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daink (=Ir. dtáinig) (interrog.) came: Daink rieau aggle ort? DF

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Cha daink Did not come: Cha daink fockle ass beeal ny deiney ooasle Bible

Did not come Cha daink; nagh daink: He was disappointed that she did not come - V'eh mollit nagh daink ee. DF idiom

came2 (interrog.) daink

Doonaght pl. Dooneeyn Sabbath, Sunday: cha daink ad arragh er y doonaght Bible

drogh-ockle bad word, ill word: cha daink drogh-ockle ass beeal Yob. Bible

gyn leshtal unmitigated: Cha daink rieau yn baase gyn leshtal. DF

maghey from: Maghey shen, cha daink ad arragh er y doonaght. Bible

razor razor: Cha daink rieau razor er my chione's Bible

shiartanse (=Ir. siorsa) certain, several, some: Dy daink shiartanse veih Shechem Bible

voish y chree heartfelt: Jeir nagh daink voish y chree. DF

excuse (v.) jean leshtal er son, maihaghey; (n.) leih; leshtal: Death never came without an excuse - Cha daink rieau yn baase gyn leshtal. DF idiom

tried1 prowit: Sorely tried - Prowit dy trome. DF idiom; phrow: He tried it without success - Phrow eh er agh cha daink eh lesh. DF idiom; tryit: He was tried in Douglas - V'eh tryit ayns Doolish. DF idiom

caarjyn friends: t'ee geamagh er e caarjyn as e naboonyn cooidjagh Bible; lovers; kith; mates: Dinsh guilley ennagh da caarjyn dy daink 'un veoir-shee jeig' dys cummal e lught-thie as ad 'ceau jaggadyn-flak'. Carn

chronnee perceived; saw: As tra chronnee ad eh, eer my daink eh er-gerrey daue, hug ad nyn goyrle dy chielley, dy varroo eh. Bible

coair y cheilley near: hug eh soilshey 'syn oie da ny Israeliteyn: myr shen nagh daink ad coair y cheilley er y slane oie. Bible

cur ayns cooinaghtyn commemorate: Neemayd cur ayns cooinaghtyn y theay dy daink de Valera dys Mannin as dy row ny recortyssyn shen jeant. Carn; remind

eamagh2 (dy); (to) give tongue, call: cha daink mish dy eamagh er y vooinjer chairagh Bible

Ean Bashtey John the Baptist: Son cha daink Ean Bashtey gee arran, ny giu feeyn Bible

eiraghtys hereditament, inherited property: Myr shen s'baghtal dy daink ad dy ghleck reesht yn thalloo as yn eiraghtys va caillt oc ayns Nerin ayns 902 as dy chur er bun reesht reill sluight Ivar. GB

er y gherrit lately, of late: Fakin nagh daink uss agh er y gherrit shoh Bible

fockleyn words: ga dy row shin tuittym magh ny keayrtyn, ve dy leah jarroodit, as cha daink shin rieau gys streeu as fockleyn sharroo. JG

gonney rare; vexed; famine: da Joseph va er ny ruggey daa vac roish my daink ny bleeantyn gonney Bible

greienys equipment, harness: Ta coontey coyrt ayn jeh stoo-thie as yn greienys caillt ec Finn 'sy thie losht as ec jerrey yn skeeal ta inshit dooin yn erree dy daink er Garraidh son yn olkys ren eh. Coraa

hood 1 to you a: roish my daink mish hood gys Egypt Bible; 2 (n.) hood a pl. hoodyn

laa dy row (a) day; (a) certain day; one day: As haghyr eh er laa dy row, dy daink eh gys shen Bible

lhiassagh allegation;: Myr nagh daink yn Mac dooinney dy ve shirveishit er, agh dy hirveish, as dy chur e vioys ny lhiassaghey son ymmodee. PB1765; chargee

maghey shen besides; from that time; thenceforth: Maghey shen, cha daink ad arragh er y doonaght. Bible

nagh moo neither: Chamoo daink mee quaiyl rish kiaulleyder dooie erbee, nagh moo vel mee er chloie marish peiagh erbee elley Carn

Oie vie (intj) Good night: Yeigh ee e sooillyn as dooyrt ee "Oie vie" rish ooilley ny beiyn, biljyn as lossreeyn, roish my daink cadley sheeoil urree. Dhoor

scaipailtagh fugitive: va laue yn Chiarn harrym ayns yn astyr, roish my daink yn scaipailtagh hym's Bible

seihll gyn jerrey world without end: Roish my daink ny sleityn rish, ny rieau yn thalloo as y seihll er nyn groo: she uss Jee er-dy-rieau, as seihll gyn jerrey. PB1765

shen (=Ir. sin) that: Maghey shen, cha daink ad arragh er y doonaght Bible [O.Ir. in ... sin, in ... tall]

slane oie all the night: myr shen nagh daink ad coair y cheilley er y slane oie. Bible

sy chenn traa in old time: Son cha daink phadeyryssy chenn traa liorish aigney dooinney Bible

careful1 (adj.) frioosagh, thortagh, twoaieagh, jeadjagh; imneagh: wherein ye were also careful, but ye lacked opportunity - ayns dy row shiu myrgeddin imneagh, agh cha daink eh lhieu Bible; ro-imneagh: thou art careful and troubled about many things - tou ro-imneagh as seaghnit mysh ymmodee nheeghyn Bible

bare lhiam I did prefer, I had rather, I would prefer: Bare lhiam y fer toshee harrish y fer s'jerree. DF S'bare lhiam myghin na oural: son cha daink mish dy eamagh er y vooinjer chairagh, agh er peccee gys arrys. Bible

immeeaght (=Ir. imeacht) (f.) pl. immeeaghtyn act, action, decampment, departure, drift, exit, exodus, going away, procedure, proceeding, procession, progress, progression, start, walk, way; (of events) current; depart, go, going: as scoan va Jacob er n'immeeaght veih fenish Isaac e ayr, dy daink Esau e vraar stiagh veih e heilg. Bible; flight of time, fullness; paces of a horse; mien


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