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day1 (n.) laa: I've been working all day - Ta mee er ve g'obbraghey feiy'n laa. JJK idiom; Je; Jy

day2 (a) laa dy row

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account day (n.) laa ny goontyssyn

all day feie'n laa: I've been working all day - Ta mee er ve g'obbraghey feiy'n laa. JJK idiom

Ascension Day (n.) Jerdein Frastyl

Boxing Day (n.) Laa'l Shelg yn Drean; Laa'l Steoin

by day 'sy laa: the pillar of the cloud departed not from them by day - cha ren pillar y vodjal troggal vouesy laa Bible

certain day (a) laa dy row; laa er lheh

Christening Day (n.) Laa Bashtee

Christmas Day (n.) Laa Nollick

court day (n.) laa quaiyllagh

day blindness (n.) dellid laa

day labour (n.) obbyr laa

day labourer (n.) obbree laa

day nursery (n.) thie boanderey laa

day off (n.) laa jeh, laa seyr

day pupil (n.) ynseydagh laa

day school (n.) scoill laa

day trip (n.) turrys laa

day tripper (n.) turrysagh laa

day watch (n.) arrey laa

Easter Day (n.) Doonaght Caisht; Laa Caisht

every day dagh laa: She writes to him every day - T'ee screeu huggey dagh laa. JJK idiom; gagh laa

farm day (n.) laa baljey

fast day (n.) laa trostee

Fathers Day (n.) Laa ny Ayraghyn

feast day (n.) laa'l

field day (n.) laa mustyr

flag day (n.) laa brattagh

following day laa er giyn; laa ny lurg; laa ny vairagh; laa ny yei

from day to day veih laa dy laa: From day to day - Veih laa dy laa. DF idiom

gala day (n.) laa mooar

great day (n.) laa mooar

Hollantide Day (n.) Laa Sauiney, Laa Souney

Holy day (n.) feaill, feailley

holy day (n.) laa casherick, laa feailley

Innocents' Day (n.) Laa'l ny Mackan

Lady Day (n.) Laa'l Moirrey Arree

Lammas Day (n.) Laa Luanistyn; Laa Luanys

livelong day1 (n.) laa bane

livelong day2 (n.) (the) voish madran dys yn astyr

Lord's Day (n.) (The) Doonaght yn Chiarn, Laa yn Chiarn

market day (n.) laa margee

marriage day (n.) laa yn phoosee.

May Day (n.) Beeal Voayldyn, Laa Boaldyn, Laa Buigh ny Boaldyn

midsummer day (n.) Feaill' Eoin: He'll come back at Midsummer - Hig eh er-ash er yn Eaill 'Eoin. JJK idiom; laa lieh yn touree

one day (n.) laa dy row; laa er dy henney; un laa: why should I be deprived also of you both in one day? - Cren fa veign er my roostey jeu nyn neesht ayns un laa? Bible

Pancake Day (n.) Jemayrt Innyd

pay day (n.) laa-faillee

pet day laa shynnee

preceding day laa roie

quarter day (n.) laa baljey, laa kione raiee

rainy day (n.) laa fliaghagh

rent day (n.) laa mail

school day (n.) laa scoill

showery day (n.) laa drapanagh, laa frassagh

summer's day (n.) laa souree

this day jiu: This day fortnight - Kegeesh jiu. DF idiom

tomorrow day (n., adv.) laa mairagh

Twelfth Day (n.) Laa yn Ghiense; (Yn) Nah Laa Jeig

Tynwald Day (n.) Laa Tinvaal, Laa'l Eoin

varnishing day (n.) laa ny varnish

wash day (n.) laa niaghyn

wedding day (n.) laa banshey, laa poosee

work day (n.) laa obbyr

All Fool's Day (n.) Laa Averil

All Hallow's Day (n.) Laa ny Nooghyn Ooilley, Laa Souney

All Saint's Day (n.) Laa ny Nooghyn Ooilley, Laa'l Mooar ny Nooghyn

All Saints' Day (n.) Laa Sauiney

All Soul's Day (n.) Laa'l ny Merriu

all the day fey yn laa liauyr

all the day long fey yn laa liauyr

April Fool's Day (n.) Laa Averil

break of day (n.) keeiraght yn laa

cool of the day fynneraght y laa

dawn of day (n.) dowan, dowaney

day after tomorrow (n.) nuyr, nhuyr, laa ny nuyr

day and night (n.) laa as oie

day case overstay lught-tannee cooish-laa

day not juridical (n.) marroo-laa

Day of Judgement (n.) Laa ny Briwnys: The great day of judgement - Laa mooar ny briwnys. DF idiom

