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cur seose carry forward, disclaim, drop off, extradite, flush, increase, move, postulate, relinquish, represent; pitch; fit on, fix: cur seose coamraghyn myr y chray Bible; retire, surrender: Cur seose, as rish y jiass Bible; set on fire; hang; put up, mount: Cur seose claghyn soit Bible; abdication; extradition; give up

cur1 (n.) (dog) coo

cur2 (n.) (person) kercheen

cur (=Ir. cuir) add, communicate, consign, lay, lead, putting, render, site, send; give, place, put: Gow saagh, as cur lane omer dy vanna ayn Bible; giveth [O.Ir. cor]

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cur ass annoy, cancel, deprive, emit, extrude, inconvenience, put out, repeal: Maghey shen va greienyn-kiaullee neu-ghooghysagh snaue stiagh neesht as cur ass ynnyd yn bombarde as biniou. Carn

cur ayns fit in: Cha noddym cur ayns shoh agh coontey giare jeh'n lioar scanshoil shoh er y fa dy nee lioar mooar t'ayn. Carn

cur cleaysh listen: My ta fer-reill cur cleaysh da breagyn bee ooilley e harvaantyn olk. Bible

cur cooidjagh join, marshal, mate, reunite

cur cooyl depart; put from; run away; reject; turn away; turn back

cur cor-vuilley miscue

cur couyr aiding: O HIARN, jeeagh neose veih niau, cur-my-ner, cur couyr as feaysley da shoh dty harvaant. PB1765

cur da (expenses) allow; contribute, enhance, give over, give to, pass over: cha vel oo cur da barriaght ayns y chaggey Bible; beat up, belabour, clock, hammer, hit, lash, scold, thrash: By vie lhiam cur da'n chayt ayd agh cha bloys dou. DF; append; article to trade; bestow; ascribe

cur dooraght tipping

cur eddin confrontation: Ta Jee cur eddin da ny mooaralee, as coyrt grayse dauesyn ta imlee. Bible

cur eddyr interpose, sandwich

cur er 1 apply, ascribe, compel, devolve, don, force, impose, induce, inflict, lead, oblige, persuade, turn on a: Cur er dty harvaant dy ghoaill taitnys ayns shen ny ta mie Bible; 2 affectation; 3 on occasion; 4 affectedness; 5 imposition; 6 causing: As glare dty veeal myr y feeyn share, son my ghraih ta goll sheese dy blaystal, cur er ny meillyn cadlagh dy loayrt Bible; 7 placed

cur ergooyl repulse, stand over; let; abandon: My vees sleih laccal cur ergooyl arraghey-chengey, shegin dauesyn kinjagh cooinaghtyn dy vel ad laccal nyn jengey ennoil dy ve currit veih sheeloghe dys sheeloghe elley Bible

cur ersooyl discharge, dismiss, give away, put away, send away: Nish lhig dauesyn cur ersooyl nyn maarderys Bible

cur feanish adduce: She eshyn y chied fer ass shey feanishee jeig vees cur feanish theayagh ayns ny kiare shiaghtin ta ry heet. BS

cur fo scuttle, sink; weather; let down, thrust in: Cur fo dty chorran, as buinn Bible; tackle person about

cur forrane challenging

cur fys (=Ir. cur-fios) informing; send: Cur fys er-y-fa shen gys Joppa, dy eamagh er Simon ta sliennooit Peddyr Bible

cur gioal (=Ir. cur-geal) chip in; pawn; pledge security

cur greain shock

cur gys send: ny cur gys nyn lieh yn uill gyn-loght Bible

cur haart (=Ir. cur-thart) confound, overthrow, repress, vanquish: t'eh cur haart ny mooaralee Bible

cur harrish 1 get over, go about, relinquish, relinquishment, speechify; 2 cover a: As skeaylee ad orroo eaddagh dy scarleod, as cur harrish shen coodagh dy chraitnyn broc Bible

cur hood raise the anchor

cur hug add, address, aggravate, augment; send to: Cur hug y cheayn. DF

cur jaagh (=Ir. deothach) smoke, smoking

Cur-jee arm (impv) Shoulder arms

cur jeed undress yourself: Cur jeed dty vraagyn jeh dty chassyn Bible

Cur-jee my-ner (impv) Behold: Cur-jee my-ner eeanlee yn aer: son cha vel ad cuirr ny buinn, ny chymsaghey stiagh ayns soaltyn; foast ta nyn Ayr flaunyssagh dyn meaghey ad. Bible

cur jeh abort, deter, disrobe, postpone, postponement, shake off, undressing, waive, work off: Ny lhig dasyn ta cur mysh e êilley-chaggee boggyssagh, myr eshyn ta cur jeh eh. Bible

cur joughinyn round of drinks

cur jymmoose offend, grieve: as duyrt eshynn, klasti rish shiuss dy hyi Gavid: nagh vell e gyliur diufs gy bii shiu jimusygh gys dene, agh gy negyn diifs jimuys y ghurr er my iis mist ? PB1610

