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cummit artificial, fashioned, hewn, made, planned: ta shiu er droggal thieyn dy chlaghyn cummit Bible; stopped, held: Ta mee cummit shickyr ayns y laagh dowin Bible; celebrated; sustained; kept; featured

Inexact matches:

cummit seose maintained, supported, nourished: ta'n stoyl-reeoil cummit seose liorish cairys. Bible

yiarn cummit cast iron, wrought iron

fashioned cummit; jeant

featured cummit

made cummit; jeant; ren

nourished cummit seose

supported (adj.) cummit seose, ymmyrkit

fo-ving subcommittee: Veagh fo-ving cummit dy chur vriwnys er y chooish shoh, cummit ass Eaghtyrane, Caairliagh, Scrudeyr as Tashteyder Yn Cheshaght, as Reagheyder yn 'Eailley. Dhoor

artificial1 (adj.) conrieugh; cummit; ellynagh; laue-jeant

kept (adj.) freilt, freaylt; (v.) dreill; choad; lhiett; cummit: If you don't know it, you'll be kept in - Mannagh nhione dhyt eh, bee oo cummit sthie. JJK idiom; chum: But the thunder kept me from sleeping - Agh chum yn taarnagh mee veih cadley. JJK idiom

planned cuirrit; cummit; eabit; plannit

sustained beayn; cummit; liauyr; ymmyrkit

cast iron (n.) yiarn cummit; yiarn tilgit

celebrated cummit; ennymoil; imraagh; jeh foaynoo mooar

hewn cummit; giarrit; lhieggit; scoltit; cleight

maintained beaghit; breearrit; cummit seose; freaylt; pohlldit

wrought iron (n.) yiarn bwoaillt, yiarn cummit

held dreill; chum: He held it in both hands - Chum eh 'sy ghaa laue echey. DF idiom; cummit

July (n.) Jerrey Souree: Tynwald Fair is held on the fifth of July - Ta Margey Keeill Eoin cummit yn wheiggoo laa jeh Jerrey Souree. JJK idiom; Mee s'jerree yn touree; Mee Vuigh

stopped cummit; scuirrit; stappit; scuirr: He stopped short - Scuirr eh er y chooyl. DF idiom; stap: He stopped dead - Stap eh dy bollagh. DF idiom; sthap: I stopped the cheque - Sthap mee y sheck. DF idiom

Chaayr (f.) (Yn) Chester: Fooar ad eh ny hoie er chaayr ard reeoil, as ayns e laue yesh cummit seose lorg-reill; myr v'ad nyn shassoo er dagh laue dy chiu, 2020 lesh goan bane brynnagh myr shoh loayr eh ro PC

choe hotter, warmer: graih vees er n'aase ny s'choe, sthill gaase ny smoo, myr smoo t'eh cummit fo. PC

er yrjid high: As va ny kiare buird dy chlaghyn cummit cour yn oural-losht, cubit dy lieh er lhiurid, as cubit dy lieh er lheead, as un chubit er yrjid Bible

greïe instrument: neem oo y yannoo myr greïe noa gyere-feeacklagh, ry-hoi tasteraght Bible; tool: lesh claghyn cummit; son my hroggys oo greïe erbee er, tou er nyannoo eh anchasherick Bible

gyn-foaynoo of no value: t'ad genmys adsyn jeeghyn ta obbyr laueyn deiney, airh as argid cummit dy schleïoil, as co-chaslys dy chretooryn, ny red gyn-foaynoo dy chlagh, obbyr shenn laue aghtal. Apoc

leighderyn legal aid practitioners: Ta sleih cummit ec ny meoiryn-shee rish shiaght laa gyn caa y ve oc loayrt rish leighderyn ny rish ny lughtyn-thie oc. Carn; lawyers

liorish cairys by rights: Te dwoaiagh ayns reeaghyn, ad dy yannoo aggair: son ta'n stoyl-reeoil cummit seose liorish cairys. Bible

Lunnin (=Ir. Londain) (f.) London: Va chaglym cummit ayns Lunnin syn Ynnyd Vretnagh ayns Averil mychione lioaryn screeut ayns ny chengaghyn Celtiagh. Carn

Margey Keeill Eoin Tynwald Fair: Ta Margey Keeill Eoin cummit yn wheiggoo laa jeh Jerrey Geuree. JJK

Mean Souree (=Ir. meán samhraidh) June: Ec jerrey yn vee Mean Souree, va kione ny shiaghtin Gaelgagh cummit er y cholloo. Carn

roa pl. roaghyn row, series: va'n chooyrt vooar ooilley mygeayrt jeant lesh three roaghyn dy chlaghyn cummit, as roa dy veamyn cedar Bible; vista

scrah (f.) green sod, scraw, sod, turf: Yn aght myr heemayd claare ta scoorit glen cummit kiongoyrt rish gah ny skell y ghrian tilgey scaa bane, myr eayst yial, er y voall ny er y scrah PC; clod

trocairys (f.) affection, clemency, leniency, mercifulness, ruth: ta e stoyl-reeoil cummit seose liorish trocairys Bible

rows (npl.) coorsyn: even four rows of stones - eer kiare coorsyn cloaie Bible; roaghyn: And he built the inner court with three rows of hewed stone - As hrog eh yn chooyrt sodjey stiagh lesh three roaghyn dy chlagh cummit Bible

cha vel 1 am not: cha vel mee oayllagh orroo Bible; 2 is not a: Cha vel dooinney ooasle veg mannagh vel eh cummit seose liorish obbraghyn mie. EF; 3 are not: ny cur y doccar er ooilleyn pobble dy gholl gys shen; son cha vel ad mooarane Bible


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