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doillee (=Ir. doiligh) difficult, hard, stiff, ticklish, uphill: Ta'n clagh trome, as ta'n genniagh errey doillee dy ymmyrkey Bible

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doillee eabbey trying

feer doillee Herculean, very difficult: As shohn oyr ta berçhys cha danjeyragh dy vel Yeesey Creest er hoilshagh dy vel eh feer doillee son dooinney berçhagh dy ve ny Chreestee vie CS

doillee cur ennym er indefinable

red beg doillee (task) toughish

very difficult (adj.) feer doillee: The algebra lesson is very difficult - Ta'n lessoon algebra feer doillee. JJK idiom; feer ghoillee

difficult (adj.) condragh, creoi; doillee: It's a difficult undertaking, you won't succeed in it - Bee eh doillee diu dy ghoaill ayns laue, cha jig eh lhiu. JJK idiom; doccar, mooar, neuaashagh, noi-vreihagh, trome; (pref.) do-

ticklish (adj.) cast; doillee; kicklagh

toughish2 (task) red beg doillee

doillee-hoiggal mysterious

Herculean (adj.) feer danjeyragh, feer doccaragh, feer doillee

indefinable (adj.) do-ennymagh, do-heoragh, doillee cur ennym er, neuenmyssagh

mysterious (adj.) folliaghtagh; doillee-hoiggal, dorraghey, dullyr, druiaghtagh

er troailt childbirth, travailing: huit Rachel er troailt, doillee dy ve livreit. Bible

author (n.) bun; jatter; ughtar: This author's style is difficult - Ta mod yn ughtar shoh doillee JJK idiom

hard creoi: To-morrow we shall have hard frost - Bee rio creoi ain mairagh. JJK idiom; doccaragh; doillee; dy creoi, dy lajer; dy trome; geyre; lajer; reen; trome

problem (n.) crampys; cront; doilleeid: The housing problem - Doilleeid y thieys. DF idiom; feysht: The problem is ever so difficult - Ta'n feysht cha doillee as vaik oo rieau. DF idiom; keisht

stiff (adj.) chionn, doillee, formoil, rag, reen, roauyr, stark; neulhoobagh: Stiff joint - Olt neulhoobagh. DF idiom; creoi: Stiff-neckedness - Creoi-wannalys. DF idiom; geyre: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; stuggagh

style aght: He has a free style - Ta aght rey echey. DF idiom; birran, snaid; enmys; jannoo; mod: This author's style is difficult - Ta mod yn ughtar shoh doillee JJK idiom

trying doillee eabbey; prowal fidraghtyn; geabbey: I am trying! - Ta mee geabbey! DF idiom; cur eab er: He was trying to do it - V'eh cur eab er. DF idiom

uphill doccaragh, doillee, tooilleilagh; seose yn chronk; seose yn ughtagh: To go uphill - Dy gholl seose yn ughtagh. DF idiom

arraghey-chengey language shift: ta Fishman screeu dy vel eh doillee agglagh dy chur ergooyl arraghey-chengey. Carn

chengey yoarree (f.) strange speech: Son cha vel oo er dty choyrt gys pobble jeh chengey yoarree, ny jeh glare doillee Bible

er chee geddyn baase fey; about to die: Screeu eshyn: 'T'eh doillee son dooinney dy yannoo e chooid share ayns chengey ta sheiltyn dy ve er chee geddyn baase roish y dooinney hene'. Carn

erraghyn tromey heavy burdens: Son t'ad kiangley erraghyn tromey as doillee dy ve er nyn ymmyrkey, as dyn goyrt ad er geayltyn deiney, agh cha lhie ad hene wheesh mair roo dy hroggal ad. Bible

faaishnaghey conjure, forebode, forecast, foretell, predict: As t'eh faaishnaghey dy bee eh doillee dy chur y billey trooid keim ny h-oltyn - ta ymmodee seshoonyn ceaut hannah cur eh trooid keim y nah lhaihys. BS

geddyn baase roish predecease: Screeu eshyn: 'T'eh doillee son dooinney dy yannoo e chooid share ayns chengey ta sheiltyn dy ve er chee geddyn baase roish y dooinney hene'. Carn

Goal (f.) Britain, Gaul: Cha nel eh cho doillee as v'eh dy chur er reiltys ny Goal yn eeastagh-skeddan y lhiettal ayns Mooir ny hErin. Carn; (person) Gaul; foreigner, lowlander

immyr (f.) pl. imraghyn bed, butt, ridge: Immyr ta doillee dy hraaue. DF; headland; shelf under water

neuyantagh impossible: Gyn ourys, bee eh lane doillee, agh ta mee g'obbal credjal dy vel eh neuyantagh. Carn

reise rice: Va mee cosney argid as oddins kionnaghey reise as stoo elley voish yn shapp agh v'eh feer doillee dauesyn va baghey ayns y cheer. Dhoor

roshtyn attain, reach, accede, accession, arrival, arrive, arriving, come within, reaching: T'ad fadaneagh as doillee dy roshtyn. Carn

strimmey na outweigh: Ta'n clagh trome, as ta'n genniagh errey doillee dy ymmyrkey: agh ta farg yn ommydan ny strimmey na ad ny-neesht. Bible

lheanaghey1 beat out, branch out, broadening, dilate, dilation, expand, expansion, extend, extension, flare, flatten, sprain, widen, widening: Va currym doillee son fer-erbee va cheet ny joarree dys yn Ellan, as hug ny staydyn anreiltagh er lheanaghey yn scoltey eddyr Agglish as Steat. Coraa; (as chasm) yawn


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