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deinagh fatiguing, irksome, laborious; weary: Bee eer yn aegid moal as deinagh Bible

Inexact matches:

fatiguing deinagh; tooilleilagh

irksome (adj.) deinagh

weary deinagh; skee; tooilleil

laborious (adj.) deinagh; doccaragh, jeidjagh, tooilleilagh, laboragh; trome

baaree shall prune: nee'n pobble tooilleil ayns fardail, as baaree yn sleih nyn niart dy deinagh trooid yn aile. Bible

faase-lauee weak handed: As hig-yms er, choud as t'eh deinagh as faase-lauee, as hig-ym er doaltattym Bible

gaccan (=Ir. ochón) complaining, grousing, moaning, grumbling: nagh bee assee erbee: ny veg y chappeeys ny oyr gaccan ayns nyn straidyn Bible; groaning: Ta mee deinagh lesh gaccan Bible; grouse

hiuish to you: Dy scrieu ny reddyn cheddin hiuish, cha vel eh deinagh dooys, agh diuish te vondeishagh. Bible

mooir-hraie (f.) ebb, low tide, low water: Ta mee deinagh jeh'n chaggey, lesh bratagh as roon, D'aag mooir-hraie jeh'n olley mee Keeirit, annoon . Coraa

tempreil (f.) anneal, annealing, temper: Son ta'n pasheyder tempreil yn chray vog, as dy deinagh cummey dagh saagh son nyn ymmyd Apoc; moderate

moal (=Ir. mall) backward, belated, decrepit, deliberate, deplorable, dim, disappointing, dull, enfeebled, feeble, flimsy, gradual, ill, laggard, listless, meagre, overdue, pithless, poor, poorly, scraggy, slack, slow, sorry, tardy, tawdry, unimpressive, uninspired, unpunctual, unsatisfactory: Bee eer yn aegid moal as deinagh Bible; (of fruit) late; (as faith) weak; (of thing) wretched [O.Ir. mael]


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