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aarlaghey da'n oaye lay out

aarloo da'n aarkey seaworthy

aarloo da'n cheayn seaworthy

aarloo da'n oaye laid out

aarloo da'n vooir seaworthy

bentyn da'n cheilley related

bentyn da'n vinnagh visceral

biallagh da'n leigh law-abiding

cur bree da'n chilley turn on the vision

cur da'n cheiy dock

currit da'n chugyr sweet-toothed

currit da'n leigh litigious

currit da'n touyrid comfort-loving

erreish da'n chaggey postwar

erreish da'n cheim postgraduate

erreish da'n lhongey postprandial

erreish da'n traa rio postglacial

faggys da'n chleaysh parotid

faggys da'n clyst coastal

faggys da'n traie inshore: Yinnagh eh guee er Jee dy mennick ayns ooig er lheh faggys da'n traie, as yinnagh eh leeideil ny monnaghyn echey as ad cur ooashley da Jee ayns Taigh MhĂ rtainn. Dhoor

fer aarloo da'n chriy gallows bird

gloyr da'n Ayr doxology

goll da'n staartey turn to

gyn keeal da'n ynsaghey unapt for teaching

lane da'n chrossag chock-full, full up

M'annym da'n Jouyll (intj) Well I'm damned

neuaarloo da'n cheayn unseaworthy

ro vooar da'n eash ec overgrown

ry-akin da'n tooill macroscopic

Sniessey da'n Oirr (Ny) Closer to the Edge

urrysaght da'n treeoo fer (f.) third party insurance

bing son jannoo ass y noa as coyrlaghey da'n cho-phobble regeneration and community advisory committee


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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