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darkness (n.) burgeeaght; dorraghys: Until now we have been in darkness - Derrey nish ta shin er ve 'sy dorraghys. DF idiom; dooid, dorrid; frosh; dullyr

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gathering darkness (n.) conghorraghys

gross darkness (n.) dullyr dowin: the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people - nee dorraghys coodaghey yn thalloo, as dullyr dowin y pobble Bible

pitch darkness (n.) dorraghys doo, neealey dorraghys

thick darkness dorraghys trome dullyr: and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt - as va dorraghys trome dullyr er ooilley cheer Egypt Bible; dorraghys dowin: with fire unto the midst of heaven, with darkness, clouds, and thick darkness - lesh aile gys mean yn aer, lesh dorraghys, bodjallyn, as dorraghys dowin Bible; dorraghys dullyr: a day of clouds and thick darkness - laa dy vodjallyn as dorraghys dullyr Bible

from noon to darkness fastyr; fastyr mooar

powers of darkness cummaght yn jouyll

prince of darkness (n.) ainle yn dorraghys

burgeeaght (f.) darkness, gloom, gloominess

conghorraghys gathering darkness

dorrid darkness

frosh (=Ir. fros) darkness, murkiness

neealey dorraghys pitch darkness

semi-darkness (n.) comleayrtys; conghorrid

comleayrtys (pl -syn) semi-darkness, twilight

conghorrid semi-darkness

dorraghys trome dullyr thick darkness

ainle yn dorraghys prince of darkness

cummaght yn jouyll (f.) powers of darkness

fastyr mooar from noon to darkness

dooid blackness, darkness: lhig da dooid y laa jannoo eh atchimagh. Bible

dorraghys blackness, darkness, obscurity: Ta bodjallyn as dorraghys mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible

gloominess (n.) burgeeaght, groaish, groamaght, groamid, mooirjeenys; grooid: A day of darkness and of gloominess - Laa dy ghorraghys, as dy ghrooid Bible; grouwid

until now gys nish; naggey; derrey nish: Until now we have been in darkness - Derrey nish ta shin er ve 'sy dorraghys. DF idiom

dorraghys doo pitch darkness: Son doghan inneen my phobble ta mee doghanit; ta mee 'sy dorraghys doo; ta atchim er my ghreimmey. Bible

dullyr (f.) (as outlook) black; dim, dimness, dingy, dusky, fuzzy, gloom, gloomy, lowering, muzzy, opaque: laa dy vodjallyn as dorraghys dullyr Bible; (of outline) blear; mysterious; blackness, darkness

dullyr dowin gross darkness: Te dullyr dowin nagh vod dooinney erbee cur-my-ner; son ta'n chooid smoo jeh e obbraghyn keillit. Apoc

fastyr (=Ir. feascar) afternoon, evening, from noon to darkness, postmeridian, vesper: woaill David ad veih brishey'n laa gys fastyr laa-ny-vairagh Bible [L. vesper]

smull huff, scowl, sulk: Ta smull urree. DF; darkness: Ta smull er y vite. DF; tarnish

blackness1 (n.) dooid: let the blackness of the day terrify it - lhig da dooid y laa jannoo eh atchimagh Bible to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever - daue ta kiarit yn dooid dy ghorraghys son dy bragh Bible; dorraghys: and the faces of them all gather blackness - as ta neeal y dorraghys er dy chooilley eddin Bible; dullyr


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