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Depression (n.) Towllan

depression (n.) cor, injillaghey, lhag-chreeys, lhaggagh, lhaggan, merginaght, merginys, neugherjagh; lhagragh: The depression brought rain and wind to Mann - Hug y lhagragh fliaghey as geay lesh gys Mannin. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

deep depression (n.) lhagragh dowin

secondary depression (n.) fo-lhagragh

shallow depression (n.) lhagragh eddrym

fo-lhagragh secondary depression

lhagragh dowin deep depression

lhagragh eddrym shallow depression

merginaght (f.) depression, melancholy

merginys depression

Towllan Depression

neugherjagh depression, discomfort, miserableness, uncomfortable

lhag-chreeys dejection, depression, despond, faint-heartedness; faintheartedness; (of persons) desolation

lhagragh depression: Hug y lhagragh fliaghey as geay lesh gys Mannin. DF

cor 1 circumstance, depression, edge, event, fore; 2 alternate, odd, unmatched a: Ta mee toiggal cor 'ockle ny ghaa. DF; 3 choir; 4 twirl: Ta cor 'sy vainney. DF; 5 (of size) bastard; 6 (terms) condition; 7 (act) turn

lhaggagh depression, slack: Ny lhig dasyn ta lhoobey yn vhow lhaggagh e laue Bible

lhaggan depression: Va meain ayns shen bleeantyn as bleeantyn er dy henney, agh huitt ram jeh veih my cheilley, ren faagail lhaggan mooar sy thalloo as cummey echey ta goll rish cughlin ta bun ry skyn. Carn; dimple

injillaghey See ginjillaghey change down, condescend, cut, cut down, debase, defer, degrade, demote, depreciate, depress, die down, humble, humiliate, level down, reduce, relegate, sink, step down, subdue, subject, submit, subordinate, turn down, vulgarise, vulgarize: As bee oo er dty injillaghey Bible; degradation, demotion, depreciation, depression, humiliation, reduction, subordination, vulgarisation; (morally) cheap; stoop; downgrade; humbled


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