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daah (=Ir. dath) pl. daaghyn colour, colouration, dye, hue, paint, pigment, scorch, singe, stain, suit, tincture: e chooat jeh caglaaghyn daah va mysh Bible

Inexact matches:

caghlaaghyn daah divers colours, different clours: er dty laue yesh hass y ven-reïn ayns coamrey d'airh, obbrit mygeayrt lesh caghlaaghyn daah. Bible

caglaaghyn daah many colours: rooisht ad e chooat jeh Joseph, e chooat jeh caglaaghyn daah va mysh. Bible

chaghlaaghyn daah (dy) multicoloured: As va coamrey dy chaghlaaghyn daah urree: son lesh lheid ny coamraghyn va inneenyn y ree va nyn moidynyn er nyn goamrey. Bible

daah beayn fast dye

daah caggee war paint

daah dhone bistre

daah farvollee eye shadow

daah galchro walnut stain

daah greiney sunburn, suntan

daah lossanagh varnish paint

daah lughagh mouse colour

daah najooragh self-colour

daah screeuee ink

daah smarree grease paint

daah sooilley mascara

gyn daah colourless, uncoloured

kishtey daah paintbox

penn daah colour pen

poyll daah dye-pool

skeaban daah paint brush

slaa daah paint

thie daah dye-works

as daah ny greiney er weather-beaten

cheet daah bane er (of person) blanche

cur brat leaght-daah er wash

cur daah ayn tinge

cur daah cuishlinagh er vein

cur daah da tinge

cur daah er colour, embellish, paint

cur daah gorrym er blue

cur daah snaieagh er grain

daah ny greiney sunburn, tan

daah yn chrackan flesh colour

daah yn vaaish cadaverous look, deathlike colour

daah yn vraddan salmon colour

er yn un daah whole-coloured

jeh daah coonlagh straw-coloured

jeh daah leoh ash-coloured, ashy

jeh daah ny leoaie leaden

jeh daah yn chrackan flesh-coloured

jeh daah yn vaaish ashy

jeh daah y sneeshyn snuff-coloured

jeh'n un daah unicoloured: Ta'n eaddagh eck jeh'n un daah. DF

kibbin daah smarree stick of grease paint

milley yn daah jeh discolour

scugheyder daah lossanagh varnish remover

paint (v.) cur daah er, daahghey, slaa daah, slaaghey, slaa; (n.) daah; (n.) peint: Paint a door green - Peint ghlass y chur er dorrys. DF idiom; paint

sunburn daah greiney; daah ny greiney

colour1 (n.) brattagh; cullyr: I cannot conceive how he can choose so ugly a colour - Cha noddym sheiltyn kys vod eh reih cullyr cha graney. JJK idiom; daah: He would choose this colour - Reihagh eh yn daah shoh. JJK idiom; (v.) cullyral, cur crackan er, cur daah er, daaghey, daahghey

ashy (adj.) jeh daah leoh; jeh daah yn vaaish; leoieagh; leoiragh; neeal; unjinagh

tinge blass; daaheen; mynghaah; (v.) cullyral, cur daah ayn, cur daah da, mynghaahaghey

ash-coloured jeh daah leoh

bistre (n.) daah dhone

colouration (n.) daaghey, daah

colourless (adj.) gyn daah; neughaaoil

colour pen (n.) penn daah

different clours caghlaaghyn daah

divers colours caghlaaghyn daah

dye1 (n.) cullyr, daah; (v.) daaghey

dye-pool (n.) poyll daah

eye shadow (n.) daah farvollee

fast dye (n.) daah beayn

grease paint (n.) daah smarree

hue cullyr; daah

many colours caglaaghyn daah: his coat of many colours that was on him - e chooat jeh caglaaghyn daah va mysh Bible

