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druight 1 dew, dewfall, fog, steam a: lhig da'n druight ve er ooilley'n thalloo mygeayrt. Bible; 2 (on window) mist; 3 spell

Inexact matches:

druight molley honeydew

poynt druight dew point

cappan y druight lady's mantle

cur druight er fog, mist up

druight ny marrey rosemary

lus y druight (f.) sundew

dew (n.) druight; tashtey: There's a heavy dew - Ta druight trome ayn. JJK idiom

dewfall (n.) druight, tuittym druightey

mist2 (n.) (on window) druight

fog (n.) bodjal, druight, kyeoh; frough: The fog is lifting - Ta'n frough girree. DF idiom; (v.) cheet dy ve bodjallagh, cur bodjal er, cur chiuid-ching er, cur druight er, cur kay er; kay: Mountains covered in fog - Sleityn cloagit ayns kay. DF idiom; kay-vroghe

dew point (n.) poynt druight, poynt druightey

honeydew1 (n.) druight molley; mill-chay; tombaacey millish

lady's mantle (n.) cappan y druight, cass hunnag

mist1 (n.) barrag, frough, kay, sou, druight

rosemary (n.) druight ny marrey, rose ny marrey

sundew (n.) lus ny graih, lus y druight, lus yn eiyrtys

chraisht wringed, wrung: chraisht eh yn druight ass y loamrey Bible

niaughyn heavens: nee e niaughyn myrgeddin shilley neose druight Bible

heavy1 (adj.) chiu; laadagh; lajer; mooar; roauyr; torragh; trean; trome: There's a heavy dew - Ta druight trome ayn. JJK idiom; trome-horragh; tromey, trommey

mist up (v.) cheet dy ve druightagh, cheet dy ve kayeeagh, cur druight er, jannoo druightagh

spell garrey; grash; guess; lettraghey; oalys; pishag; shayll: Long spell of cold weather - Shayll liauyr jeh emshir feayr. DF idiom; tammylt; druight: The spell of the sea - Druiaght ny marrey. DF idiom

steam (v.) cur magh gaal, gaalaghey, gaal-vroie; (n.) druight; gaal: It goes by steam - T'eh gobbragh er gaal. DF idiom

ayds thine, yours: Cur-my-ner, bee yn beaghey ayds er meeaylys y thallooin, as jeh druight Niau veih'n yrjid. Bible

bineyn drops: Vel ayr ec y fliaghey? ny quoi hooar bineyn y druight Bible

chymlee (f.) (pl -yn) chimney: myr y druight moghey, ta lheïe ersooyl, myr y coau ta eebrit lesh y gheay-chassee jeh'n laare-vooie, as myr y jaagh ass y chymlee. Bible

fluigh COMPARE fliugh :1 wet: ren eh gyndyr er faiyr myr ny dew, as va e chorp fluigh lesh druight yn aer; derrey hooar eh toiggal, dy vel y Jee smoo syrjey reill ayns reeriaght deiney Bible

haie (ny) satiated: son ta my chione fluigh lesh y druight, as folt my chione lesh bineyn ny haie. Bible

meeyl (=Ir. míol, Sc.G. mial) (f.) pl. meeylyn gnat, insect, midge: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor; louse [O.Ir. míol]

meeyl ghlass (f.) aphis, greenfly: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor

meiley pl. meillaghyn bowl: chraisht eh yn druight ass y loamrey, lane meïley dy ushtey Bible

meïley bowl: chraisht eh yn druight ass y loamrey, lane meïley dy ushtey Bible

moghey (=Ir. moch) early, timely: bee ad myr bodjal y vadran, as myr y druight moghey Bible she, as mynayn niist da rou dyn chessaght ain ren ayd shuinyn achimagh, haink gy moghey gys yn yoi. PB1610

praddag (f.) pl. praddagyn caterpillar, cutworm: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor

praddaggyn caterpillars: My vees gorteysy cheer, my vees y chramp ayn, my vees blest ayn, ny druight pyshoonagh, locustyn, ny praddaggyn Bible


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