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deiyr drove, forced, pursued: Agh deiyr armee ny Caldeanee er y ree Bible

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cha deiyr did not pursue: cha deiyr ad er mec Yacob. Bible

did not pursue cha deiyr

drove bochillaght; griaght; imman: And he delivered them into the hand of his servants, every drove by themselves - As livrey eh ad gys laue e harvaantyn, dy chooilley imman orroo hene Bible; deiyr: he drove them all out of the temple - deiyr eh ad ooilley ass y chiamble Bible

pursued eiyrit er, deiyr; lorgit

fardalys vanity: deiyr ad er fardalys as ommijys Bible

guessyn enchantments: deiyr eh er guessyn, as hug eh rish buitcheraght Bible

raaidyn pathways, roads, tracks, ways: deiyr eh er ooilley raaidyn e ayr Bible

forced eginit, êginit; eiginit: I was forced to stand - Va mee eignit dy hassoo. DF idiom; Deign, Deignee; deiyr

thronged chionney er; chionney stiagh er: much people followed him, and thronged him deiyr ymmodee dy leih, as ren ad chionney stiagh er. Bible; jingit

assee (=Ir. easbhaigh) harm, hinder, hurt, injury, mischief, trespass: Deiyr eh ad gyn assee da hene Bible

Canaaniteyn Canaanites: Ny-yeih haink eh gy-kione, tra va cloan Israel er n'ghoaill niart, dy dug ad ny Canaaniteyn fo keesh; agh cha deiyr ad magh ad dy bollagh. Bible

chionney stiagh er beleaguer, besiege, beset, mob: As hie Yeesey marish, as deiyr ymmodee dy leih, as ren ad chionney stiagh er. Bible; thronged

daa housane two thousand: ren ad jeelym jeu ayns ny raaidyn-mooarey, queig thousaneyn dooinney; as deiyr ad dy creoi geiyrt orroo gys Gidom, as varr ad daa housane dooinney jeu. Bible

gyn assee undamaged: Deiyr eh ad gyn assee da hene, eer ayns raad gyn oayll. Bible

hannaghtyn (dy); (to) abide, continue, remain, rest: deiyr ymmodee jeh ny Hewnyn, as jeh ny proselyteyn crauee er Paul as Barnabas; as loayr ad roo, as choyrlee ad ad dy hannaghtyn ayns grayse Yee. Bible

ordaagyn (f.) pincers; thumbs: Agh chossyn Adoni-bezek roish: as deiyr ad er, as haare ad eh, as yiare ad jeh ordaagyn e laueyn, as ordaagyn e choshey. Bible

proselyteyn proselytes: deiyr ymmodee jeh ny Hewnyn, as jeh ny proselyteyn crauee er Paul as Barnabas Bible

sleean (f.) goad, lance, spear: As cheayll eh 'n diunid er-gooyl, as yllagh ard Roish; deiyr e smooinaght hene eh gollrish sleean. Dhoor

much people (n.) niart sleih: horses and much people - cabbil, as niart sleih Bible; mooarane pobble: to save much people alive - dy hauail mooarane pobble bio Bible; weight sleih: And Edom came out against him with much people - As haink Edom magh n lesh weight sleih Bible; ymmodee sleih: And they went out, they and all their hosts with them, much people - As hie ad magh, ad-hene as ooilley ny deiney caggee oc mâroo, ymmodee sleih Bible; earroo mooar dy leih: much people gathered unto him - va earroo mooar dy leih er nyn jaglym cooidjagh huggey Bible; mooarane sleih: with horsemen, and companies, and much people - lesh markee, as sheshaghtyn-caggee, as mooarane sleih Bible; ymmodee dy leih: and much people followed him - as deiyr ymmodee dy leih Bible; shiartanse mooar dy leih

rose up (v.) dirree: And rose up, and thrust him out of the city - As dirree ad, as deiyr ad eh magh ass yn ard-valley Bible; hrog: And the men rose up from thence - As hrog ny deiney orroo veih shen Bible; dirree seose: thou hast overthrown them that rose up against thee - tou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dtoi Bible


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