Day of Pentecost (n.) Doonaght Kingeesh

day of rest (n.) laa dy ea

day of vengeance (n.) laa yn chooilleen: For the day of vengeance is in mine heart - Son ta laa yn lhiasaghey ayns my chree Bible; laa yn lhiasaghey

day release training (v.) traenal kied-laa

dish of the day (n.) bee yn laa

European Languages Day (n.) Laa Chengaghyn Oarpagh

every other day (yn) derrey laa

from that day forward veih'n laa shen magh, veih'n traa shen magh

Hill of the Day Watch (n.) Cronk ny Arrey Laa

Hill of the Rising Day (n.) Cronk yn Irree Laa

John the Baptist's Day (n.) Feaill' Eoin

late in the day dy fastyragh; fastyragh

many a day laa ny ghaa

Marown Parish Day (n.) Laa Skyll Marooney

New Year's Day (n.) Laa yn Vlein Noa; Laa ny Bleeaney Noa; Laa Nollick Beg: My uncle will come to me on New Year's Day - Hig my naim dy my yeeaghyn laa n'Ollick Beg. JJK idiom

on that day er y laa shid; er y laa shen: For on that day shall the priest make an atonement for you - Son er y laa shen, bee lhiasaghey jeant er nyn son Bible

provided for a rainy day ry-hoi laa fliaghee

rise of the day irree yn laa

Schools Inservice Day (n.) Laa Traenal son Skimmee Scoill

Seize the day (impv) Glack yn Laa

Senior Race Day (n.) Laa yn Ratch Mooar

soup of the day (n.) anvroie yn laa

spring of the day (n.) brisheyn laa

St. Bartholomew's Day (n.) Laa'l Parlane

St. Swithin's Day (n.) Laa'l Sushin

St. Valentine's Day (n.) Laa'l Valentine

this very day (n.) jiu hene

through the day feie'n laa

unto this day derreyn laa tayn jiu: which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day - ter kione y lheeasid, derreyn laa tayn jiu Bible; gys y laa jiu: that is the pillar of Rachel's grave unto this day - shen pillar oaie Rachel gys y laa tayn jiu Bible; gys y laa tayn jiu: And Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt unto this day - As ren Joseph eh ny leigh harrish cheer Egypt, gys y laa tayn jiu Bible

very next day kiart laa er giyn

Woe worth the day (intj) My vollaght er yn laa

Works of a Day (npl.) Obbyraghyn Laa

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (n.) (The) Agglish Yeesey Creest dy Nooghyn ny Laghyn Jerrinagh

Helping you spend less every day Cooney lhiu baarail ny sloo dagh laa

laa dy row (a) day; (a) certain day; one day: As haghyr eh er laa dy row, dy daink eh gys shen Bible

Laa Averil All Fool's Day, April Fool's Day

laa baljey farm day, quarter day

Laa ny Nooghyn Ooilley All Hallow's Day, All Saint's Day

laa mooar 1 great day a: Ta laa mooar y Chiarn er-gerrey Bible; 2 gala day

of trouble (dy) heaghyn: This day is a day of trouble - Tan laa shoh laa dy heaghyn Bible

Feaill' Eoin John the Baptist's Day, midsummer day: Er hoh blaa Feaill' Eoin aalin. JJK

laa er lheh (a) certain day; certain day: Shegin da ve jeant er laa er lheh. DF; landmark

Laa Sauiney All Saints' Day, Hollantide Day: Sourey goaill toshiaght Laa Boaldyn, as yn geurey Laa Sauiney. GB

arrey laa day watch

Beeal Voayldyn May Day

dellid laa day blindness

Doonaght Caisht Easter Day

feie'n laa all day, through the day: Ta seshoonyn cadjin goll y chummal bunnys feie'n laa as fud ny hoie ayns y chamyr lhionney vooar. Carn

fey yn laa liauyr all the day, all the day long: Ny lhig da dty chree troo mysh drogh-yantee: agh bee uss ayns aggle y Chiarn fey yn laa liauyr Bible

laa bane livelong day

Laa Bashtee Christening Day

laa brattagh flag day

Laa Caisht Easter Day

laa drapanagh showery day

laa-faillee pay day

laa fliaghagh rainy day

laa frassagh showery day

laa jeh day of: As shen myr nee oo jannoo er y chiaghtoo laa jeh'n vee, son dagh unnane ta fo marranys, as son eshyn ta mee-hushtagh Bible; day off

Laa'l Eoin Tynwald Day

Laa Luanys Lammas Day

laa mail rent day

laa margee market day

laa mustyr field day

laa niaghyn wash day

laa obbyr work day

laa poosee wedding day

laa quaiyllagh court day

laa roie preceding day

laa shynnee pet day

Laa Souney All Hallow's Day, Hollantide Day: Bee "Coraa Ghailckagh" er ny coyrt magh Laa Boaldyn as Laa Souney, ta'n leagh lieh-chroon dagh vlein. Coraa

laa trostee fast day

obbree laa day labourer

turrysagh laa day tripper

turrys laa day trip

veih laa dy laa from day to day: Foast yeeagh ad magh dy jeidagh veih laa dy laa d'akin ee. Apoc

ynseydagh laa day pupil

day-blind doal 'sy laa

feast-day (n.) laa feailley

half-day (n.) lieh-laa

latter-day (adj.) noa-emshiragh, noa-emshyragh

present-day (adj.) jeh'n traa t'ayn nish


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