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currit (=Ir. curtha) allotted, placed, remitted, stationed: Nish erreish da Ean ve currit ayns pryssoon Bible; given

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currit ass annoyed, cancelled, deprived; quenched, put out, extinguished: t'ad currit ass myr cainle Bible

currit da liable, susceptible, tendency: Gleashtan currit da chyndaa harrish. DF; given to, put to: Va bree currit da'n clattys shoh sy vlein 1974 erreish da'n thie lhionney shid ve sheidit seose ayns Birmingham as ram sleih marrooit. Carn; partial to, subject to; addicted: Ta mee currit da'n jough. DF; fond of

currit er imposed, laid on

currit ersooyl dismissed; put away: Haink yn caggey as cha row yn obbyr shoh jeant, agh cheayll mee dy row ny rhollanyn currit ersooyl ec Marstrander dys boayl chemmyrk ayns Dublin son sauchys. MB; sent away: Cha leah's ren y laa toshiaght soilshaghey, va ny deiney currit ersooyl, ad hene as nyn assylyn. Bible

currit gys sent: V'eh currit gys scoill smaghtagh. DF

currit haart vanquished: Va nyn noidyn currit haart. DF

currit hug sent

currit jeh deterred, postponed: V'eh currit jeh'n choorse echey liorish y gheay. DF

currit lesh brought: Shimmey gaue ta shin currit lesh ny hrooid. EF

currit magh confused; published: Cre'n aght veagh y lioar currit magh? Carn

currit mow destroyed, ruined: Bee inneen Egypt currit mow, bee ee livreit gys laue mooinjer y twoaie. Bible; demolished; desolate

currit naardey ruined: Ta Babylon goit, ta Bel currit naardey, ta Merodach brisht ayns peeshyn Bible

currit neose deposed, downed: v'eh currit neose veih e stoyl-reeoil Bible

currit rish subjoined: Ny mynphointyn currit rish. DF

currit ry-cheilley compiled, connected, put together: Bee ny cowraghyn currit ry-cheilley ec jerrey y choorse dy gheddyn magh y graayd ta'n studeyr er chosney ayns TCG. Dhoor

currit ry-lhiattee in abeyance: Agh dooyrt Caairliagh Radio Vannin, Charles y Karagher, nagh beagh y studeyrys currit ry-lhiattee choud's veagh eshyn ayn. BS

currit seose abdicated, fitted; given up: V'eh currit seose son marroo. DF

currit sheese downed; brought down: bee mooaralys deiney currit sheese dy injil Bible

currit stiagh enclosed, fitted; installed; entered: va ny enmyn oc currit stiagh Bible

as enney currit er identified

as raaue currit da warned

bwooise currit er son acknowledged

currit ass cummey distorted

currit ass oik deposed

currit ass olt disjointed

currit ass y taggyrtys unfrocked

currit da cooilleeiney observant

currit da lioaryn bookish

currit da'n chugyr sweet-toothed

currit da'n leigh litigious

currit da'n touyrid comfort-loving

currit da sollaghey laue bribing

currit da taitnys pleasure-loving

currit er bher broached

currit er bun established: Va'n gleashaght currit er bun ayns Mannin. DF; founded

currit er hene self-imposed

currit er moostey startled

currit fo chosh quelled, subdued, suppressed: Cha nod eh ve currit fo chosh. DF

currit fo haart vanquished: V'ad currit fo haart. DF

currit fo smaght repressed: she sorch dy red eh shoh vees cur siyr er y laa tra choaylys Tinvaal e pooar as e ardcheim, tra vees ny Manninee currit fo smaght ny Sostnee, dy slane; as ta sooillyn ny Sostnee chyndaait rooin dy neu-ymmyrchagh. Carn

currit fud y cheilley distracted, jumbled: Va'n slane cooish currit fud y cheilley. DF

