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cuirr See cuirrey disseminate, dissemination: ayns y trass vleïn nee shiu cuirr as buinn Bible; (as nets) let down, shoot: Ymmyrt-jee magh gys y diunid, as cuir-jee yn lieen son tayrn Bible; invite; grow; implant, plant, set, sow: Eisht lhig dooys cuirr, as lhig da fer elley gee Bible; soweth

Inexact matches:

cuirr biljyn afforestation

cuirr caabil cable laying

cuirr ingagh netting

cuirr meainee mine laying

cuirr biljyn ayn afforest

cuirr 'sy thalloo implant

implant (v.) cuirr; cuirr 'sy thalloo; soiaghey

shoot2 (v.) (as nets) cuirr: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom

soweth cuirr: The sower soweth the word - Tan correyder cuirr yn goo Bible

cable laying (v.) cuirr caabil

disseminate (v.) cuirr, skeaylley

dissemination (n.) cuirr

afforestation (n.) cuirr biljyn, jannoo keyll

mine laying (v.) cuirr meainee; (n.) meaineydeyrys

afforest (v.) cuirr biljyn ayn, jannoo keyll

plant (v.) cuirr, saih, settal, soiaghey, plantal; (n.) glassyraght, losserey, lus, rassan, plant; (n.) farrys

sow1 (v.) cuir, cuirr, cuirrey, chuirr; (to); (dy) spreih sheel; (n.) muc aail, muc arkagh

dys shid thither: Cuirr ad dys shoh car yn astyr DF

grow (v.) aase: It's beginning to grow late - Te g'aase anmagh. JJK idiom; cuirr; mooadaghey

invite cuir, cuirr; cuirrey; chuirrys: I shan't call on you again, until you invite me - Cha derym shilley ort reesht derrey chuirrys oo mee. JJK idiom

let down (v.) cuirr: To let down a fishing net - Dy chuirr. DF idiom; cur fo; lhig neose; lhig sheese; lhiggal; lhiggey; tayrn neose; lhieggey neose; (n.) molley

net (v.) ceau lieen er, cur 'syn ingagh, jannoo jeebin; (n.) ingagh: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom; jeebin; lieen: We fished up a dead body in the net - Hrog shin corp marroo 'sy lhieen. DF idiom; (adj.) moggyllagh

netting cuirr ingagh, jannoo jeebin, tayrn eeast ayns ingagh; lieen; mogglys; snaie: Our netting is eaten by the dogfish - Ta'n snaie ain eeit ec y ghobbag. DF idiom

reap (v.) buinn: You are sowing that which you will not reap - T'ou cuirr shen nagh jean oo buinn. DF idiom

Cur-jee my-ner (impv) Behold: Cur-jee my-ner eeanlee yn aer: son cha vel ad cuirr ny buinn, ny chymsaghey stiagh ayns soaltyn; foast ta nyn Ayr flaunyssagh dyn meaghey ad. Bible

grine lhome bare grain: As shen tou dy chuirr, cha vel oo cuirr yn corp shen vees, agh grine lhome Bible

ingagh (f.) criss-cross, grid on map, network, tracery; net: Cuirr ingagh 'syn awin. DF; (of nets) train

jeir (f.) lachrymal, lachrymatory, spot, tear, teardrop: Adsyn ta cuirr ayns jeir: nee ad buinn ayns boggey Bible

loauys (f.) caries, decay, gangrene, putrescence, putridity, rot, rottenness: eshyn ta cuirr gys yn eill, nee jeh'n eill myrgeddin buinn loauys Bible

sheel issue, lineage, oats, offspring, pip, seed, sperm, spunk: nee shiu cuirr nyn sheel ayns fardail Bible [O.Ir. síl]

shoh ny shen this or that: 'Sy voghrey cuirr dty rass, as ec yn astyr ny lhaggee dty laue: son cha vel fys ayd quoi jeu nee bishaghey, edyr shoh ny shen ; er-nonney bee ad ny-neesht co-laik mie. Bible

thie stoyr depositary, storehouse, warehouse: Smooinee-jee er ny fee: son cha vel ad cuirr, ny buinn: cha vel thie stoyr ny soalt oc, as ta Jee dyn meaghey ad Bible

set1 beoyn, reaghey; chymsaght; cuirr; goll dy lhie, goll fo; jesheenaghey, kiartee; laare; lhejey; reaghys; sett; settit; soiagh: And the priest shall set the woman before the Lord - As neen saggyrt soiagh yn ven kiongoyrt y Chiarn Bible; soiaghey: and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof - as dorrys yn arg nee oo soiagheysy lhiattee echey Bible; soit; starkaghey; taah; troa; hoie: And God set them in the firmament of the heaven - As hoie Jee ad ayns yn aer fo niau Bible; hoit; (to); (dy) hoiaghey: And in cutting of stones, to set them - As ayns giarey claghyn, dy hoiaghey ad Bible; soiaghey jeh; soit: And there was set meat before - As va bee soit roish Bible; soie: Son of man, set thy face against Zidon - Vac y dooinney, soie dty eddin noi Zidon Bible

chaglym (=Ir. teaglaim) (v.) accumulate, assemble, collect, gather, whip round: Cha jean shiu cuirr, ny buinn shen ny ta gaase jeh hene, ny chaglym messyn dty villey feeyney gyn-pollal Bible; (n.) collection, gathering, convocation: Er yn chied laa, bee chaglym casherick Bible; conclusion; effort; contribution; meeting; gathereth

cuir See cuirr 1 quench a: ta ny assyllyn feïe cuir nyn baa Bible; 2 invite: ny cuir dty chaarjyn, ny dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 cast: Cuir-jee magh yn lieen er y cheu-yesh jeh'n lhong Bible; 4 sow: Brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu, as ny cuir-jee mastey drineyn Bible

dooinney creoi austere man, hard case, toughman: Agh y fer v'er gheddyn yn un talent haink eh, as dooyrt eh, Hiarn, va fys aym's dy nee dooinney creoi oo; buinn raad nagh ren oo cuirr, as chaglym raad nagh ren oo skeayley. Bible

goaill stiagh 1 annex, comprise, contain, include, including; 2 annexation, inclusion, ingathering, intake; 3 comprehend; 4 take in, taking in a: rish shey-bleeaney nee oo cuirr dty halloo, as goaill stiagh ny messyn echey: Bible; 5 retain a: Lhig da dty chree goaill stiagh my ghoan Bible; 6 receive a: lhig dan chleaysh eu goaill stiagh goo e veeal Bible; b: cre vees yn goaill stiagh oc reesht, agh bioys veih ny merriu? Bible; 7 gather a: myr ta kiark goaill stiagh e hein Bible


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