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deputy (n.) ard-chooneyder, deputy, fer ynnyd, fo-reiltagh, lhiass-, ynnydagh; kiannoort

deputy deputy: cha row ree erbee ayns Edom ec y traa shen: va deputy ny ree Bible

Inexact matches:

deputy chairman (n.) lhiass-chaairliagh

Deputy director (n.) lhiass-stiureyder

deputy governor (n.) lhiass-chiannoort

deputy headteacher (n.) lhiass-ard-ynseyder

deputy judge (n.) lhiass-vriw

Deputy Speaker (n.) Lhiass-loayreyder

Deputy Chief Executive (n.) Lhiass Ard-sheckteragh

Deputy Clerk of Tynwald (n.) Lhiass-Chleragh Tinvaal

Deputy Director of Education (n.) Lhiass-Stiureyder Ynsee

Deputy Heads Office (n.) Oik y Lhiass Ard-ynseyder; Offish y Lhiass Ard-ynseyder

Deputy High Bailiff (n.) Lhiass Ard-vaylee

ard-chooneyder deputy

fer ynnyd deputy, reserve

fo-reiltagh deputy

lhiass-ard-ynseyder deputy headteacher

Lhiass-loayreyder Deputy Speaker

Lhiass Ard-sheckteragh Deputy Chief Executive

Lhiass Ard-vaylee Deputy High Bailiff

lhiass- assistant, deputy, deutero, pro-, step-, under, vice

Lhiass-Chleragh Tinvaal Deputy Clerk of Tynwald

Lhiass-Stiureyder Ynsee Deputy Director of Education

Offish y Lhiass Ard-ynseyder Deputy Heads Office

Oik y Lhiass Ard-ynseyder Deputy Heads Office

kiannoort pl. kiannoortyn captain, chief, chieftain, constable, deputy, governor, prince, ruler: ree Vabylon er n'yannoo kiannoort ny cheerey Bible

lhiass-chaairliagh deputy chairman, vice-chairman: Dooyrt Coonseilagh Neil Clark, lhiass-chaairliagh jeh'n ving ynsee, cultoor as soccar; Ta mee goaill yindys mooar dy vel lheid y haghyrt shoh, ta prowal dy chur er hoshiaght cultoor ny h-Albey Dhoor

lhiass-chiannoort deputy governor, lieutenant governor, vice-governor: Va goan warree jeant ec y Lhiass-Chiannoort as feallagh ny goaldee. Coraa

lhiass-stiureyder Deputy director, vice-principal: Hie mee gys leaght mysh y Coardail Anglo-Yernagh va currit ec leaghteyr veih'n Rheynn jeh Politickaght syn ollooscoill (y lhiass-stiureyder jeh'n Chommyn, my ta). Carn

lhiass-vriw deputy judge: Ta'n Lhiass-Vriw Moran er ny phoinsheil son y chooish-leigh as t'eh jerkal dy chlashtyn ro-chooishyn (preliminary matters) ec lieh-oor lurg kiare fastyr jiu. BS

ynnydagh (=Ir. ynnydagh) pl. ynnydee attorney, delegate, deputy, representative; local: Fod mraane ynnydagh goll gys yn ynnyd shoh dy gheddyn fys mychione cooishyn dy liooar. Carn


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