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dow pl. dew ox: t'ad goaill dow yn ven-treoghe son gioal. Bible; hart, stag

Inexact matches:

arbyl dow oxtail

dow beeyt fatted ox

dow beiyht fatted ox

dow dronnagh zebu

dow jiarg stag of red deer

famman dow oxtail

dow oaldey ushtey water buffalo

feill y dow flesh of the bullock: Agh feill y dow, as e heh, as e eoylley, nee oo lostey lesh aile cheu-mooie jeh'n champ; te ny oural-peccah. Bible

kione y dow bullock's head: ver eh e laue er kione y dow, as nee eh marroo yn dow fenish y Chiarn. Bible

fatted ox (n.) dow beeyt; dow beiyht

oxtail (n.) arbyl dow, famman dow

stag (n.) charroo; dow: Stag of red deer - Dow jiarg. DF idiom; feeaih firryn; tarroo-feeaih

ox (n.) dow: The black ox never trod on his (own) foot - Cha stamp rieau yn dow doo er e chass. JJK idiom

zebu (n.) dow dronnagh, sheaboo

bullock's head (n.) kione y dow

hart (n.) dow, feeaih; feeaih firryn

musk ox (n.) musk-dow

water buffalo (n.) dow oaldey ushtey

musk-dow musk ox

flesh of the bullock (n.) feill y dow

stag of red deer (n.) dow jiarg

fatted (v.) beeit, beeyit, beiyt, beiyht; beeyt: Fatted ox - Dow beeyt. DF idiom

beïyn beasts: Dy chooilley cheyrrey as dow: as myrgeddyn beïyn y vagher Bible

chamois chamois: y pygarg, yn dow feïe, as y chamois Bible

coonlagh (f.) bedding, haulm, straw: nee yn lion gee coonlagh myr y dow Bible

geddyn aarloo prepare: tra t'ou geddyn aarloo dow son chebbal-losht Bible

marragh slew: Ta eshyn ta marroo dow myr dy marragh eh dooinney Bible

myrgeddyn item: Dy chooilley cheyrrey as dow: as myrgeddyn beiyn y vagher Bible

neuoayllagh unacquainted, unusual: va mee smaghtit, myr dow neuoayllagh er y whing Bible

atonement (n.) lhiasagh; lhiasaghey: thou shalt offer every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement - nee oo chebbal dagh laa dow son oural-peccah, son lhiasaghey Bible; lhiasaght

gore2 (v.) (of bull) raip, raipey, seiy; puttey: If an ox gore a man or a woman, that they die - As my nee dow puttey dooinney ny ben, as eh oyr baaish daue bible

I will dress aarlyms: and I will dress the other bullock - as aarlyms y dow elley Bible

manservant (n.) fer mooinjerey: If the ox shall push a manservant or a maidservant - My phuttys y dow fe-rmooinjerey, ny inney-veyl Bible

on the left side er y cheu chiare: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side - as vec y chiare eddin dow er y cheu chiare Bible; er y cheu hoshtal

stamp builley coshey; clouag; cowrey; stamp: The black ox never trod on his (own) foot - Cha stamp rieau yn dow doo er e chass. JJK idiom; (v.) cowraghey, cur clouag er, inganey, stampey

aarlym's I will prepare: as aarlym's y dow elley, as ver-ym eh ny lhie er y fuygh, as cha derym veg yn aile fo. Bible

bert (=Ir. bar) laid, layed; born: Ta ooilley yn chied-ruggit lhiam's, as dy chooilley chied-bert mastey dty vaase edyr eh ve dow, ny keyrrey, ta fyrryn. Bible

cratch 1 crib, manger a: Shione da'n dow yn er s'liesh eh, as yn assyl cratch e vainshtyr Bible; 2 (f.) rack

eeh (f.) fat, hives, nettle rash, urticaria: Eeh dow, ny keyrrey, ny goayr, cha jean shiu gee Bible

goaill jeh bring off, draw off, take off: nee eh goaill jeh fuill y dow, as jeh fuill y ghoayr, as shen y choyrt er eairkyn yn altar ooilley mygeayrt. Bible; expropriation; mime

gyn coodagh 1 undraped, unscreened; 2 without cover a: my chleiys dooinney ooig, as gyn coodaghchur er, as my huittys dow ny assyl ayn Bible

gyn lheamys spotless, unblemished: Gow un dow aeg, as daa rea gyn lheamys Bible

gyn veg naught: lhig daue dow y reih daue hene, as giarey eh ayns peeshyn, as cur eh ny lhie er y fuygh, as gyn veg yn aile y chur fo Bible

kione moddey dog's head: Ta eshyn ta marroo dow myr dy marragh eh dooinney; eshyn ta ouralley eayn, myr eshyn ta chebbal kione moddey Bible

omer 1 omer a: three omeryn son dow, as daa omer son rea Bible; 2 (Heb.) sheaf of barley

omeryn omers: As three omeryn dy flooyr, son oural-arran, mestit lesh ooil, son un dow Bible

Perick Paddy, Patrick: Laa'l Perick arree, y dow gys e staik as y dooinney gys e lhiabbee BS

puttagh push: Agh my va'n dow puttagh roïe, as fys ec yn oaner er Bible

raad-vooar (f.) highway, highroad: Cha jean oo fakin assyl ny dow dty vraarey ny lhie 'sy raad-vooar Bible

sheh (f.) pl. shehghyn fur, hide, pelt, skin: As sheh yn dow, as ooilley yn eill echey Bible

unicornyn unicorns: Tan aalid echey myr y reih dow aeg as ta e eairkyn myr eairkyn ny unicornyn Bible

black1 doo: The black ox never trod on his (own) foot - Cha stamp rieau yn dow doo er e chass. JJK idiom; ghoo: in the black and dark night - ayns fastyr yn oie ghoo ghorraghey Bible; gorrym; dooey; (v.) dooghey, dullyraghey; gobbal


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