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deep diunid: That river is twenty feet deep - Ta'n awin feed trie er diunid. JJK idiom; trome; dowiney; dowin: The snow lies very deep - Ta'n sniaghtey ny lhie feer dowin. JJK idiom

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chest deep dys y chleeau

deep cut (n.) aggad

deep depression (n.) lhagragh dowin

deep-draw well (n.) chibbyr hayrnee

Deep Farm (n.) Balley Dowin

Deep Flat (n.) Faaie Ghowin

Deep Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Ghowin

deep freeze (v.) creoi-riojey; (n.) creoi-riojeyder

Deep Glen (n.) Glion Dhowin, Gib Dale

Deep Hollow (n.) Coan Dhowin

Deep Place (n.) Dowin, Dhowin, Dhowinane

Deep Road (n.) Bayr Dhowin

deep sea (n.) marrey mooar

deep sleep (n.) cadley trome

deep slumber (n.) trome-saveenys

deep well (n.) chibbyr hayrnee

neck deep dys y wannal

too deep sayntagh

Deep Glen Tidal Rock (n.) Bowe Jibdale

Deep White Croft (n.) Croit Dhowin Bane

Deep Winding Road (n.) Lhoob Dowin

East Deep Hollow (n.) Coan Dhowin Hiar

face of the deep (n.) eaghtyr y diunid

Balley Dowin Deep farm

Bayr Dhowin Deep Road

Bwoaillee Ghowin Deep Fold

Coan Dhowin Deep Hollow

creoi-riojey deep freeze

creoi-riojeyder deep freeze

Dhowin Deep Place

Dhowinane Deep Place

Dowin Deep Place

Faaie Ghowin Deep Flat

Glion Dhowin Deep Glen

lhagragh dowin deep depression

ankle-deep (adj.) gys beeal ny braag, gys yn abane

breast-deep (adv.) gys ny keeaghyn

deep-chested (adj.) lhean-chleeauagh

deep-drawn (adj.) trome

deep-rooted (adj.) dowin

deep-thinking trome-smooinaghtagh

knee-deep (adj., adv.) gys y ghlioon

skin-deep (adj.) scroigagh, eaghtyragh

waist-deep (adv.) gys y vouin

dys y wannal neck deep

Gib Dale Deep Glen [Scand]

gys ny keeaghyn breast-deep

gys y ghlioon knee-deep

gys yn abane ankle-deep

Lhoob Dowin Deep Winding Road

trome-smooinaghtagh deep-thinking

Bowe Jibdale Deep Glen Tidal Rock

chibbyr hayrnee (f.) deep-draw well; deep well

Coan Dhowin Hiar East Deep Hollow

Croit Dhowin Bane Deep White Croft

gys beeal ny braag ankle-deep

lhean-chleeauagh broad-chested, deep-chested, broad chested

scroigagh crustacean, crusted, crusty, skin-deep

aggad deep cut, nick, notch, sore, step: Aggad y chur ayns side. DF

gys y vouin waist-deep: Rooisht gys y vouin. DF

marrey mooar deep sea: Eeasteyraght ny marrey mooar. DF

about them moo; mygeayrt-y-moo; (emph.) mygeayrt-y-moosyn; mymboo; my nyn gione: There is deep concern about them - Ta imnea vooar ayn my nyn gione. DF idiom

body1 (n.) bleayst, colught, mean, sthockan; callin: The resurrection of the body - Irree seose reesht y challin. DF idiom; colb; corp: Commit a body to the deep - Corp y cheau harrish boayrd. DF idiom; corpane; shlig

impression (n.) smooinaght: We thought these words would make a deep impression on him - Smooinee shin dy jinnagh ny focklyn shoh cur er smooinaghyn dy-dowin. JJK idiom; ynnyd cowrey

of ointment ooiley: He maketh the deep to boil like a pot: he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment - Teh cur er y diunid dy vroie myr pot: as yn aarkey dy ve myr pot ooiley Bible

river (n.) awin: That river is twenty feet deep - Ta'n awin feed trie er diunid. JJK idiom; strooan

cadley trome deep sleep, sound sleep: As mysh lhie ny greïney huitt cadley trome er Abram Bible

diunid (f.) 1 pl. diunidyn deep, depth, gulf a: ta ny ushtaghyn coodaghey diunid ny marrey Bible; 2 rootedness

dowin (=Ir. domhain) deeply, deep-rooted, involved, low, low-pitched, penetrating, profound, rapt, rich, secretive, thorough, uncommunicative: tuittym ayns cadley dowin Bible; deep

dowiney deep: hig daue ve tilgit ayns yn aile, as ayns ny ooigyn dowiney Bible

dys y chleeau to the chest: Ren ee goaill eh dys y chleeau eck. DF; chest deep

eaghtyragh shallow, skin-deep, superficial; top-level: Coloayrtyssyn eaghtyragh. DF; superior, upper: Yn Whaiyl Eaghtyragh. DF; pelagic, surface feeding; upland

eaghtyr y diunid face of the deep: As va'n thalloo gyn cummey, as feayn ; as va dorraghys er eaghtyr y diunid: as ren spyrryd Yee gleashagh er eaghtyr ny ushtaghyn. Bible

ghowin I would take; (adj.) See dowin deep: va eaynagh ghowin gyn grunt, gyn oirr, gyn kione, gyn doaie, gyn cummey, dorraghey as feayn PC

sayntagh acquisitive, avaricious, covetous, grasping, lustful, mercantile, mercenary, too deep: Sayntagh lurg berchys. DF; (as eye) hungry

trome-saveenys deep slumber: cha vod ad gounstyrnee, agh cadley, lhie sheese ayns trome-saveenys Bible

trome (=Ir. trom) pl. trommey 1 heavy a: Agh va laueyn Voses trome; as ghow ad clagh, as hug Bible; 2 bold, burdensome, deep-drawn, difficult, emphatic, expectant, gruelling, hard, harsh, heavyweight, high pressure, intense, laborious, onerous, ponderous, severe, sledgehammer, steep, stodgy, substantial, sweated, unwieldly, wearying, weighty; 3 (oppressive) close; 4 (burden) crippling; 5 (of smoke) dense; 6 (Jur.) grievous, grave a: As va shoh feer trome er aigney Abraham er coontey e vac Bible; 7 (of sea) rough; 8 deep a: As hug y Chiarn Jee cadley trome dy huittym er Adam Bible; 9 expecting, pregnant, with child a: ta ny shioltaneyn as ny immanyn trome ta mârym Bible; 10 great a: honnick Jee dy row mee-chraueeaght dooinney trome er y thalloo Bible; 11 sore a: As van ghortey trome ayns y cheer ad fo eh Bible [O.Ir. trom]


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