currit gy baase slain: Shen-y-fa hug oo ny reiltee oc dy ve currit gy baase Apoc

currit gys un cheu lie by

currit hug y geay broached

currit lesh ersooyl carried away: ta ASAP gra dy row eh grait ec çhaglym theayagh dy beagh ushtey sollit currit lesh ersooyl veih'n ynnyd ayns doaghyn troailt. BS

currit lesh yn aer airborne

currit liorish hene isolated

currit magh ass ousted: As va Miriam currit magh ass y champ son shiaght laa Bible

currit ny cadley anaesthetized

currit rish Sostyn pro-English

currit 'sy cheayn ditched

currit 'sy gheay (as clothes) aired

currit 'sy thalloo layered; put in the ground

eaddagh currit jeh undressed

feeuid currit huggey added value

feoh currit da detested: Ta feoh currit da'n dooinney shoh kyndagh rish e oalsaght. JJK

fer currit da druggaghyn drug addict

gyn ve currit ass cree undeterred, undisheartened

gyn ve currit er creau undismayed

gyn ve currit fo chosh unsubdued

gyn ve currit fo haart undefeated

nagh vel currit ass cree undisheartened

onnor currit da honoured

red currit stiagh importation

slane currit da devoted: Slane currit da'n staartey echey. DF

gyn ennym y ve currit hug unsigned

nagh vod ve currit fo ushtey unsinkable

deposed brisht; prowit; currit ass oik, currit neose

downed currit neose, currit sheese, lhieggit; er thalloo

honoured onnorit; onnor currit da: Never was a man so much honoured as he - Cha row rieau dooinney as onnor currit da myr va currit dasyn. JJK idiom

vanquished currit fo haart; currit haart; fo chosh

ruined brisht; craiuaigagh; creuit; creujit; currit mow; currit naardey; fo haart; millit

subject to currit da: Subject to colds - Currit da feayraghtyn. DF idiom

dismissed currit ersooyl: She was immediately dismissed - V'ee currit er-sooyl ass-laue. JJK idiom

undisheartened gyn lhaggaghey creeaght; gyn ve currit ass cree; nagh vel currit ass cree

aired3 (v.) (as clothes) currit 'sy gheay

annoyed anveaghit; corree: It annoyed him - Hug eh corree er. DF idiom; currit ass: She was annoyed - V'ee currit assjee. DF idiom; fargit; jymmoosit; sneeuit

broached barnit; broachit; currit er bher; currit hug y geay; foslit; lhiggit; towlit; saiht hug y gheay: The ship broached - Ren y lhong saih hug y gheay. DF idiom

cancelled currit ass: His licence was cancelled - Va e chiedoonys currit ass. DF idiom; dollit magh: Cancelled stamps - Clouagyn dollit. DF idiom; rast; scryssit

comfort-loving currit da'n touyrid

compiled co-chruinnit; currit ry-cheilley

demolished currit mow

detested (v.) feoh currit da: This man is detested on account of his perfidy - Ta feoh currit da'n dooinney shoh kyndagh rish e oalsaght. JJK idiom

devoted casherickit da: Devoted to the Virgin Mary - Casherickit da'n Voidyn Moirrey. DF idiom; jeelys; slane currit da: Devoted to his job - Slane currit da'n staartey echey. DF idiom

extinguished currit ass

fitted currit seose; currit stiagh; dest: He fitted out the house with running water - Dest eh y thie lesh ushtey roie. DF idiom

founded (v.) currit er bun

given currit

given up (v.) currit seose

installed (v.) currit stiagh

liable (adj.) currit da: Liable to catch colds - Currit da feayraghtyn. DF idiom; freggyragh: Jointly and severally liable - Freggyragh ry cheilley as er lheh. DF idiom; foshlit roish: Liable to catch colds - Foshlit roish feayraghtyn. DF idiom

