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dish (n.) jyst: Had the dish a crack? - Row scoltey ayns y jyst? JJK idiom; claare; skalley

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alm dish (n.) curjeig

alms dish (n.) meilley yeirk

baking dish (n.) claare fuinnee

butter dish (n.) jyst eeymey

dish cover (n.) coodagh jyst

dish water (n.) ushtey saagh

fruit dish (n.) jyst mess

jam dish (n.) jyst soo

lordly dish (n.) claare stoamey

pie dish (n.) jyst pye

satellite dish (n.) jyst far-rollageagh

shaving dish (n.) jyst baaree

skimming dish (n.) curjeig

soap dish (n.) saagh sheeabin

vegetable dish (n.) juist glasserey, lhongey losserey

washing dish (n.) teaumane

dish of the day (n.) bee yn laa

of a dish (gen.) jystey

curjeig (f.) offertory plate, alm dish; skimming dish, wooden bowl; ladle; rounded half of scallop

claare fuinnee baking dish

coodagh jyst dish cover

juist glasserey vegetable dish

jyst baaree shaving dish

jyst eeymey butter dish

jystey (gen.) of a dish

jyst far-rollageagh satellite dish

jyst mess fruit dish

jyst pye pie dish

jyst soo jam dish

lhongey losserey vegetable dish

saagh sheeabin soap dish

skalley dish

teaumane (dish) baler; washing dish

ushtey saagh dish water

dish-washer (n.) nieeder jyst, strulleyder jyst

nieeder jyst dish-washer

strulleyder jyst dish-washer

bee yn laa dish of the day

meilley yeirk (f.) alms basin, alms dish

jyst (pl -yn) dish: Ren eh folmaghey y jyst echey. DF

shallow aaghowin: Shallow dish - Jyst aaghowin. DF idiom; eaghtyragh; eddrym; follym; thannaghey; thannalaght; thanney

claare (=Ir. clár) (f.) 1 batten, board, stave; 2 bar counter; 3 charger, dish, platter a: hoie ee roish eeym ayns claare stoamey Bible; b pl. claareeyn; 4 playbill, programme, program: Va claare ayn er y radio tammylt beg er-dy-henney Carn; 5 (list) table

claare stoamey lordly dish: Hir eh ushtey, as hug ee da bainney; hoie ee roish eeym ayns claare stoamey. Bible

crack1 chlash: The sweat is running down the crack of my arse - Ta'n ollish roie sheese chlash my hoyn. DF idiom; (n.) frap; gaaigey; scaaney; scoltey: Had the dish a crack? - Row scoltey ayns y jyst? JJK idiom; (adj.) jeh'n cheid chummey


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