mascara (n.) daah sooilley, mascaarey

mouse colour daah lughagh

multicoloured (adj.) yl-daahagh; (dy) chaghlaaghyn daah

paintbox (n.) kishtey daah

pigment daah; lhee

self-colour daah najooragh

singe daah; daahjey

straw-coloured (adj.) jeh daah coonlagh

tincture daah; daahghey; tinshur

uncoloured gyn daah; neughaait

varnish paint (n.) daah lossanagh

walnut stain (n.) daah galchro

war paint (n.) daah caggee

cadaverous look daah yn vaaish

colour bar (n.) daah-scarrey, lhiettrimys-daah

colour-blind (adj.) daah-ghoal

colour blindness (n.) daah-ghellid

coloured chalk kelk-daah

colour-wash eayl-daah

deathlike colour (n.) daah yn vaaish

dye-works (n.) thie daah, thie daahderys

flesh colour daah yn chrackan

flesh-coloured (adj.) jeh daah yn chrackan

ground colour (n.) (yn) chied-daah

light-coloured (adj.) daah-eddrym, gial

lipstick (n.) beeal-daah, birrag veill

paint brush (n.) skeaban daah; skeaban-slaa

salmon colour daah yn vraddan

snuff-coloured jeh daah y sneeshyn

suntan (n.) daah greiney; ruyghey greiney

timbre (n.) toan-daah

unicoloured (adj.) jeh'n un daah, undaahagh

wash-tint leaght-daah

whole-coloured er yn un daah

beeal-daah lipstick

chied-daah (yn) ground colour

daah-eddrym light-coloured

daah-ghellid colour blindness

daah-ghoal colour-blind

daah-scarrey colour bar

eayl-daah colour-wash

kelk-daah coloured chalk

leaght-daah wash, wash-tint

lhiettrimys-daah colour bar

toan-daah timbre

blanche1 (v.) (of person) cheet daah bane er, aase lheeah

discolour (v.) milley yn daah jeh, neughaaghey

embellish (v.) cur daah er; jesheenaghey; skeoghy

leaden (adj.) jeh daah ny leoaie; leoaie; marroo-hooillagh; trome-choshagh

scorch daah; daahjey; fowan; fowanaghey; fowaney; lomman; lommaney

stick of grease paint (n.) kibbin daah smarree

tan1 buigh; daah ny greiney; ruy; ruyid; (v.) cartaghey

varnish remover (n.) scugheyder daah lossanagh, scugheyder varnish

wash1 bashlagh; cur brat leaght-daah er; leaght-daah; niaghyn; niee: Wash thy hands - Niee dty laueyn. JJK idiom; oonlaghey; oonlee: Go, wash in the pool of Siloam - Immee as oonlee oo hene ayns poyll Siloam Bible

smarree greasing, greasy, unctuous: Kibbin daah smarree. DF

stain (n.) cron, daah; (v.) daaghey, faagail cron er, smeyrey, sollaghey

weather-beaten (adj.) as daah ny greiney er; ceaut ec yn emshir

blue1 (v.) cur daah gorrym er, gormaghey, gorrymaghey; (n., adj.) gorrym: Do you know the child with the blue eyes? - Nhione diu yn lhiannoo ta sooillyn gorrym echey. JJK idiom

grain (n.) arroo; freih; grine: Grain of wheat - Grine curnee. DF idiom; (v.) cur daah snaieagh er, grinaghey

ink (v.) cur doo er, dooaghey, dooghey; (n.) daah screeuee; ink; doo: The ink is too thick - Ta'n doo ro hiu. JJK idiom

suit cooish; cullee; daah; freggyrt da, jannoo cooie da, jannoo jesh da; shualtys; sooree; jannoo cooie

vein (n.) cuishlin; meayn: Surely there is a vein for the silver - Son shickyrys ta meayn ayn son yn argid Bible; (v.) cur daah cuishlinagh er

cheet appee mellow: eddyr immyryn breckey-va blah-hieyn liauyrey ayn, ny ooylyn-ghraih ayndoo cheet appee, 'solley va orroo daah ny greiney er oirr ny cruinney fastyr meein y tourey. Coraa

goaill greim jeh catch on, grip: She'n chied red va goaill greim jeh my hooill tra haink mee roish y Cholloo va'n daah j'ee. Carn

oirr ny cruinney horizon: va blah hieyn liauyrey ayn, ny ooylyn-ghraih ayndoo cheet appee, 'solley va orroo daah ny greiney er oirr ny cruinney fastyr meein y tourey. Coraa

spuitt spots: Vod yn Ethiopian daah e chrackan y chaghlaa, ny'n leopard e spuitt? Bible

thie obbyr work house, workshop: lurg fockley magh yn Slattys shoh, dy bee dy chooilley choirrey ta ymmyd jeant eh ayns mwyllin, thie obbyr-laue, thie-prental, thie-daah, thie son lheie yiarn, thie-imbyl, thie-fuinney, obbraghyn-gas, obbraghyn-ushtey, ny thieyn erbee elley ta ymmyd jeant Coraa


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