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dooney (=Ir. dúnadh) barricade, block, button up, cadence, clench, close, closure, filling, imprisonment, lay siege, occlude, occlusion, secure, shut, shut down, stop up, swing: haink eh gy-kione mysh traa dooney ny giattey Bible; shutting; closing

Inexact matches:

dooney braagyn lacing up

dooney brisht interrupted cadence

dooney magh exclude, ostracize, seclude: t'eh dooney magh my phadjer. Bible; ostracism

dooney neose shut down

dooney stiagh close in, confine, confinement, shut up; closing in: T'eh dooney stiagh ec Runnysvaie. DF

dooney lesh claghyn wall up

dooney lesh treinaghyn nail up

dooney sooillyn da cold shoulder

dooney yn Doonee Sunday closing

dooney yn slattag switch off

Knock y Dooney Sunday Hill

shut down (v.) dooney; dooney neose

shutting (v.) jeigh; dooney: The shop is shutting down tomorrow - Ta'n shapp dooney mairagh. DF idiom

button up (v.) dooney

cadence1 (n.) dooney

clench (v.) chionney; dooney

closing doonee: Closing time! - Traa doonee! DF idiom; jeigh; jerree; jerrey; jerrinagh; kione; dooney: It's a pity that the old family businesses are closing - S'bastagh dy vel ny shenn happyn lught thie dooney sheese. DF idiom

closure dooney; jerrey

interrupted cadence (n.) dooney brisht

lay siege (v.) dooney

occlude (v.) dooney

occlusion dooney

ostracism (n.) dooney magh

ostracize (v.) dooney magh

seclude (v.) dooney magh

shut up (v.) dooney stiagh

stop up (v.) calkey, dooney

cold shoulder (v.) dooney sooillyn da

nail up (v.) dooney lesh treinaghyn

Sunday closing (n.) dooney yn Doonee

Sunday Hill (n.) Knock y Dooney

wall up (v.) dooney lesh claghyn

close in (v.) dooney stiagh, jeigh stiagh

confine (v.) cagliagh, dooney stiagh, jeigh seose, pryssoonaghey

confinement (n.) cagliaghey, dooney stiagh, lhie hoalley

lacing up (v.) dooney braagyn; kiangley braagyn

barricade (n.) creagh fendeilagh; (v.) cur creagh fendeilagh er, dooney, troggal creagh fendeilagh

exclude (v.) dooin magh; dooney magh; faagail mooie; giarrey magh; jiooldey

block1 block, glack, glout, jeenysal, kiap; cur lhiettrimys er: They tried to block the bill in Tynwald - Hug ad lhiettrimys er y villey ayns Tinvaal. DF idiom; dooney; tarmestey

filling (v.) dooney; lughtaghey; pronney; taah; lhieeney: He is filling the house with trouble - T'eh lhieeney yn thie lesh boirey. DF idiom

imprisonment (n.) carchyr; dooney; pryssoonaght: Serve a sentence of imprisonment - Deyrsnys pryssoonaght y chur stiagh. DF idiom; pryssoonys

scallop (n.) camoge, craghan, scolb; roagan: The scallop closed itself - Ren y roagan dooney. DF idiom; (v.) giarrey ayns camogeyn, scolbey; gaaig

secure dooney; glassey; jannoo shickyr; kiangley; sauchey; shickyr: His position is none too secure - Cha nel eh soit ro hickyr er chor erbee. DF idiom; shickyraghey; urrysagh

shut dooney; jeigh: How can you shut the door in your friend's face? - Kys vod oo jeigh yn dorrys ayns eddin dty charrey? JJK idiom; doont, dooint, jeight; dooin, doon; ghooin, ghooïn; yeigh

swing (v.) cassey, croghey, dooney, lunjeaney; leaystey: To swing to and fro - Dy leaystey noon as noal. DF idiom; (n.) leayst-chiaull; leaystane, lunjean, builley geaylin

switch off (v.) dooney yn slattag, mooghey; moogh: Switch off the light - Moogh yn soilshey. DF idiom

adder bouyr deaf adder: T'ad cha nieunagh as pyshoon ard-nieu: dy jarroo myr yn adder bouyr ta dooney ny cleayshyn eck Bible

chimlee smoke stack, stack: Myr shen ren eh jeigh yn dorrys as dooney yn chimlee. Coraa

dooblagh duplicate: She, my hiaght mynney mollaght er ughtar yn liggar t'eh dooney my hooillyn as dooblagh yn raad GB

feayree cooling: T'eh jeeaghyn dy row ad geearree feddyn magh row ad abyl jannoo fegooish y gas feayree dy jinnagh drogh-haghyrt cur orroo dooney sheese y stashoon dy doaltattym. Carn

gialdynagh hopeful, promising: v'ad sheiltyn dy row Christie dooney yn dorrys smoo gialdynagh ayns nyn eddinyn. Carn

moghrey jiu this morning: V'ad kiarail dooney ny raaidyn ec jeih er y chlag moghrey jiu as fosley ad ec queig er y chlag, my va gagh red goll dy mie. BS

close1 breen: It's very close - T'eh feer vreen. JJK idiom; chion: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dooint, dooney; close; dooin; doont; faggys da; gloo; jeigh; jerrey; kione; plooghit; tayrn cooidjagh; faggys

gib beaks, nebs, nibs: Cha jean y lhied dy bragh dooney ny gib jeh ny kimmee ta foast geearree cur ny Yernee fo chosh. Carn; headlands: Er cassanyn camstram, as gib ny creggyn creoie Haink eh er eaghtyr sollyssagh ny logh. Dhoor

gob pl. gib 1 apex, headland, hook, jet, jut, nose, nosepiece, pee of anchor, point, prominence, promontory, spit a: Ec gob y cheiy. DF; 2 beak, lip of jug, nib, spout; 3 mouth, muzzle: phrow rheynn ny croutyn sollagh dy dooney yn gob echey. Carn; 4 (of ship) bow


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