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daanys 1 boldness, confidence, courage, daring, resolution, self-assurance, spunk a: Ny hrooid ta daanys ain Bible; 2 cheek, cockiness, effrontery, impudence, rudeness, temerity: t'eh er n'yannoo daanys er ynnyd casherick y Chiarn Bible

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daanys graney super-boldness

daanys vooaralagh presumption: Ny jarrood coraa dty noidyn: ta'n daanys vooaralagh ocsyn ta feoh oc ort, gaase dy kinjagh ny smoo as ny smoo. Bible

gyn daanys unassuming

cur daanys er embolden

boldness (n.) daanaght: Our boldness - Nyn n'aanaght. DF idiom; daanys: Shouldn't I have the boldness? - Nagh beagh y daanys aym? JJK idiom; meenearey

bounce clistal; clistey; daanys-chree: He is full of bounce - T'eh lane daanys-chree. DF idiom; lheim; lheimyragh; lhiemmey

cockiness (n.) daanys

effrontery (n.) daanys; eddin

presumption (n.) barel, kione-ardys, sheiltynys; daanys vooaralagh: the presumption of them that hate thee - tan daanys vooaralagh ocsyn ta feoh oc ort Bible

self-assurance (n.) daanys, hene-barrantys

super-boldness (n.) daanys graney

temerity (n.) daanys, eddin

unassuming (adj.) gyn daanys, neufroaishagh

determination (n.) diarail; kione-daanys; ooley

doggedness (n.) kione-daanys, reenid, shassooaght

pertinacity (n.) kione-daanys, rag-wannalaght

pigheadedness (n.) kione-daanys

recalcitrance (n.) kione-daanys; neuwooiys

self-will (n.) kione-daanys

waywardness (n.) kione-daanys

daanys-chree bounce

kione-daanys determination, doggedness, pertinacity, pigheadedness, recalcitrance, self-will; (f.) waywardness

daring daaney; daanys; dunnal; dunnalid; dunnallid; dunnalys; dunnallys

rudeness (n.) barbaght, boddaght, daanys, drogh-ellyn, garrooid, lunaght, neuellynaght

spunk (n.) creeaght, daanys, musthane, spongey; sheel

embolden (v.) cur creeaght ayn, cur daanys er, jannoo daaney

resolution (n.) aigney jeean, daanys, jeeskeaylley, kiarail, rheynn, skeaylley; cruinnys

cheek1 (v.) cur baaish da, cur eddin da; (n.) daanys; eddin; gaailley; gruaie; lieckan: The blow slit his cheek - Doshil y builley y lhieckan echey. DF idiom; puiss

confidence (n.) barrantys, creeaght, daanys, roon, treisht; barrant: I haven't much confidence in him - Cha nel monney barrant aym er. DF idiom; folliaght: He made a confidence to me - Dinsh eh folliaght dou. DF idiom

courage (n.) creeaght: You must have more courage - Shegin ve ny smoo dy chreeaght eu. JJK idiom; daanys

impudence (n.) baaish, eddin, meenearey, mwannal; daanys: The impudence of it! - Lhied y ghaanys! DF idiom

creeaght (f.) bravery, confidence, courage, morale, pluck, spunk: T'ad shirrey creeaght as daanys 'chur stiagh sy phobble. Carn

dwoaieagh See dwooiagh abominable, detestable, hated, hateful, unlovely, vile: Dy yannoo peccah noi leigh, te daanys, agh dy yannoo e noi graih te dwoaieagh. EF

mennick dy liooar not uncommonly, often enough: As er y fa dy vel coonseilee oc hene nish, ta'n creeaght as daanys shen goll er croo mastey'n phobble mennick dy liooar nish. Carn

kiontoyrtys contrariety, haphazardness, precipitance: Cha nee liorish arran uy lomarcan, agh liorish cumra gys as daanys ayns kiontoyrtys, shirrey as geddyn, shirveish as rheynn, cur graih as ve graihit, as erskyn ooilley liorish firrinys ayns padjer, cur geill da coyrle ny Spyrryd Coraa


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