ousted (v.) currit magh ass

partial to (v.) currit da

pleasure-loving currit da taitnys

pro-English (adj.) currit rish Sostyn

published currit magh: This book ought never to have been published - Cha lhisagh yn lioar shoh rieau er ve currit magh. JJK idiom; er ny chur magh; soilshit

self-imposed (adj.) currit er hene

sent currit gys; currit hug: Why haven't you sent him his books? - Cre'n oyr nagh vel shiu er chur huggey e lioaryn? JJK idiom

stationed currit; soit; sthollit

subjoined (v.) currit rish

sweet-toothed (adj.) currit da'n chugyr

tendency (n.) beoyn; currit da

jeeaghyn neose er overlook: Foddee red erbee taghyrt, foddee ny reddyn syrjey ve currit bun ry skyn, aggle ve currit orroosyn ayns buill ard, ammys orroosyn v'ad jeeaghyn neose er. Dhoor

added value (n.) feeuid currit huggey

addicted (v.) cleaynit da; currit da

aired1 (v.) (as bed) chiowit, currit 'sy gheay

allotted cronnit; currit; lottit; rheynnit

brought chur lesh; currit lesh

desolate1 fadanagh; follym-faase: for as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath - son chouds vee ny lhie follym faase dreill ee doonaght Bible; follym feayn; traartyssey; faase; treigit: your high ways shall be desolate - bee nyn raaidyn mooarey treigit Bible; melley; faasagh: that the land be not desolate - nagh bee yn thalloo ny aasagh Bible; bane: As long as it lieth desolate - Choud as te ny lhie bane Bible; feayn: while she lieth desolate without them - choud as te ny lhie feayn nyn vegooish Bible fleeing into the wilderness in former time desolate and waste - chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; foddey feayn; fadane: let them seek it also out of desolate places - shirree ad eh ayns buill fadane Bible; currit mow: and they that dwell therein are desolate - as ta e chummaltee currit mow Bible; traartys: neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate - chamoo vees dty heer ny lurg shoh enmyssit Traartys Bible; naardey: And I will make the land desolate - As ver-ym naardey yn thalloo Bible

deterred castit; cumrit; currit jeh

enclosed boallit; cruinnit; currit stiagh

fond of miandagh: Are you fond of milk? - Vel shiu miandagh er bainney? JJK idiom; currit da: He is fond of reading - T'eh currit da'n lhaihderys. DF idiom; feer vooar rish: They are very fond of each other - T'ad feer vooar rish y cheilley. DF idiom

layered currit 'sy thalloo; jastanagh

quelled currit fo chosh; kiunit

quenched castit; mooghit; currit ass

unfrocked (v.) currit ass y taggyrtys

fo-raad (of road) branch, secondary road; en route, in motion, in transit, on the road, under way; started: Lhisagh claare-traenal fondagh ve currit fo raad, as, ec y traa cheddin, lhisagh stoo ynsee cooie goll er croo as ve currit er- e-hoshiaght. Carn

