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doghan pl. doghanyn ailment, bug, complaint, disease, disorder, infection, sickness: Nee'n Chiarn uss y woalley lesh doghan gyn-lheihys Bible; indisposition

Inexact matches:

doghan craue bone disease

doghan feh cramp

doghan inchyn brain disease

doghan ollee cattle disease

doghan snaa filanders

doghan trome sore disease, sore sickness: Son ta my veeaghyn lhieent lesh doghan trome: as cha vel ayrn erbee slane ayns my chorp. Bible

ymmyrkagh doghan (disease) carrier

doghan ny heayst lunacy

ailment (n.) aslaynt, crem, doghan

bone disease (n.) doghan craue

brain disease (n.) doghan inchyn

complaint (n.) accan: Lay a complaint - Accan y chur stiagh. DF idiom; plaiynt; doghan: What is her complaint ? - Cre'n doghan t'eck? JJK idiom

filanders doghan snaa; snaiean

infection (n.) doghan

sickness (n.) doghan, aacheoid

sore disease (n.) doghan trome

sore sickness (n.) doghan trome

disease1 (n.) asslaynt, chingys, doghaney, gorley; aacheoid; doghan: My aunt has been ill for some time; she suffers from a disease the cause of which is unknown - Ta my naunt er ve rish tammylt beg; t'ee surral lesh doghan, nagh nhione daue yn oyr jeh. JJK idiom

bug1 (n.) carthan; doghan; freetch; (v.) buggal, cur eaishteyder ayn

carrier1 (n.) erreyder, fer carriads, mean; (disease) ymmyrkagh doghan

cattle disease (n.) chingys ollee, doghan ollee

lunacy (n.) ard-ommidjys; chingys ny heayst; doghan ny heayst

cramp1 (n.) arkfeh, doghan feh, kyrloghid; (v.) crampey; cur arkfeh da

indisposition (n.) aslaynt, lag-laynt, lhiastid; eighid, doghan, asslaynt, chingys, neuarryltys

baasoil deadly, deathlike, fatal: lesh doghan baasoil ver eh mee naardey Bible

roie folley bleed, bleeding, haemorrhage: dagh unnane ta fo doghan roie folley Bible

cause (n.) cooish, fa, resoon; oyr: She suffers from a disease the cause of which is unknown - T'ee surral lesh doghan, nagh nhione daue yn oyr jeh. JJK idiom

look on (v.) jeeaghyn er: And the priest shall look on the plague in the skin of the flesh - As neen saggyrt jeeaghyn er y doghan, ayns crackan yn eill Bible

dorraghys doo pitch darkness: Son doghan inneen my phobble ta mee doghanit; ta mee 'sy dorraghys doo; ta atchim er my ghreimmey. Bible

er lhiam (=Ir. dàr liom) in my opinion, I presume, it seems to me, I suppose, I think, methinks: Er-lhiam dy vel caslys y doghan dy louraanys ayns y thie

Gow tastey (impv) Note, Take heed: Gow tastey, ayns doghan dy louraanys, dy jean oo dy kiaralagh lurg ooilley ny nee ny saggyrtyn ny Leviteyn gynsaghey dhyt Bible

loihrey (f.) leprosy: cur-my-ner, my ta doghan yn loihrey er ny lheihys ayns y lourane Bible

lourane pl. louranee, louranyn leper: my ta doghan yn loihrey er ny lheihys ayns y lourane Bible

tushtey cooie true knowledge: Cha vel doghan erbee sdangeyragh na dy ve fegooish tushtey cooie. EF

disorder (n.) asslaynt, chingys, doghan, meereiltys, meeoardyr; (v.) cur bun ry-baare, cur bun ry-skyn, jannoo asslayntagh; mee-reiltys; bun ry baare: The place was in disorder - Va'n boayl bun ry-baare. DF idiom; fud y cheilley: They fled in disorder - Hea ad fud y cheilley. DF idiom

her (pron) eck: What is her complaint? - Cre'n doghan t'eck? JJK idiom; (emph.) ecksh: My sister will give me hers - Ver my huyr y fer ecksh dou. JJK idiom; ee: Perhaps we shall see her to-morrow - Foddee dy vaikmayd ee mairagh. JJK idiom; e: She died the day after her marriage - Hooar ee baase yn laa lurg e poosey. JJK idiom; ee hene: She has hidden herself behind the arbour - T'ee er n'ollaghey ee hene cooyl y waag-gharey. JJK idiom; (emph.) ish

incurable (adj.) neuchouyralagh, neulheihysagh, neuslayntoil; gyn couyr: For her wound is incurable - Son tan lhott eck gyn couyr Bible; gyn lheihys: the Lord smote him in his bowels with an incurable disease - woaill y Chiarn ehsy volg lesh doghan gyn-lheihys Bible

S'doogh lhiam (intj) I am sorry, Woe is me, Woe: Va mee ro aeg dy hoiggal c'red va goll er, agh shimmey keayrt car ny bleeantyn er-giyn, veagh m'ayr ching 'sy lhiabbee, as s'doogh lhiam gra hooar eh baase ec shiaght bleeaney as da'eed dy eash lesh y doghan-aarey JG


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