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cughlin cone, fircone, pine cone

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cughlin geayee gale cone, wind cone, wind sleeve

cughlin orraghey cone of fire

cughlin sterrym storm cone

cughlin stroaney nose cone

keyll ny biljyn-cughlin conifer plantation

cone (n.) beark, beeal, cughlin

fircone (n.) creddag, cughlin

gale cone (n.) cughlin geayee

nose cone (n.) cughlin stroaney

storm cone (n.) cughlin sterrym

wind cone (n.) cughlin geayee

wind sleeve (n.) cughlin geayee

cone of fire (n.) cughlin orraghey

conics (n.) cughlin-oayllys

hyperbolic (adj.) ard-vooadagh; cughlin-chruillagh

hyperbolical (adj.) ard-vooadagh; cughlin-chruillagh

pine cone (n.) bearkan juys; cughlin

cughlin-chruillagh hyperbolic, hyperbolical

cughlin-oayllys (f.) conics

conifer plantation (n.) keyll ny biljyn-cughlin

dateyn 1 dates: lesh speeineig shugyrit citronyn, oranjeyn, lemonyn, ooylyn-cughlin, dateyn, croiyn pistachio CnyO a: Rere ny dateyn. DF

lhaggan depression: Va meain ayns shen bleeantyn as bleeantyn er dy henney, agh huitt ram jeh veih my cheilley, ren faagail lhaggan mooar sy thalloo as cummey echey ta goll rish cughlin ta bun ry skyn. Carn; dimple


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