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drag carriads kiare cabbil; gobbragh lhieen screebee; gobbragh sleayd varrey; goll dy dree; goll dy moal; lhiettrimys; sleayd screebee; sleaydey; sthroogey; tayrn: Drag it here - Tayrn eh dys shoh. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

drag along (v.) sleaydey lesh; tayrn lesh

drag away (v.) tayrn ersooyl

drag bar (n.) barr tayrnee

drag down (v.) tayrn sheese

drag net (n.) lhieen screebee

drag on (v.) goll dy dree; goll dy moal

drag out (v.) tayrn magh

drag up (v.) tayrn neese

Drag Way (n.) Draght

barr tayrnee drag bar

carriads kiare cabbil drag

Draght Drag Way

gobbragh lhieen screebee drag

gobbragh sleayd varrey drag

goll dy dree drag, drag on: Agh ec y traa t'ayn, by vie leshyn dy beagh olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed goaill ymmyd jeh ny votyn oc syn ynnyd jeh lhiggey da'n chooish goll dy dree. BS

goll dy moal backpedal, drag, drag on: Ga dy vel cooishyn er ve goll dy moal bentyn rish coadey'n chymmyltaght sy Vritaan, ta 22 ynnyd mwyljyn-geayee ayns shen ry hoi giennaghtyn lectraghys. Carn

sleaydey lesh drag along

sleayd screebee (f.) drag

tayrn sheese drag down

drag-link (n.) stholt

stholt drag-link

tayrn lesh drag along, entail

lhieen screebee drag net, dredge net

sthroogey drag: T'eh sthroogey ny cassyn echey. DF

tayrn neese drag up, draw up, pull up, slip on

lhiettrimys 1 bafflement, ban, constriction, disqualification, drag, drawback, handicap, hang up, hazard, hindrance, hold up, impediment, injunction, jam, obstacle, prevention, sanction, victimization a: Hug ad lhiettrimys er y villey ayns Tinvaal. DF; 2 (hindrance) balk; 3 (obstruction) bar

tayrn ersooyl drag away, draw away: Dooyrt fer-ynsee dooin, 'Ec yn eash shoh, bee paart jeh ny paitchyn va troggit myr Gaelgeyryn tayrn ersooyl voish y Ghaelg oc rish blein ny jees ansherbee;shen yn aght lesh jeigeyryn. Dhoor

tayrn magh 1 drag out, draw out, elicit, evoke, extract, extraction, pluck out, pull out, rip out, withdrawal a: Tayrn magh y shleiy Bible; 2 (as money) withdraw

sleaydey drag, draggle, draw along, dredge, dredging, sledge, sleigh, trail: As haink eh dy valley yn laa er-giyn sleaydey cosh lurg cosh lesh neeal grouw as cha crosh as tessyn as daa vaidjey, lesh e ghaa ghroym er e ghreeym GB

tayrn (=Ir. tarraing) 1 carry, carrying, cart, describe, designing, draft, drag, draw along, drawing, get out, haul, haulage, heave, hitch, pluck, pull, pulling, quartering, suction, tow, towing, trace, tracing, trawl, tugging, yank; 2 draw a: Cre'n-fa t'ou tayrn back dty laue Bible; 3 attract: t'eh tayrn trimshey er hene Bible; 4 induce, lure: dy chooilley nhee ta tayrn sleih gys peccah Bible; 5 traction; 6 (of tea) brew; 7 (as barrel) tap; 8 pl. tayrnyn tug; 9 catching


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