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design caslys; cummey; grease; kiaddey; kiarail; shalee: That's my design anyway - Ta shen yn shalee aym ansherbee. DF idiom; tayrn caslys jeh

Inexact matches:

design fee (n.) tailley-kiaddee

design right (n.) cair-caslyssyn

design services shirveishyn kiaddee

cair-caslyssyn design right

shirveishyn kiaddee (f.) design services

tailley-kiaddee design fee

tayrn caslys jeh design

killing1 marroo: With the design of killing him - Ry-hoi marroo eh. DF idiom

caslys (=Ir. cosúil) (pl -syn) appearance, chart, design, drawing, elevation, illustration, imitation, painting, picture, shape: Ayns caslys Yee chroo eh eh Bible; likeness

cummey (=Ir. cumadh) pl. cummaghyn adaptation, appearance, atmosphere, composition, design, devise, fabricate, feature, format, indite, invention, itinerary, likeness, mould, outline, plan, prospectus, schema, scheme, version; (make-up) constitution; fashion; hew; contour; shape: va'n thalloo gyn cummey, as feayn Bible

grease (f.) pl. greasyn design, embroidery; industry: Ren ny keird-heshaghtyn gobbal y thie grease. DF

kiaddey 1 design, fashion, father, formation, model, shape, structure; 2 (v.) form, coining, designing, modelling a: kiaddey spyrryd dooinney cheu-sthie jeh Bible; 3 coinage

kiarail (f.) 1 pl. kiarailyn care, circumspection, cogitation, intention, provision, purvey, resolution, vigilance a: Gow kiarail jeh'n dooinney shoh Bible; 2 (v.) cogitate, design, destine, determine, intend, prepare, provide, purport, resolve; 3 purpose: ta dty vraar Esau gerjagh eh-hene my-dty-chiones, kiarail dy dty varroo Bible

shalee (f.) (pl -yn) design, intention, project, purpose, pursuit, quest: Cha nel shalee erbee aym eh y yannoo. DF


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