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drogh-haghyrt bad accident, disaster, mischance: Dy beagh drogh-haghyrt olk ec Sellafield, cha beagh sleih abyl cummal ayns Mannin! Carn

Inexact matches:

drogh-haghyrt graney nasty accident

drogh-haghyrt raad traffic accident

Rheynn Drogh-haghyrt as Gear-cheim Accident and Emergency Department

bad accident (n.) drogh-haghyrt

mischance (n.) drogh-haghyrt, lhag-haghyrt

nasty accident (n.) drogh-haghyrt graney

traffic accident (n.) drogh-haghyrt raad

Accident and Emergency Department (n.) Rheynn Drogh-haghyrt as Gear-cheim

disaster (n.) cragh: Disaster on disaster - Cragh er mooin cragh. DF idiom; craght, drogh-haghyrt, traartys

Cha nel fys aym I know not: Va lurgey caillt ec y chiaullteyr shoh; cha nel fys aym row eh caillt sy chaggey ny kyndagh rish drogh-haghyrt ennagh, agh aghterbee va lurgey fuygh echey. CJ

er-boayrd aboard: Vrie mee jeh Hommy cre voish hooar eh skeeal y sterrym, as dooyrt eh dy row Manninagh elley er-boayrd y 'Ben Varrey' as honnick eh yn drogh-haghyrt. Dhoor

feayree cooling: T'eh jeeaghyn dy row ad geearree feddyn magh row ad abyl jannoo fegooish y gas feayree dy jinnagh drogh-haghyrt cur orroo dooney sheese y stashoon dy doaltattym. Carn

licklaght (f.) likelihood: Ren Chernobyl soilshaghey magh dy vel y licklaght jeh drogh-haghyrt chesh-veanagh foddey ny smoo na va ny hoaylleeyn gra. Carn

pundail (f.) pinfold, pinpound, pound: hooar ad baase ayns drogh-haghyrt faggys da Lhoan Pundail ayns Skylley Stondane y hoghtoo laa Jerrey Souree. BS

ratçh2 race: V'eh marrooit ayns drogh-haghyrt ayns ratçh syn Esthoin ayns Jerrey Souree sy vlein daa veeilley. BS

roaragh cyclist: by vie lhieu clashtyn veih'n immanagh jeh gleashtan jiarg as veih daa roaragh va syn ard ec traa yn drogh-haghyrt. BS

Skyll Connaghyn (f.) Kirk Onchan: Ta shoh bentyn rish drogh-haghyrt ec Corneil Hillberry ayns Skyll Connaghyn. BS

Skylley Stondane Santan: Ta ronsaghey goll er bentyn rish drogh-haghyrt baasoil ec ynnyd-troggal IRIS ec Crogga ayns Skylley Stondane fastyr jea. BS; Kirk Santan

Skyll Maayl Kirk Michael: Haink y chooish shoh rish lurg drogh-haghyrt ayns Skyll Maayl y çhiaghtin shoh chaie, tra begin cabbyl y chur gy baase . BS

stashoon chesh-veanagh atomic power station: Mannagh vees drogh-haghyrt feer vooar cheet ayns stashoon chesh-veanagh ennagh, son shickyrys bee yn earroo dy stashoonyn chesh-veanagh sy teihll goll seose goll rish yn jouyl hene. Carn


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