airborne (adj.) currit lesh yn aer; getlagh

anaesthetized (v.) anloaghit; currit ny cadley; kyrloghit

bookish (adj.) currit da lioaryn; lhaihagh; lioaragh

bribing currit da sollaghey laue; sollaghey laue

connected banglaneagh; co-niemmit; conastit; currit ry-cheilley; kianglt

deprived boght; brisht; currit ass; juailit

disjointed (adj.) currit ass olt, neuyuntit, shaghrynagh

distorted cammit; cassit; cleaynit; currit ass cummey; gammagh

distracted baanrit; crankit; currit fud y cheilley

drug addict (n.) deyrsnagh-druggey, fer currit da druggaghyn

identified as enney currit er; jarrooit

in abeyance currit ry-lhiattee; faagit rish tammylt; (ny) lhie

isolated (adj.) currit liorish hene, er lheh, fadaneagh

jumbled currit fud y cheilley, mestit, orchit

lie by currit gys un cheu

litigious (adj.) accanagh; currit da'n leigh; leighagh; streeuagh

observant (adj.) baghtagh, tastagh; currit da cooilleeiney

postponed currit jeh; lhiggit shaghey; shlearit

put in the ground (v.) currit 'sy thalloo

remitted currit; er ny choyrt; lheihit; maihnit; pardoonit

repressed castit; currit fo smaght; streeanit

slain currit gy baase; craghit, marrooit

startled agglit ass; currit er moostey

suppressed currit fo chosh; mooghit; plooghit

susceptible (adj.) cleaynit gys; currit da; foshlit da

undefeated gyn ve currit fo haart; neuchastit

unsubdued gyn smaghtaghey; gyn ve currit fo chosh

dy gloo compactly: Currit seose dy gloo. DF

confused (adj.) boirit, currit magh, fud y cheilley, mestit, nearildagh

importation (n.) cur lesh stiagh 'syn Ellan, kionnaghey stiagh, red currit stiagh

undeterred (adj.) gyn lhiettal; gyn ve currit ass cree; neuchastit; neuchumrit

undismayed (adj.) gyn faasid chree; gyn ve currit er creau

unsigned (adj.) gyn ennym scruit, gyn ennym y ve currit hug

Baarl (f.) English: Ta Baarl currit er y Vretnish er y scaalhean aghterbee. Carn

chyndaa harrish turn over: Gleashtan currit da chyndaa harrish. DF; overturn

cultooragh cultural: cha row monney caghlaaghyn cultooragh currit stiagh voish cheeraghyn elley. carn

gardey escort, guard, protect, watch: V'eh currit gys shen as gardey er. DF

staddyssaght (f.) statistics: Staddyssaght currit magh ec y Rheynn Arraghey BS; statistic

aback (prep.) cheu chooylloo; (adv.) ergooyl; yindys er: I was taken aback - Va yindys currit orrym. DF idiom

abdicated ( ceaut jeh, currit seose, irrit ass, lhiggit voish: The abdicated king - Yn ree hug seose y crooin echey. DF idiom

acknowledged bwooise currit er son; freggyrit; goit rish; ghow rish: And Judah acknowledged them - As ghow Judah roo Bible

brought down lhieggit sheese: Thy pomp is brought down to the grave - Ta dty voyrn lhieggit sheese gys yn oaie Bible; coyrt fo-chosh; currit sheese: And the mean man shall be brought down -

carried away (v.) currit lesh ersooyl: And he carried away all his cattle - As hug eh lesh ersooyl ooilley e vaase Bible

destroyed currit mow: He destroyed the town - Hug eh mow y balley. DF idiom; spooill; stroit: Utterly destroyed - Stroiet dy bollagh. DF idiom

ditched ceaut ersooyl; ceaut 'sy jeeig: He ditched the car - Hug eh y gleashtan 'sy jeeig. DF idiom; currit 'sy cheayn: He ditched the 'plane - Hug eh yn etlan 'sy cheayn. DF idiom; faagit; jeeigagh; jeeigit; treigit

driftwood (n.) fuygh marrey, mooirchoorey; mooirchooraghyn: Driftwood tided up the river - Mooirchooraghyn currit lesh seose yn awin ec y tidey. DF idiom

entered (v.) currit stiagh: I entered him in the race - Hug mee eh stiagh 'sy ratch. DF idiom

escort1 (v.) gardey: He was sent there under escort - V'eh currit gys shen as gardey er. DF idiom; (n.) lhong choadee

established currit er bun; fondit; prowit; er ny hickyraghey; er ny hoiaghey seose: thy throne shall be established for ever - been stoyl-reeoil ayd er ny hoiaghey seose dy kinjagh Bible; er ny niartaghey; er ny oardaghey

imposed (v.) currit er; kianlt er: imposed on them until the time of reformation - kianlt orroo derrey imbagh yn stayd noa Bible

