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dar (=Ir. dar) by: Dar y Lioar Chasherick! DF; upon

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Dar Jee (intj) By God

Dar m'annym (intj) Upon my soul: "Dar m'annym," dreggyr eh, "dy beagh fys er ve ayms, cha jinnins er jeet dyshoh." Coraa

Dar Yee (intj) Begad, By gum

Dar ny niaughyn (intj) By heavens: va ny meoiryn custym ny lhie cooyl-chlea orroo, as dar ny niaughyn, ghow ad greim shickyr er nane jeusyn as va'n dooinney boght er ny choyrt stiagh ayns pryssoon. Dhoor

Dar y chrosh (intj) Crikey

Dar y lioar (intj) By George, By jingo, Crikey, By gum, By the book: Dar y lioar, nagh mooar tan chraueeaght ec ny mraane! CnyO

By gum (intj) Dar Yee; Dar y lioar

Crikey (intj) Dar y chrosh, Dar y lioar, Lioar Moirrey

Begad (intj) Dar Yee

By George (intj) Dar y lioar

By heavens (intj) Dar ny niaughyn

By jingo (intj) Dar y lioar

Upon my soul (intj) Dar m'annym

By the book (intj) Dar y lioar

adjure (v.) cur fo loo: I adjure thee by the living God - Ta mee cur oo fo loo dar y Jee bio. DF idiom

By God (intj) Dar Jee; liorish Jee: Swear unto me by God - Jean breearrey dou liorish Jee Biblr

upon (prep.) er: He relies upon that - T'eh croghey er shen. JJK idiom; er mooin; dar

cruick (f.) bucket, pail: gheayrt ee magh er e chione cruick lane dy… Dar y lioar, nagh mooar ta'n chraueeaght ec ny mraane! CnyO

fo loo sworn in, under oath: Ta mee cur oo fo loo dar y Jee bio. DF

by (prep.) liorish: And the Horites in their mount Seir, unto Elparan, which is by the wilderness - As ny Horiteyn ayns cronk Seir, gys Elparan, liorish yn aasagh. Bible; rish: and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink - as daag ee ehsy chlioagagh rish broogh ny hawin Bible; raad; dar


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