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domestic mooinjerey; thie: Domestic goose - Guiy thie. DF idiom; thieoil; thieoilagh

Inexact matches:

Domestic Appliances (npl.) Greienyn Thie

domestic chicken (n.) eean kirkey

domestic customers (npl.) custymeyryn thieoil

domestic economy (n.) banisthie, farrys-thie

domestic female (n.) caillin thie

domestic finances (npl.) cooishyn argidoil sthie

domestic goose (n.) guiy thie

domestic servant (n.) thieoilagh

domestic service (n.) mooinjerys, shirveishaght

gross domestic product (n.) lane troar sthie, LTS

thieoilagh domestic; domestic servant

banisthie domestic economy, housewifery

custymeyryn thieoil domestic customers

eean kirkey domestic chicken

Greienyn Thie Domestic Appliances

guiy thie domestic goose

caillin thie domestic female, housemaid

cooishyn argidoil sthie domestic finances

shirveishaght (f.) administration, domestic service, ministry

GDP (n.) = gross domestic product LTS, lane troar sthie

LTS See lane troar sthie GDP, gross domestic product

mooinjerey domestic; of people: braaragh yn as deiney mooinjerey, as caarjyn Bible

farrys-thie domestic economy, economy, management, husbandry: Ta nyn saie beaghey ayns farrysthie ny boghtyn Bible; ploughing, tillage

lane troar sthie gross domestic product, GDP: T'eh jerkal dy bee ny symmyn bleinoil kianlt gys y Lane Troar Sthie tra vees ad roshtyn eh. BS

mooinjerys (f.) blood relationship, connection, consanguinity, domestic service, kinship: As dooyrt Naomi r'ee, Ta'n dooinney faggys mooinjerys dooin, fer jeh nyn gynney sniessey. Bible

thie (=Ir. teach, Sc. taigh) pl. thieyn building, habitation, home, house, indoor, residence, residency: Cha der oo saynt da thie dty naboo CS; homeward; domestic

thieoil domestic, homely: dy gheddyn gerjaghyn thieoil reesht as lhiabbee bog as aashagh dy chadley ayn. JG


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