cur keeagh give suck: As smerg dauesyn ta torragh, as dauesyn ta cur keeagh ayns ny laghyn shen. Bible

cur leigh legislate

cur lesh bring, carry, fetch: ta laue yesh y Chiarn cur lesh reddyn yindyssagh mygeayrt. Bible; tide

cur liorish alongside

cur magh (v.) board out, bring forth, deal, delegate, dispatch, dispense, displace, eject, emit, evacuate, exude, give out, issue, lay out, publish, put forth, put out, send out, yield: t'eh cur magh tendreilyn lesh fliaghey Bible; utterance; edition, publication; delegation, dispensation, ejection, emission, evacuation

cur-magh naight press release

cur maidjey bar

cur mooie bed out

cur mow annihilate, blot out, decay, destroy, ruin: dy gholl laue roosyn va son cur mow ad Bible; demolish; overthrow

cur moylley praises

cur mygeayrt announce, circulate, pass, slew, spread: Cha jean oo troggal, ny cur mygeayrt, goo breagagh Bible

cur myrgeayrt send round

cur mysh attire, clothe, don, draw on, dress: cur mysh e gharmadyn Bible; put on

cur naardey annihilate, confound, ruin: tou cur orrym dy ve sheebit roish, tou cur naardey my vree Bible

cur neese hawk; send up: Cur neese hym eh. DF

cur neose dismount; lower; send down: Cur neose dty Spyrryd casherick, as deayrt ayns ny creeaghyn ain yn gioot smoo ooasle shen dy ghiastyllys, yn eer kiangley dy hee, as jeh dy chooilley ghrays PB1765; put down

cur noi alienate, counter, resist; deprecation; negative

cur pooar authorize: As Jee ta cur pooar da dooinney dy ghoaill soylley jeh ny t'er er gheddyn. CS

cur raaue (as Tynwald) fence; warn: eaisht rish goan my veeal, as cur raaue daue voyms Bible

cur rish add to, apply, commit, deal with, do, implement, practise, stand to, supplement: adsyn ta cur rish yn olk Bible

cur roish frame, instruct, propose, submit: quoi t'er hoiggal aigney yn Chiarn, dy jean eh cur roish? Bible

cur ry-cheilley assemblage, assemble, associate, clump, combine, compile, connect, connotation, consolidate, consolidation, construct, evolve, incorporate, keep together, reconcile, relate, sum, teamwork

cur ry-lhiattee adjourn, appropriation, head off, lay by, set apart, suspension: Shegin cur ry lhiattee adsyn ta anmagh, tee gra. BS

cur shaghey lead away, parry, put off, refer back

cur sheese confound, lower, put down, send down, subdue, suppress: Ny marr ad, er-aggle dy jarrood my phobble eh: agh skeayl ad dy lhean mastey'n pobble, as cur sheese ad, O Hiarn, nyn vendeilagh. Bible; book, deposit, depress, discharge, give in, lay, prescribe, salt

cur stiagh bring home, buy in, drop, embody, embrace, enclose, harvest, house, input, install, interject, lay up, pass, return; insert, put in: gys ny laueyn oc ta Jee cur stiagh dy palchey Bible; submit; insertion, installation, interruption, intervention; get in; enter; fill in

cur-stiagh kaikoil caecal intubation

cur tessyn get across

cur trooid put through

cur voish lay aside, puff out

ben cur ry-cheilley (f.) (female) assembler

conaantyn cur seose terms of surrender

cur aachiurrey da ask back

cur aachrackan er veneer

cur aae er arch, vault

cur aaght da (of people) board; harbour, house, lodge, put up, room

cur aaght er board out

cur aainsh er paraphrase

cur aash da rest

cur aash er ease, quieten; assuage

cur aayannoo er reconstruct

cur ablid da enable

cur accrys da underfeed

cur aggad ayn nick, notch

cur agg ayn jag, nick, notch, score

cur aggle er alarm, daunt, frighten, terrorize: Ren Laa Tynvaal cur aggle er sleih, Veagh Mannin stroiet ec deiney creoi, Agh gagh red mie fy yerrey hoal, Sidooryn Hostyn dy chooilley voayl. Carn

cur aggle mygeayrt scaremongering

cur aile da bake as bricks, burn, fire

cur alcoal ny hrooid alcoholise, alcoholize

cur ammys da hallow

cur angaaish er agonize

cur anghoo er disgrace

cur annym ayns galvanize

cur ansmaght er victimize

cur ansoor da answer: Cur ansoor da ommydan rere e ommijys, nagh bee eh creeney ayns e smooinaghtyn hene. Bible

