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danjeyr danger, peril: t'eh ayns dangeyr coayl-anmey dy bragh farraghtyn Bible

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cowrey danjeyr danger signal

raaue danjeyr danger signal

traa danjeyr emergency

cur ayns danjeyr imperil, jeopardize

danger signal (n.) cowrey danjeyr, raaue, raaue danjeyr

danger (n.) cryggyl, dangere, gaue, geiyaght; danjeyr: The timid man is afraid of the least danger - Ta'n dooinney faitagh goaill aggle roish danjeyr sloo. JJK idiom

jeopardize (v.) cur ayns danjeyr

emergency (n.) gear-cheim; traa danjeyr; traa gaueagh; egin

imperil (v.) cur ayns danjeyr, cur ayns gaue

peril (n.) cryggyl: At your peril - Da'n chryggyl ayd. DF idiom; danjeyr, gaue

aware (adj.) er-twoaie; twoaieagh, twoaiagh; (v.) oayllagh rish: I am fully aware of the danger - Ta mee slane oayllagh rish yn danjeyr. DF idiom

fully (adv.) dy slane; slane: I am fully alive to the danger - Ta lane fys aym er y danjeyr. DF idiom; lane: Fully laden ship - Lhong lane lughtit. DF idiom

signal (n.) cowrey: The signal is at danger - Ta'n cowrey cur danjeyr. DF idiom; (gen.) cowree; (v.) cowraghey; (adj.) cronnal, cowreydagh, neuchadjin

timid1 (n., adj.) aggleydagh; faitagh: The timid man is afraid of the least danger - Ta'n dooinney faitagh goaill aggle roish danjeyr sloo. JJK idiom; fashagh; scaagh

fo arrey under surveillance: Tooryn ard niau ta seyr sthill veih danjeyr y noidys ain; t'ad freilt fo arrey gyere dy ainleyn sollys, eillit lesh pooar nyn ree. PC

Nar lhig eh Jee (intj) God forbid: Nar lhig eh Jee, dy beagh veg euish myr shoh lurg diu fys ve eu cre'n danjeyr mooar eh dy veaghey fegooish Jee ayns y teihll. CS

oayllagh rish accustomed, acquainted, au fait, conversant, experienced, familiar, intimately acquainted, versed, wont: Ta mee slane oayllagh rish yn danjeyr. DF

shirrit asked, required, searched, solicited, sought: Cha nhegin da danjeyr ve shirrit ny shaghnit. JJK

staillin (=Ir. staillinn) (f.) jumper; steel: Trooid stiagh, agh cum shiu ersooyl veih ny dellyn staillin; ta danjeyr ayndoo ayns sterrym gollrish shoh. JG

tendit served: O s'treih'n jurnaa, as tendit lesh danjeyr da quoi-erbee nee'n ventyr y ghoaill er! PC


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