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drappal ascend, ascent, clamber, climb, climbing, mount, scale: drappal seose er ny creggyn Bible; (of plant) trail [M.E. drap]

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boalley drappal climbing wall

drappal creggey rock climbing

drappal eaynnee rock climbing

drappal neese (of garment) work up

drappal reesht re-ascend, reascend

gaddee drappal cat burglar

maarliagh drappal cat burglar

drappal lesh aaraghyn escalade

cat burglar (n.) gaddee drappal, maarliagh drappal

rock climbing (v.) drappal creggey; drappal eaynnee

climb1 ardjaghey; croghey; drappal: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; irree

clamber drappal

climbing wall (n.) boalley drappal

escalade (v.) drappal lesh aaraghyn

trail3 (v.) (of plant) drappal

reascend (v.) drappal reesht, irree reesht

re-ascend drappal reesht, irree reesht

ascent (n.) ughtagh; drappal, goll seose, irree

work up2 (v.) (of garment) drappal neese; skyrraghtyn neese

ascend1 cheet neese, girree ass; drappal: To ascend a hill - Dy ghrappal cronk. DF idiom

climbing (v.) drappal; cosney ardjid: The 'plane is climbing - Ta'n etlan cosney ardjid. DF idiom

scale (n.) aarey; crottyl; meih; scailley, scaailley; scraa; scroig; shlig; (v.) drappal; glenney; jannoo er scaailley

stiff (adj.) chionn, doillee, formoil, rag, reen, roauyr, stark; neulhoobagh: Stiff joint - Olt neulhoobagh. DF idiom; creoi: Stiff-neckedness - Creoi-wannalys. DF idiom; geyre: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; stuggagh

beinnyn peaks: T'eh geearree drappal seose ny beinnyn syrjey ayns gagh nane jeh ny shiaght mooar-rheynnyn sy teihll. BS

boallaghyn bulwarks, walls: Ta trushtey dy-liooar roshtyn Albin trooid ny jystyn ta snaue ass ny chamryn-aarlee as drappal seose ny boallaghyn. Carn

Bwoaillee ny Geyrragh Sheep Fold: Eshyn nagh vel goll stiagh er y dorrys ayns bwoaillee ny geyrragh, agh ta drappal seose er aght ennagh elley, teh shen ny vaarliagh as ny roosteyr. Bible

harree over her: Dod Shoanie clamberagh harree gyn boirey erbee, agh haink beggan dy ghoilleeid er y duchess jannoo drappal urree as fy yerrey dooyrt ee, "Nee trooid y chleigh ta mee nish? GB

kiarkylagh circular: Agh v'eh orrym drappal seose reesht, shaghey yn shenn woaillee kiarkylagh as Sniaul hene dys Park ny Eairkan. Dhoor

skeaylley magh extend, put down, set down, spread out, untuck: Drappal er yn 'aal, cassaghey as skeaylley magh, geiyrt er y ghrian. Dhoor

mount (n.) cabbyl, slieau; crongan, cronk; shasstan; slieau: The Sermon on the Mount - Yn Sharmane er y Clieau. DF idiom; (v.) drappal; festal; goll er mooin: To mount a horse - Dy gholl er mooin cabbyl. DF idiom; goll seose, cur seose; lheim er mooin; lheimyragh er mooin; mooadaghey; soie

heise elevator; hoist: Tra va shin shooyl er ash thie va "Kione Doo" shirrey "heise" y chur da Caesar tra v'eh drappal harrish cleigh ennagh LTQ; lift: Va Mnr Jumbo gee e chirbyl ec yn thie bee, fuirraghtyn er Noddee dy heet as cur heise da. Dhoor


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