cur anwooiys er dissatisfy

cur ard chied da privilege

cur ard-chussey er excommunicate

cur ard-loayrtys da harangue

cur ard smaght er browbeat

cur ardsmooinaght da inspire

cur ard voggey er overjoy

cur ardvoylley da adulate, extol

cur ard-yindys er amaze, astound, flummox

cur argid bio er quicksilver

cur argid coonee da subsidize

cur argid da fund

cur argid rish credit

cur argid 'sy chymbyl mobilize

cur arkfeh da cramp

cur arraghey aigney er talk over, talk round

cur arrey da wares; give attention to, pay regard to: Red symoil dy vel y Banglane cur arrey da Celtiee elley y laa t'ayn jiu. Carn; be careful

cur arrym da honour, look up to, revere, venerate: Cur arrym da dty ayr as da dty voir Bible; submit to

cur asfalt er asphalt

cur ashvuilley er bottom

cur asney ayn rib

cur ass aase dwarf

cur ass bree dissolve, prorogue

cur ass cair alienate, alienation

cur asschaarjys er antagonize

cur ass cohrimmid unbalanced

cur ass cooinaghtyn blot out

cur ass cree demoralization, demoralize, depress, discourage, dishearten: Ta Mainshtyr Huhne credjal dy noddagh shen cur ass cree sleih ta kiarail shaghney eeck keeshyn ayns ny çheeraghyn oc hene liorish baih argid ayns bancyn ayns Mannin. BS; disheartening

cur ass cummey distort

cur ass e heer hene banish

cur ass eiraght disinherit

cur ass kione unlearn

cur ass lheh implicate, implication

cur ass lhong unship

cur ass lieh incriminate

cur ass my lieh fasten on

cur ass oik depose

cur ass olt disarticulate, disjoint, dislocate, dislocation

cur ass scoill expel

cur ass shellooderys dispossess, ejection

cur ass y chione unlearn

cur ass y chliaghtey disaccustom

cur ass y jeelt unhorse, unsaddle

cur ass ymmyd cripple as ship, luxation

cur ass ynnyd misplace: Maghey shen va greienyn-kiaullee neu-ghooghysagh snaue stiagh neesht as cur ass ynnyd yn bombarde as biniou. Carn

cur ass y raad clear away, disaccustom

cur ass y taggyrtys disfrock, unfrock

cur atchim er awe, frighten

cur aunlyn rish sauce

cur ayns aaght quarter

cur ayns ardaneyn terrace

cur ayns ayndagh catalogue

cur ayns ayndagh kaart card index

cur ayns boteil bottle, bottling

cur ayns bree apply, carry into effect, enforce, enforcement, implement

cur ayns camp encamp

cur ayns carchyr gaol

cur ayns carr mie key

cur ayns cheughyn page

cur ayns clean cage, cradle

cur ayns cleeah vocs crate

cur ayns clou set up; put in print: Ga dy ren yn Ayr Peadar O Laoire obbyr ass towse dy aa-vioghey Yernish, v'eh noi cur ayns clou ram jeh ny shenn arraneyn as skeealyn er y fa dy row ad 'sollagh'. Carn

cur ayns coad code, codify

cur ayns coadan file

cur ayns co-cheintys correlate

cur ayns cochishtey pool

cur ayns contoyrtys adventure

cur ayns cooinaghtyn commemorate: Neemayd cur ayns cooinaghtyn y theay dy daink de Valera dys Mannin as dy row ny recortyssyn shen jeant. Carn; remind

cur ayns coreir rish proportion

cur ayns crockan pot

cur ayns cronchor raffle

cur ayns cummey drama dramatize

cur ayns danjeyr imperil, jeopardize

cur ayns doagh vat

cur ayns drane rhyme, rhyming

cur ayns farrys rig

cur ayns fine sheathe, sheathing

cur ayns focklyn formulate, phrase, wording

cur ayns fynneig encapsulate

cur ayns gaue compromise, hazard, imperil, risk

cur ayns geulaghyn manacle

cur ayns gioal gage, pledge

cur ayns grianane embower

cur ayns jiormey draft

cur ayns kione feanish prompt

cur ayns kishtaghyn case

cur ayns kishtey box, crate

cur ayns linney line up

cur ayns mannishter cloister

cur ayns neu-vree countervail

cur ayns oardagh conform, digest, marshal, order, set out

cur ayns oardrailys collate, collation

cur ayns oik install, installation

cur ayns oik peiagh elley replace

cur ayns olt y cheilley articulation

cur ayns paal coop

cur ayns poagaghyn bag, bagging

cur ayns pooar vest, place in control

cur ayns pryssoon gaol, imprison, incarcerate, intern, jail

cur ayns rane versify

cur ayns rangyn class

cur ayns reddey ravel

cur ayns ronniaght versify

cur ayns seck bag

cur ayns stainnaghyn (as food) tin

cur ayns stayd mie recondition

cur ayns stoandaghyn barrel

cur ayns stoyr warehousing

cur ayns straih range


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