin cur geill da. DF idiom; leagh: He did it for a consideration - Ren eh son leagh eh. DF idiom; sursmooinaght: After due consideration - Erreish da sursmooinaght cooie. DF idiom; tastey; thort

cair (=Ir. coir) (f.) 1 privilege, property, rights, duty, righteousness a: As shoh vees cair y taggyrt veih'n pobble Bible; 2 due: Cur-jee da'n Chiarn yn onnor cair da'n Ennym echey Bible; 3 right, just: cha jean eh ny smoo ny ta cair y chur er dooinney Bible; 4 good: lhig dooin toiggal rooin hene cre ta cair Bible [O.Ir. cóir]

jeeragh (=Ir. díreach) candid, direct, downright, due, erect, fair and square, faithful, forthcoming, frank, honest, just, lineal, outright, outspoken, partly done, perfect, plumb, point-blank, right, rigid, sincere, straight, straightforward, strict, true, undeviating, unequivocal, unerring, unsophisticated, unswerving, upright: t'eh jannoo my raad jeeragh Bible [O.Ir. díriuch]


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