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decree (n.) sarey, slattys; oardagh: So they established a decree - Myr shen ren ad oardagh Bible; decree: the same king Cyrus made a decree to build this house of God - ren y ree Cyrus cheddin decree, dy hroggal y thie shoh dy Yee Bible; (v.) oardaghey

decree decree: cordail rish decree yn laa shoh Bible

Inexact matches:

decree absolute (n.) oardaghey jerrinagh

oardaghey jerrinagh decree absolute

watchers (npl.) arreyderyn: This matter is by the decree of the watchers - Tan chooish shoh liorish oardaghey ny arreyderyn Bible; lught fakin; scrialtee: that watchers come from a far country - dy vel scrialtee cheet veih cheer foddey Bible

focklit expressed, pronounced, uttered, voiced, worded: va'n decree focklit magh ec Shushan y phlaase. Bible

focklit magh pronounced: Myr shen hie ny postyn va markiagh er muleyn, as camelyn magh, ayns dy chooilley hiyr, myr v'ad eginit liorish sarey yn ree; as va'n decree focklit magh ec Shushan y phlaase. Bible

oardagh (=Ir. ordú) pl. oardaghyn arrangement, array, behest, commission, decree, decretory, direction, directive, dispensation, fiat, order, ordinance, rite, ritual, sequence: cordail rish oardagh yn Chiarn Bible

oardaghey (n.) appointment, commission, ordinance; (v.) appoint, authorize, bid, bidding, command, decree, dispense, indent, ordain, order, rank: Shoh oardaghey yn leigh Bible

recort See recortys, pl. recortyn record, testimony, witness: As va ny cooishyn shoh mychione Purim jeant mie liorish decree Esther: as ve currit er recort Bible

sarey pl. saraghyn charge, command, commandment, decree, dictate, directive, enjoin, injunction, instruct, mandate, order, precept, prescribe: Sarey noa ta mee dy choyrt diu Bible

slattys pl. slattyssyn (law) act; enactment, law, parliamentary act, regulation, statute: Ta mish jannoo slattys ayns dy chooilley rheam jeh my reeriaght Bible; decree

treasurers (npl.) resowryn: make a decree to all the treasurers which are beyond the river - cur magh sarey da ooilley ny resowryn ta cheu elley jehn awin Bible; stiurtyn: And I made treasurers over the treasuries - As hoie mee stiurtyn harrish ny thieyn-stoyr Bible; fir-tashtee: the treasurers, the counsellors, the sheriffs - ny fir-tashtee, ny fir-choyrlee, ny toshee-yioarree Bible


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