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doardee See oardee commanded, ordered: Shoh doardee yn Chiarn dy ver ny choyrt daue Bible; bid; appointed; ordained

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ordained oarderit; oardit; doardee: And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eighth month - As doardee Jeroboam feailley er yn hoghtoo vee Bible

ordered oarderit, oardit; doardee

commanded doardee: And I commanded Joshua at that time - As doardee mee Joshua ec y traa shen Bible; goardail: And the congregation sent thither twelve thousand men of the valiantest, and commanded them - As hug y cheshaght nyn daa housane jeig jeh ny deiney sdunnal, goardail daue; haree: They commanded - Haree ad. DF idiom; oardit: and I did in the morning as I was commanded - as ren meesy voghrey myr ve oardit dou Bible; oardrit; hug currym er: And he commanded them - As hug eh currym orroo Bible

centurion centurion: doardee eh centurion kiarail y ghoaill jeh Paul Bible

porter porter: doardee eh da'n porter dy reayll arrey

scuitchit lashed: doardee eh eh dy ve scuitchit Bible

stroshee most mighty, mightiest: doardee eh ny deiney stroshee v'ayns e heshaght-chaggee Bible

troshtee of a fast: doardee ad laa troshtee Bible

appointed doardee; oardit; soit magh; phoint; pointit: Appointed to be read in churches - Pointit dy ve lhaiht ayns kialteenyn. DF idiom

bid1 cheb, doardee, oardraghey, oardreil, poinsheil; chebbal; oardee; oardaghey; hebb: I bid five pounds - Hebb mee queig punt. DF idiom

aaronsey shenndeeagh historical research: Nurree, doardee yn Undinys aaronsey shenndeeagh mychione ny troggalyn-caggee er as mygeayrt magher-etlee Jourby. BS

ayns pryssoon jailed: As tra v'ad er woalley ad dy dewil, hilg ad ad ayns pryssoon, as doardee ad yn wardoor dy reayll ad dy sauchey. Bible

bonnadyn bonnets: chiangle eh cryssyn moo, as chur eh bonnadyn orroo, myr doardee yn Chiarn da Moses Bible

by-laik lesh pleased him: As by-laik lesh Haman y choyrle shoh, as doardee eh criy dy ve jeant. Bible

chiartaghey (dy); (to) correct: Son yn oyr shoh daag mee oo ayns Crete, dy chiartaghey ny reddyn ta ergooyl, as dy phointeil shirveishee ayns dagh ardvalley, my r doardee mee dhyt. Bible

coorseyn courses: phoint eh, cordail rish oardagh e ayr David coorseyn ny saggyrtyn gys y chirveish oc Bible; wards: doardee mee coorseyn ny saggyrtyn, as ny Leviteyn, dagh fer gys e oik Bible

eeaghyn See feeaghyn payments: Agh son wheesh as nagh row echey dy eeck, doardee e hiarn eh dy ve creckit as e ven, as e chloan, as ooilley ny v'echey, as e eeaghyn dy ve eeckit. Bible

fir-ysseree soothsayers, sorcerers: doardee yn ree dy eamagh er ny deiney-creeney, as ny rollaageydee, as ny fir-ysseree Bible

gyn vrishey unvanquished; unbroken: Doardee Gorree da'n phobble Manninagh Olaf y yannoo ny ree orroo tra veagh eshyn hene marroo, as nyn mreearrey-ammys da y chummal gyn vrishey. Chron

hilgey (dy); (to) cast: doardee Joshua yn corp dy ve goit neose jehn villey, as dy hilgey eh rish giat yn ard-valley Bible

marish shen moreover, therewith: Marish shen, doardee eh genney er y cheer Bible; apart from that, besides

shamyr stoyr (f.) storeroom: Eisht doardee Hezekiah dy chiartaghey shamyryn-stoyr ayns thie yn Chiarn Bible

shassoo liorish stand by: As doardee Ananias yn ard-saggyrt ad syn va nyn shassoo liorish, dy woalley eh er y veeal. Bible

shenndeeagh ancient; historical: Nurree, doardee yn Undinys aaronsey shenndeeagh mychione ny troggalyn-caggee er as mygeayrt magher-etlee Jourby. BS

soit er-lheh separated: Liorish sarey'n Chiarn v'ad soit er-lheh, as eshyn doardee caghlaa imbaghyn as feaillaghyn. Apoc

wardoor (pl -yn) jailer, prison officer, warder: doardee ad yn wardoor dy reayll ad dy sauchey Bible

ooig (f.) pl. ooigyn antar, cavern, grotto, stope; cave: Roll-jee claghyn mooarey er beeal yn ooig Bible; creek: chronnee ad ooig dy row lesh traie, raad v'ad kiarit, my oddagh eh ve, yn lhong y roie stiagh Bible; hold: As dooyrt y phadeyr Gad rish David, Ny fuirree ayns yn ooig shoh Bible; pit: Eshyn chleiy-ys ooig, tuittee eh-hene ayn; as eshyn lhieggys cleiy, nee ard-nieu eh y lhottey. Bible; den: doardee eh daue dy hroggal Daniel ass yn ooig Bible; dungeon: Deïe mee er dty ennym, O Hiarn; veih diunid yn ooig. Bible; hotbed


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