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dash bashlagh; bransal; branse; bransey; dash; ratch; sceoll; sceolley; schimmeig; slaa; (to); (dy) vransey

dash dash, heap, small pile: Ta ny keeillyn echey myr dash dy spiceyn Bible

Inexact matches:

dash along (v.) ratchal roish

dash away (v.) ratchal ersooyl, tilgey voish

dash in (v.) ratchal stiagh; roie stiagh

dash off (v.) jannoo dy tappee, screeu dy tappee, tayrn dy tappee

dash out (v.) bransal, bransey, ratchal magh

dash arroo pile of corn

dash board light (n.) sollys pannyl

skeeal gyn dash lame story

bransey dash, dash out, smash; throw violently

bashlagh dash, wash

bransal dash, dash out, smash; (to) throw violently: Hug paart da'n 'eallagh aeg sthoo da, bransal claghyn as ceabyn moaney er. NNS

branse dash

ratchal ersooyl dash away

ratchal stiagh dash in

sceolley dash

tilgey voish dash away

churn-dash loinney

lame story (n.) skeeal gyn dash

pile of corn (n.) dash arroo

small pile (n.) dash, pellag, pollag

jannoo dy tappee dash off

loinney (f.) churn-dash

ratchal magh dash out, sally

screeu dy tappee dash off

sollys pannyl dash board light

tayrn dy tappee dash off

ratchal roish dash along, snatch ahead

sceoll dash: Sceoll eh ushtey er yn aile. DF

heap carn, carnane: A large heap is made from little stones - Ta carn mooar jeant jeh claghyn beggey. DF idiom; (n.) butt, crannag, dash, torr; (v.) carnanaghey, chummal, torry

ratch1 (=Ir. rás) pl. ratchyn burst of speed, dart, dash, race, run, rush, sprint: Hug mee eh stiagh 'sy ratch. DF

roie stiagh dash in, run in: As tra va'n laa er jeet rish, cha bione daue yn cheer: agh chronnee ad ooig dy row lesh traie, raad v'ad kiarit, my oddagh eh ve, yn lhong y roie stiagh. Bible

schimmeig (f.) pl. schimmeigyn chevron, dash, score, streak, stripe: verr ad ingan lesh schimmeigyn baney, breck as spottagh Bible

slaa 1 bedaub, besmear, blotting, dash, daub, daubing, paint, painting, plaster, smarm, smear, smearing, spatter, spread, spreading a: as slaa eh cheusthie as cheumooie lesh pick. Bible; 2 (of colour) blotch; 3 (of paint) dab

vransey (dy); (to) bore; (y) dash: as yn chloan oc nee uss y vransey, as giarey seose nyn mraane torragh. Bible

tubbag (f.) bushel, measure, peck, tub: tra haink fer gys dash-arroo jerkal rish feed tubbag, cha row echey agh jeih Bible


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