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doagh mooynlee septic tank

doagh (f.) 1 pl. doaghyn cistern, tank, trough, tub, tun, vat a: tra haink fer gys y doagh-feeyney, dy lhiggey jeih siyn as da-eed Bible; 2 huge woman

Inexact matches:

Close Doagh Vat Enclosure

doagh caashey cheese vat

doagh eeast well

doagh feeyney wine vat, winepress: Mannagh gooin y Chiarn lhiat, kys oddyms cooney lhiat? nee veih laare y thoalt, ny ass y doagh-feeyney? Bible

doagh lhionney ale vat, beer vat

doagh niaghan washing vat

doagh ollish Turkish bath

doagh ooill oil tank

doagh phedryl (f.) petrol tank

doagh troailt tanker

greie doagh tank engine

lane doagh vatful

cur ayns doagh vat

vat (v.) cur ayns doagh; (n.) doagh

ale vat (n.) doagh lhionney

beer vat (n.) doagh lhionney

cheese vat (n.) doagh caashey

huge woman (n.) doagh

oil tank (n.) doagh ooill

petrol tank (n.) doagh phedryl

septic tank (n.) doagh mooynlee

tank (n.) doagh: Septic tank - Doagh mooynlee. DF idiom; loghan; tank: The tank is well armed - Ta'n tank mie-eillit. DF idiom; kishtey-snauee

tank engine (n.) greie doagh

Vat Enclosure (n.) Close Doagh

vatful (n.) lane doagh

washing vat (n.) doagh niaghan

wine vat (n.) doagh feeyney

tub (n.) buckad, doagh, tubbag, saagh-niaghyn

tun doagh; thunney; tunney; tun

doagh-hroailt tanker

cistern (n.) doagh, kishtey ushtey, systal; cistern

tanker (n.) doagh troailt; doagh-hroailt; lhong ooill; tankeyr

Turkish bath (n.) doagh ollish; tobbyr ollish

winepress (n.) ammyr feeyney, ammyr vrooee, doagh feeyney, doagh-feeyney, fastan feeyney, press-feeyney, saagh feeyney

trough (n.) doagh, lhagg, saagh; ammyr: Stone trough - Ammyr cloaie. DF idiom; trogh: Drinking trough - Trogh ushtey. DF idiom

Voanee See moanee (Yn) Turf Pit: Va'n doagh lane as ren ad gimman dys yn voanee. Dhoor

well1 (n.) chibbyr, chibbyrt, doagh eeast; dy mie: Well done, if you please - Jeant dy-mie, my sailliu. JJK idiom; slane: When you're well, you little know the value of health - Tra ta fer slane; s'beg shione da feeuid slaynt. JJK idiom; dy sour


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