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dooghys (f.) heredity, instinct, kind, kindness, nation, nature, quality, race, sex, species, temper, temperament: y dooghys oc myr dooghys cabbil Bible

Inexact matches:

balley dooghys home town

cairys dooghys birthright

dooghys aalin fair sex

dooghys cretooragh animal nature

dooghys deiney human nature

dooghys firryn masculine gender

erskyn dooghys supernatural: V'eh dy kinjagh ginsh dooin skeealyn mychione ny scaanjoonyn, ny mraane obbee, fir obbee, bugganeyn, drogh-spyrrydyn as ymmodee reddyn elley erskyn dooghys. CJ

'sy dooghys heritable

dooghys ny foalley carnality: As ghow yn Goo er dooghys ny foalley, as ren eh baghey nyn mast' ain Bible

erskyn dooghys deiney superhuman

goaill dooghys ny foalley incarnation

moddey ass dooghys mongrel

Treisht Vanninagh y Dooghys Feie (f.) Manx Wildlife Trust

Cassan Cronnee Dooghys Feie Thie Tashtee Vannin Manx Museum Natural History Discovery Trail; Manx Museum Wildlife Discovery Trail

Sheshaght son Tushtey Dooghys as Graihderyn Shenn Reddyn Ellan Vannin (f.) Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society

animal nature (n.) dooghys cretooragh

heredity (n.) dooghys

home town (n.) balley dooghys

masculine gender (n.) dooghys firryn

nature (n.) dooilliu, raght; najoor: Subject to the laws of nature - Fo reir leighaghyn najoor. DF idiom; dooghys: The nature of fish is to swim - She dooghys eeast eh dy snaue. DF idiom

temper1 covestey; dooghys; tempreil

temperament (n.) dooghys, reajaght

Dooghys-Jee Godhead: cha lhisagh shin smooinaghtyn dy vel y Dooghys-Jee goll-rish airh Bible

feill assylyn flesh of asses: Son va'n aigney eck soit er e graihderyn, yn eill oc ta myr feill assylyn, as y dooghys oc myr dooghys cabbil. Bible

graihderyn lovers: Son va'n aigney eck soit er e graihderyn, yn eill oc ta myr feill assylyn, as y dooghys oc myr dooghys cabbil. Bible

carnality (n.) dooghys ny foalley; foalleeaght

fair sex (n.) mraane, dooghys aalin

Godhead (n.) Jeeaght; Dooghys-Jee

heritable (adj.) dooghyssagh, 'sy dooghys, yn-eiraghtagh

human nature (n.) dooghys deiney; dooinnalys

supernatural (adj., n.) erskyn dooghys, neughooghyssagh, quaagh

incarnation (n.) corpoilys-foalley; goaill dooghys ny foalley, goaill foalley

instinct (n.) baan; beoyn; dooghys; najoor; oalys

kindness (n.) foayr, keainid, kenjallys, dooghys; chymmey

mongrel (n.) aalagh-vestit; mestit; moddey ass dooghys; moddey lieh-ghooghys

superhuman (adj.) erskyn deiney; erskyn dooghys deiney

Manx Museum Natural History Discovery Trail (n.) Cassan Cronnee Dooghys Feie Thie Tashtee Vannin

Manx Museum Wildlife Discovery Trail (n.) Cassan Cronnee Dooghys Feie Thie Tashtee Vannin

Manx Wildlife Trust (n.) Treisht Bea Feie Vannin, Treisht Vanninagh y Dooghys Feie

foalley (gen.) COMPARE folley of flesh, sensual: lurg yn dooghys foalley, Bible; carnal

Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society (n.) Sheshaght son Tushtey Dooghys as Graihderyn Shenn Reddyn Ellan Vannin

kind dooghys; dooie: A kind heart is better than a crafty head - Ta cree dooie ny share na kione croutagh. JJK idiom; keint; kynney; sorch: What kind of escapement has it? - Cre'n sorch dy headan t'echey? JJK idiom

nation (n.) ashoon: What nation do these travellers belong to? - Cre'n ashoon ta ny troailtee shoh bentyn da? JJK idiom; dooghys

quality dooghys; foaynooagh; foays: Heating quality of turf - Foays chioee dy voain. DF idiom; quallid

sex chibbag, jibbag; dooghys; (n.) keintys: The opposite sex - Yn keintys elley. DF idiom

castit censored, defeated, deterred, inhibited, overcome, quenched, repressed, restrained, suspended: cha vel y dooghys shoh dy ve castit Bible

dolteynys adoption, wardship: Ta shoh enmyssit dolteynys, liorish ta shickyrys ayd d y jean Jee er son graih Chreest mee-reiltys y dooghys ayd y lhiggey shaghey CS

drogh-choardail conspire: Boirey shee deiney mie, jarrood thurnyn dooie, tayrn anmeenyn fo peccah, caghlaa dooghys, drogh-choardail 'sy stayd-phoosee, brishey-poosey, as neu- ghlennid gyn-nearey. Apoc

feer chreoi adamantine, very hard: Vraaraghyn dooie, marym's t'er surranse jiu tooilleil as pian da'n dooghys ain feer chreoi PC

grouw dark, dark-looking, dejected, dismal, forbidding, ghastly, gloomy, glum, grim, surly: yn dooghys mie ny smessey ren caghlaa, yn ghrian daase grouw, tayrn dullyr er y laa. PC

neuvaghtal abstruse, imperceptible, inconspicuous, indistinct, unobvious, vague: T'eh credjal dy vel dooghys yn eddyr-voggyl jannoo neuvaghtal y linney eddyr lhiettal fysseree as y cairys ec sleih dy gheddyn briwnys cair ayns cooish-leigh. BS

oghyr (f.) berry; roe, spawn: Ta cooid dy yeeastyn bishagh liorish spawn, oghyr as molg, as jeu cooid elley t'ayn, myr eeanlee, breh nyn ooh 'sy gheinnagh heh, as voue shen cheet yn dooghys t'ad hene jeh. PC; ochre

poseenyn posies: banglaneyn aalin gaase ard er nyn skyn, feeit trooid y cheilley 's ooilley glass veih'n vun; poseenyn millish as dagh dooghys blaa fordrail nyn eunys chammah oie as laa PC

s'cooidsave lesh deign: Son scooidsave lesh yn Ayr, dy jinnagh slane towse y dooghys flaunyssagh cummal aynsyn Bible

smooinaghtyn er consider, contemplate, envisage, think about: Vod dooghys neu-ghlen smooinaghtyn er toilçhin gloyr as ooashley as ve dy bragh bio? CS

soailtee effeminate: ny adsyn ta brishey-poosey, ny ny soailtee, ny adsyn ta cur rish peccah noi dooghys Bible

veih'n fraue fundamentally: Va bun yn choloayrtys ain dy row eh boirit dy row bing ny fainaghyn cur magh fainaghyn myr v'ad taffeeyn, as va dooghys y Ghaelg loayrit caghlaait veih'n fraue. Dhoor

yeeassit borrowed, lent, seconded: myr eayst yial, er y voall ny er y scrah, yn dooghys nagh vel gial, foast lesh yn soilshey yeeassit ta aynjee, ayns kiartys corrym t'ee reill reeriaght ny h-oie. PC

birthright (n.) cairys dooghys; cairys eiraght: his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph - his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph Bible; eiraght, kiartys eiraght; eiraght: And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright. - As dooyrt Jacob, Creck rhym jiu dty eiraght Bible

race (n.) area, arey, clash, race, stroo; dooghys, reis; ratch, ratçh: Leading car in a race - Gleashtan toshee ayns ratch. DF idiom; roie: His race is run - Ta'n roie echey roit. DF idiom; kynney: The human race - Yn kynney deiney. DF idiom; sluight: He comes from a long race of seafaring men - Marrinnee va'n sluight echey er dy rieau. DF idiom; fraue; (v.) ratchal, roie ratch

species (n.) dooghys, kynney, sorch; dooie: The bird is like his species if there's down on his head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vees clooie er e chione. DF idiom; keint: Two trees of like species - Daa villey jeh keint cosoylagh. DF idiom


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