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delleyder pl. delleyderyn businessman, dealer, trader, tradesman, trafficker: Foddee dy beagh sym ec delleyder lioar Manninagh ayn. Carn

Inexact matches:

delleyder arroo corn chandler

delleyder billaghyn bill broker

delleyder caashey cheesemonger

delleyder cabbil horse dealer

delleyder clouag stamp dealer

delleyder flooyr flour factor

delleyder fynnee fur trader

delleyder geinnee sandboy

delleyder glassreeyn greengrocer

delleyder Hindooagh banian

delleyder kiedoonit licensed dealer

delleyder mess fruiterer

delleyder ooill oil merchant

delleyder sheeidey mercer, silk mercer

delleyder sheh skin dealer

delleyder as kiedoonys ec licensed dealer

delleyder shenn yiarn scrap metal merchant

delleyder 'sy vergey doo black marketeer

licensed dealer delleyder as kiedoonys ec; delleyder kiedoonit

dealer (n.) delleyder: Licensed dealer - Delleyder as kiedoonys echey. DF idiom; ronneyder

banian (n.) banian; delleyder Hindooagh

bill broker (n.) delleyder billaghyn

businessman (n.) delleyder

corn chandler (n.) delleyder arroo

flour factor (n.) delleyder flooyr

fur trader (n.) delleyder fynnee

horse dealer (n.) delleyder cabbil

mercer (n.) delleyder sheeidey

oil merchant (n.) delleyder ooill

sandboy (n.) delleyder geinnee

silk mercer (n.) delleyder sheeidey

skin dealer (n.) delleyder sheh

stamp dealer (n.) delleyder clouag

trader (n.) delleyder, traghtalagh

trafficker (n.) delleyder; dellar

cheesemonger (n.) cadjer caashey, delleyder caashey

fellmonger (n.) shehder, craitneyder, delleyder-sheh

greengrocer1 (n.) delleyder glassreeyn, fer glassreeyn

delleyder-sheh fellmonger

kiedoonit licensed: Delleyder kiedoonit. DF

black marketeer (n.) delleyder 'sy vergey doo

fruiterer (n.) delleyder mess, messeyder; creckeyder mess

scrap metal merchant (n.) delleyder shenn yiarn, kionneyder prashey

tradesman (n.) delleyder, fer keirdey, keirdagh, traghtalagh

shenn veaiyn (f.) scrap metal: Delleyder ayns shenn veaiyn. DF

Manninagh (=Ir. Manainneach) (n.) Manxman: Myr Manninagh, dy dooghyssagh ren mee lhaih y pheeish mychione y Ghailck hoshiaght. Carn; (adj.) Manks, Manx: Foddee dy beagh sym ec delleyder lioar Manninagh ayn. Carn


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