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drean buigh goldcrest

drean See dreain wren: Dy tradishoonagh, va'n drean coontit dy ve ny drogh vonney. BS

Inexact matches:

drean ailey firecrest

drean aittin Dartford warbler

drean bane willow warbler

drean bwoirrin jenny wren

drean connee furze wren

drean dressagh chiff-chaff

drean eairkagh crested titmouse

drean faasaagagh bearded tit

drean mollagh crested titmouse, tomtit

drean shellee willow warbler

drean sniengan ant wren

drean ushtey rail

Drean ailey Madeiragh Madeira Firecrest

Laa'l Shelg yn Drean Boxing Day

Shelg yn Drean Hunt the Wren: Va guillyn Shelg yn Drean aynshoh noght. DF

crested titmouse (n.) drean eairkagh, drean mollagh

willow warbler (n.) drean bane, drean shellee, ushag ny shellee; kiaulleyder shellee

ant wren (n.) drean sniengan

firecrest (n.) drean ailey

furze wren (n.) drean connee

jenny wren (n.) drean bwoirrin

tomtit (n.) drean mollagh

wren (n.) dreain, drean: The Hunt the Wren Boys were here tonight - Va guillyn shelg yn Drean aynshoh noght. DF idiom

Madeira Firecrest (n.) Drean ailey Madeiragh

bearded tit (n.) drean faasaagagh; myntan faasaagagh

Boxing Day (n.) Laa'l Shelg yn Drean; Laa'l Steoin

chiff-chaff beeallerey; drean dressagh; kiaulleyder beg

Dartford warbler (n.) drean aittin; kiaulleyder aittin, kiaulleyder jiarg

goldcrest (n.) drean buigh, ushag y juys

Hunt the Wren Shelg yn Drean

rail (v.) loayrt dy holk, oltooaney, railley, loayrt dy lunagh; (n.) skelf, slat, slatt; drean ushtey

dy tradishoonagh traditionally: Dy tradishoonagh, va'n drean coontit dy ve ny drogh vonney. BS

jesheenit decorated, got up, set off: Laa'l Steaoin yn laa v'ad Shelg yn Dreean ayns Mannin as Nerin, as va ny guillyn goll mygeayrt lurg daue feddyn drean as marroo eh, as yn corp er croan jesheenit. Dhoor

Laa'l Steoin Boxing Day: Ren possanyn dy hradishoonee Vanninagh goaill soylley jeh'n chliaghtey Shelg y Drean Laa'l Steoin. BS


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