justly (adv.) cairagh: We should be justly blamed for that - Veagh foill cairagh currit orrin son shen. DF idiom; dy jeeragh

on account of ass-lieh; er coontey; er son; kindagh rish: This man is detested on account of his perfidy - Ta feoh currit da'n dooinney shoh kyndagh rish e oalsaght. JJK idiom

overturn (v.) ceau harrish; cleddal; tuittym harrish; (to); (dy) hilgey harrish; chyndaa harrish: Car liable to overturn - Gleashtan currit da chyndaa harrish. DF idiom

placed currit; soit; cur er: I placed it on your desk - Hug mee er nyn grannag eh. JJK idiom

practice1 aght; cliaghtey: To indulge in a practice - Dy ve currit da cliaghtey. DF idiom; roortys; rooyrtyssagh

prison (n.) pryssoon: He was taken off to prison - V'eh currit ayns pryssoon. DF idiom; cappey

put out callit; cur ass; cur magh: He put out his tongue - Hug eh magh e hengey. DF idiom; sheeyney magh; currit ass

rights (npl.) cair: His rights were alienated - V'eh currit ass e chair. DF idiom; cairyn; kiartyn: My rights as against the government - My chiartyn erskyn y reiltys. DF idiom

subdued currit fo chosh: So Moab was subdued that day - Myr shen va Moab er ny choyrt fo chosh er y laa shen Bible; injil; jargit er; smaghtit

suspicion (n.) ourys: He is above suspicion - Cha nod ourys ve currit er. DF idiom

undressed aw; eaddagh currit jeh; garroo; gyn aarlaghey; neuchoamrit: I am undressed - Ta mee neuchoamrit. DF idiom; neulhiastit

unsinkable (adj.) do-vaih, do-vaiht, nagh vod ve currit fo ushtey, neuyantagh dy chur fo ushtey

warned as raaue currit da: By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet - Liorish credjue, Noah, myr va raaue er ny choyrt da liorish Jee mychione reddyn nagh row foast ry-akin Bible; raauit

aeglagh adolescent, juvenile, young ones, young persons, youth: shegin dauesyn kinjagh cooinaghtyn dy vel ad laccal nyn jengey ennoil dy ve currit veih sheeloghe dys sheeloghe elley, veih'n chenndiaght dys yn aeglagh. Carn

alcoal alcohol: Slattys dy injillaghey yn cagliagh jeh alcoal syn uilll veih kiare feed gys lieh-cheead millighram ayns keead millileetyr, oddagh bree ve currit da roish jerrey ny bleeaney. BS

angaaish See angaish agony, anguish, torment: Cha row fockle erbee dy leshtal oc; by gummey lhieu yn angaaish va currit er my voir. JG

Anglo-Yernagh Anglo-Irish: Hie mee gys leaght mysh y Coardail Anglo-Yernagh va currit ec leaghteyr veih'n Rheynn jeh Politickaght syn ollooscoill Carn

ard-chied privilege: Ta Phil Gawne gra dy vel eh goll er imlaghey dy heet dy ve ny hirveishagh as t'eh gennaghtyn dy vel ard-chied currit da. BS

arganys contention, controversy: Shimmey arganys va currit fo raad ec chengaghyn as, dy jarroo, va caggey ny ghaa ayn kyndagh roo neesht. Carn

argidoil argentine, financial, monetary: Cha row thieyn Dandara ayn, ny Volvoyn, ny red erbee elley t'er ve currit er Mannin ayns ennym y Jee argidoil. Carn

Arrey Tinvaal Tynwald Watch: Ta Arrey Tinvaal laccal sollyssid-reiltys dy ve currit ayns bree liorish yn leigh. BS

ashooneyr nationalist: Sy vlein 1893, va'n Commeeys Yernish currit er bun as haink ashooneyryn Yernagh dy ve ayns foayr jeh'n chengey. Carn


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